Afternoon Tea for Two

Recently I met with my fellow Lincoln lolitas to go for some afternoon tea. We visited Henry’s tea room which is located on the upstairs floor of Ruddocks art shop in Lincoln. It’s a cute little tea room, we sat at a table just next to the window so we had lots of nice sunlight. For the afternoon tea you get a choice of 2 sandwich fillings out of about 5 options, a MASSIVE scone of which there were 3 options and a choice of cake each which again I think there were 4 or 5 choices. They then added a macaroon, a truffle, something with coconut on, a piece of almond tart and a raspberry mousse. You could pick your choice of tea from 4 different types, I choose Earl Grey and the other girls all went for Yorkshire. Afternoon tea for two is £15 so it cost us £7.50 each which we thought was a good price.

Look at the Yummy Food:

After eating the sandwiches and scone (which came with jam and cream) we were pretty much full but as the mousse couldn’t be taken away with us we decided to eat it. Now the mousse had to be shared and came with two spoons but none of us are all that keen about sharing germs so basically we both ate half and left like a little wall in the middle, lol. We asked for the cakes to be boxed up so we could take them away with us which seemed to confuse the waiter, surely other people must have done that before too? Anyway when he came back they weren’t packed at all like we expected, we all sort of made eye contact with each other, thanked him politely and then started laughing when he went away. The large cake slices were individually wrapped in cling film and sat on a paper plate and all the other small treats were on the other plate with cling film over the top. Now came a bit of a debate, how exactly do we split these between the four of us so we could each take stuff home… One persons wrapped cake slice went in their handbag, another went in a camera case, one had already been eaten and I held on to mine as it would have become a squashed mess in my bag. I suggested a trip to poundland as it’s pretty much opposite the tea room and sells tupperware boxes so that’s what we did. Bought a set of four, put the paper plate on a shop window ledge and shared out the extra treats. The whole thing added an extra bit of fun and an unusual story to the ending of our meet so it wasn’t too bad. Overall the whole experience was lovely and we will go back again at some point, probably armed with some sort of box next time.


Kawaii International – Japan Fashion Schools

Here’s my regular reminder again that Kawaii International is on this coming weekend. This time the episode is all about fashion schools in Tokyo.

(If you miss any episodes or just want to rewatch them you can find them here:

The show is viewable worldwide. You can watch the show here in the UK on the NHK World channel online, on BSkyB channel 507, Freesat channel 209 or DTH Frequency 11137.41MHz

It first airs at 15:10 on Saturday 30th November and is then repeated roughly every 4 hours (check the TV schedule page) until the last showing on Sunday 1st December at 11:10.

Milk Tea Day – London UK

Just wanted to do a quick plug for this event.

Sunday December 8th: Milk Tea Day – The Nave, 1 St Pauls Road, London

The event is called Milk Tea Day and will be the debut performance by Die Milch (a Japanese gothic lolita rock/electro/classic band). Coco from Die Milch attended Austen & the Abbey earlier in the year and is back again with the rest of the band to do a proper live event this time. During the day there will be tea, cakes and stalls which is free entry and then they will be performing in the evening which you need tickets for. If you are free please go along to give them support and make them feel welcomed to the UK.


Die Milch:

The Nave:

Street Fashion Event – April 2014

In my Frock On post you may remember me mentioning something about a special street fashion event happening in the UK next April. Well, there has now been a bit more information released about it. The lovely Hitomi Nomura from Grimoire will be attending, I mentioned her in my post about Dolly Kei and she was also a guest at Frock On too. Also the extremely beautiful and talented Shironuri model/artist Minori will be attending too. The event will be taking place in London on the 5th and 6th of April 2014. Its a special event that is a collaboration between lolita communities throughout Europe, the aim is that a similar event will be held annually in a different country each year. More info will be announced soon 🙂




Hello, I know it’s well past Halloween now but I realised I never shared any photos of my Halloween outfit. For Halloween this year I went to Burton Constable, they hold ghost tours around the house and grounds for Halloween. Although dressing up is encouraged not many people did and I didn’t want to wear a costume as such so I just Halloween themed my outfit slightly instead. The event was fun, they told silly ghost stories and had people jump out at you. It always sells out each year well in advance and is well organised, it’s clear all the staff put in a lot of work. They had Halloween themed foods in the café too, I had the pumpkin soup as I’d never tried it before, it was lovely. They also had all sorts of yummy Halloween decorated biscuits and cakes which sadly I forgot to photograph before I ate!

Outfit Shots:

Headdress – handmade by me
Bat Clip – handmade by me
Wig – Geisha Wigs ‘Abyss’
Top – Lolita Rose (bought 2nd hand off ebay)
Bolero – I forgot the brand
Skirt – Collectif (it has a cameo print)

The black splodge on my face is a small bat that I drew on with liquid eye liner, just in case you wondered 🙂

Style Introduction: Dolly Kei

Dolly Kei is all about vintage and antique clothing and styles. The style is closely linked with designer Hitomi Nomura who helped popularise the fashion and coined the term. Hitomi Nomura is the owner of the vintage clothing store Grimoire which is based in Tokyo, Grimoire is the pioneering store behind Dolly Kei style. The store started out with specially sourced antique and vintage items that fitted Hitomi’s idea of a fairytale world but has now grown in to a brand with Hitomi designing various clothing, accessories and wonderful tights to compliment the Dolly Kei style which are extremely popular with overseas J-fashion fans.

You can find a wonderful article on the store here (it has lots of lovely photos too):

This is the Grimoire online store:

Grimoire-Dolly-Kei-Party-Hair-2011-07-001-600x400 Grimoire-Tokyo-03-2010-002-600x400

A lot of the inspiration for the Dolly Kei style came from Eastern Europe. If you had to characterise the type of styles incorporated in to Dolly Kei then bohemian, gypsy, traditional eastern European costume, folk and fairly tales are the key words. Colours tend to be quite dark but rich and often feature embroidery detail or bold prints. Popular colours seem to be dark wine/burgundy reds, brown, orange, gold and black. Fabrics tend to be quite thick and heavy and again like with a lot of the Japanese street styles it’s all about covering up. Layering is also fairly popular as is the use of animal motifs/prints, antique dolls, tassels and fur. It doesn’t have strict rules about what is or isn’t Dolly Kei so it means that wearers can embrace the fashion in their own way and put an individual spin on it.

TK-2010-04-10-011-001-Harajuku-600x903 2010-06-19-Grimoire-Party-Pictures-033-600x900 2010-06-19-Grimoire-Party-Pictures-055-600x399 TK-2010-08-01-001-001-Harajuku-600x900 TK-2010-09-26-014-001-Harajuku-600x900 TK-2011-01-09-002-001-Harajuku-600x900 tumblr_kztxpa7bMd1qanl35o1_500

This tumblr page is dedicated to Dolly Kei fashion and has all sorts of lovely inspirational images:

Hitomi Nomura came over to the UK as a guest at Frock On this year and it seems she had a great time as she will be coming back to the UK next April so if you missed out on meeting her before then you now get a second chance.