MCM Outfit Post

Here is my outfit from MCM, this photo was taken after I got home from the expo and it was a very long day so please excuse the bad lighting and how tired I look. The octopus skirt and fascinator were originally created for an outfit that I wore to the Asylum Steampunk event last September.

Octopus Fascinator – Handmade by me
Wig – ebay
Necklace – Claire’s
Blouse – Bodyline
Waistcoat – Pentagramme
Re-made Skirt – Dorothy Perkins skirt which I appliquéd an octopus on to
Bag – Primark
Octopus Ring – handmade by me in Fimo



MCM London Comic Con

Hello Everyone,
So, I went to MCM on Saturday and it was not quite what I expected. The day really didn’t go to plan at all but I have learnt lots of valuable things in case I decide to go again. It also means I didn’t get any photos which is a shame but it was just impossible with the mass of people. I decided to do a little write up on my day anyway.

So, on Saturday morning I got up at 5am (after about only 2 hours sleep) got ready, travelled to Lincoln and caught my train at 7:04am. I was lucky enough to be travelling 1st class! It only cost £3 more than standard for some reason so I decided to treat myself. There were 3 Cosplayers catching the train at Lincoln too who also took advantage of this great deal so we were all sat together for the journey down. The funniest thing has got to be the looks we got from the other 1st class passengers and especially one of the staff members. She had a look of slight disgust on her face every time she passed us, unless that’s just her usual expression when at work, who knows. The train got in to London for 9:59am and I then had to wait 20mins for my friend to meet me (they got lost in the station).

Then it was off to the excel centre by tube/DLR where the nearer we got the more Cosplayers we encounted – there’s something quite nice about being on a tube where most of the people are in Cosplay. Once we arrived at excel there were people everywhere, no signs, no staff and no clear areas to queue. I was so confused about where to go, luckily my friend had been before so they would know where to go….nope, it turned out they seemed to have no idea either. Eventually we found the right queue for the pre-bought tickets, the staff scanned them, stamped your hand and sent you through in to a large room where you followed around a lot of barriers (which reminded me of Alton Towers) to join a mass of people all waiting to go in. The queue for people buying tickets on the day was massive! So even though I couldn’t take advantage of the early entry you get from buying a ticket in advance it was still much quicker. I think we joined the queue roughly around 11:30am and eventually got in for about 12:30 but I don’t know for sure as I didn’t pay full attention to the time. I think we queued for roughly an hour maybe a bit over. One person I spoke to at the expo who bought a ticket on the day said he had queued for 3 hours!! Anyway, we were in and as soon as you get through the door you join a mass of people shuffling around the main hall. It’s so hard to get to anything at all due to the mass of people and it was sooo warm inside. The aim was to try and have a walk around, look at the stalls, figure out where the stages were and what events were taking place and then decide what to do. Trying to get around took ages so I missed the first panel I wanted to go to, I wasn’t sure where the fringe festival bit was, my friend was just as clueless about everything even though they had attended the event previously, I couldn’t find any timetables, maps or anything either so I was really glad I had written down some stuff previously from off the site. I eventually made it to a panel called Fairytale at 2pm (it lasted a massive 10 mins) I then saw a bit of the NCIS:Los Angeles panel after that then we headed over to the Steampunk section to witness some tea duelling at 3pm. I headed back over to the main stage for 4pm as that’s when the online info had said the Cosplay thing would start, it didn’t get going until after 4:30 and started with young kids (cute, but not why I go to watch the Cosplay as they usually are in bought costumes) then main bit kicked off around 5pm but I had to leave at 5:30pm to make sure I didn’t miss my train home… pretty much it was a really expensive trip to not actually do much. I do know how to improve things though if I go again which I guess it something.

So overall it was quite a disappointing day, this is due to lots of factors not all down to MCM itself. I do think the lack of info was bad and it didn’t seem to be the most organised at times. They had a really good choice of stalls and events though, there really is something for everyone. I can’t believe that some people had to queue for 3 hours, even if you arrived at 11am when normal entry opened you wouldn’t have gotten in until 2pm and it ends at 6pm. The day went by really quickly and I don’t feel like I really did or saw anything properly, lol. Also the cosplays are awesome, especially the ones in the competition, some people are just so talented! There are loads of photos, videos and blogs about MCM so check out youtube and google to see them. So for next time I intend printing more off in advance (stall layout, timetables etc), buying an early entry ticket again but trying to get there earlier than 11am and perhaps going on a different day or maybe for the full weekend as it’s so hard to get around the stalls on the Saturday. The next MCM is in October so if I go I will be able to reflect back on this time and access if my plans paid off or not and if the experience is different.

IMAG1200 IMAG1201  IMG_6503 IMG_6522 IMG_6519 IMG_6517 IMG_6510298547_10152825222175332_239541780_n

Kawaii and MCM

Hello Everyone,

Just a couple of quick updates for you today. I’m going to MCM this weekend, just for the Saturday, so I’m sure I will have lots of lovely fashion photos (and hopefully other cute things too) to share with you as I know a lot of Japanese fashion fans are going. I’ve got my outfit all planned too, its sort of a cross between Steampunk, Pirate and Lolita, lol. In case you haven’t heard of MCM here is a link to their main website:

Also I just wanted to give you a heads up that the next episode of TV show Kawaii International is on this weekend.

The show is viewable worldwide. You can watch the show here in the UK on the NHK World channel online, on BSkyB channel 507, Freesat channel 209 or DTH Frequency 11137.41MHz

It first airs at 16:10 on Saturday 25th May and is then repeated every 4 hours until the last showing on Sunday 26th May at 12:10pm.

Hope you all have a super fun & cute filled weekend too!

Mad Hatter/Alice in Wonderland Outfit

On Saturday I went to a Sheffield Lolita meet. The plan was to go to a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party family concert and then for food/cake so I decided to do a Mad Hatter/Alice in Wonderland themed outfit. I made a few items to go with my outfit using various online tutorials which I thought some of you may find more interesting than me just doing a standard outfit shot post.

Event Link:

I already owned an Alice in Wonderland print skirt from Bodyline so I decided to base the rest of my outfit around that.


As the event was the Mad Hatter I decided to make a mini hat so I tried as best as I could to find ribbon in the right shade of pink, then I had some Easter bunnies that looked a lot like the rabbit on the skirt and I added some playing cards in the hat band rather than the standard price card the mad hatter had. The tutorial I used is by Thread Banger’s (they have some awesome tutorials & ideas so I strongly recommend having a nosey on their youtube). I attached my hat to a hair band though rather than ribbon.

Mini Top Hat Tutorial Link:

IMG_6489 IMG_6490 IMG_6491

I then made a simple necklace using a toy bunny that I had, bead cord, some star beads, 2 heart beads and a piece of thin ribbon tied in a bow. I tried to match in with the colours from the bottom of the skirt and again the rabbit looks a lot like the one on the skirt – another happy coincidence.


I then needed a bag and ages ago for another Alice themed event I bought a white rabbit plush toy off ebay with the aim of turning it in to a bag but didn’t get around to it then so I did it now. These tutorials are the best I found, I couldn’t turn my rabbit fully inside out so I followed a mixture of the two tutorials.

Bunny Bag Tutorial:

Monkey Backpack Tutorial:

IMG_6500 DSC07530

The rabbit I used is by bear factory and I bought him really cheap second-hand from ebay. He was in lovely condition too. To try and tie him in more to my outfit I used the free bow I got from Little Mizz Kitty (mentioned in a previous post) and turned it in to a bowtie by taking it off the clip and sewing on to some ribbon. Then I just added a black blouse and was ready to go. The event itself was ok, it was all classical music but they had tried to involve the kids by singing songs from the Disney film and bursting balloons etc. I think they could have done with a few more interactive bits really as the kids soon got bored in between (I don’t blame them, classical music isn’t really my thing either). It was all good silly fun though and the other Loli’s were lovely. We then went for cake (not surprising), did some shopping, took photos and lastly went for pizza. We had loads of people commenting on how nice they thought we looked, in fact we didn’t really get anything negative said all day, well some drunk guy was mumbling something but I have no idea what he said so it may have been a nice comment. It also didn’t rain and wasn’t too cold so overall it was a great day.

DSC07559 484843_10151537984028366_557543969_n 922925_10151538004503366_497126580_n

Leeds Loli Meet 11th May – Outfit Shot

This was the outfit I wore to a Lolita meet-up in Leeds. Sorry for the weird pose, I was comparing petticoat fullness, lol.


Fascinator – a high street Store (had for a few years, can’t remember where I bought it)
Wig – Geisha Wigs, Toffee
Blouse – Papaya (Matalan)
Necklace – a cheap jewellery seller on ebay (came from China)
Skirt – Bodyline
Tights – a high street store (no idea which shop)

Bodyline Carousel Horse JSK (in black) – Review

I have my bodyline JSK eventually, it turned out that it was actually delivered Tuesday (which is when I did my last post)but late in the afternoon and the postman for some reason didn’t ring the bell so I had no idea it was there. Luckily I spotted it before it started to rain heavy. Anyway, on to the review. I was unlucky this time with my order as I got a customs charge but it does mean I can now explain this better on my blog. I ordered the dress from Bodyline and it was shipped by air on Tuesday 30th April. On Friday the 10th May (1 week 3 days later) I received a card through the door from Royal Mail saying I needed to pay customs. I think the slight delay with this item as supposed to the others is because it was more expensive and so took longer to get through customs etc. This is the card you get:

back of card front card

The JSK cost just over £29 including shipping as I checked out in yen, it would have been £36 if I paid in GBP. I then got a fee of £4.70 on the item and the £8 Royal Mail handling fee which brings it to a total of £12.70 extra to pay which really bumps the full cost of the item up. I think the best way is probably to buy a few items in one go as it sort of splits the cost between them then. I paid my customs fee via credit card on the Sunday night and my item arrived late Tuesday afternoon. It came in a standard grey plastic packet and then was folded up inside a bodyline bag.

When I took it out obviously it’s very creased so will need an iron before wearing it. It comes with a bow to pin on the front but I always think they are bit too heavy and large for that so I usually turn them into a head bow instead. On closer inspection of the design I noticed a black mark across the head of one of the horses and then there’s a couple more smaller black marks further along the design. To be honest it’s not that noticeable but it is a bit disappointing, especially after being hit with customs too. I don’t think it will come out as I’m pretty sure it has happened at the factory during printing, I’m fairly certain its some of the black dye that’s got on it rather than oil or dirt. Apart from that it’s lovely, I like the fabric, colours, design and all the little details like the ends of the waist ties. It’s really pretty and I can’t wait to wear it! It’s also a great price really if you can avoid the customs fee or split the cost between a few items.

l144-2IMAG0995 IMAG0996 IMAG0997 IMAG0999 IMAG1000 IMAG1002 IMAG1003 IMAG1004


Lolita Makeover Experience

Hey Everyone,

Sorry my blog has been quiet for a little while, I had intended doing a couple of reviews but my items haven’t arrived yet 😦 One got hit with a customs charge so that’s been delayed and the other one Royal Mail seem to have decided to return to the sender rather than give to me – no idea quite what’s happening there currently. Also its turning out to be a very busy month for me with a Lolita meet last weekend, this coming weekend and then MCM the weekend after! It should mean I have lots of pictures to share with you though!

In the mean time here’s an interesting article that Tokyo Fashion did about a Lolita makeover experience that’s located in Harajuku. It looks like so much fun! Check out the video on the page too.

I will try and put together a very basic style introduction post on Lolita fashion soon too – its probably the best known Japanese street fashion and there’s loads of in depth information around online so it will be more about pointing you in the right direction & covering key points so you know where to start 🙂