Little Mizz Kitty – Review

Little Mizz Kitty hand crafts super cute Fairy Kei & Lolita accessories at an affordable price. I’ve bought a few items from her before (in person & from her etsy page) – a pink fuzzy star, yellow fuzzy moon, purple pastel star bat bracelet and lavender polka dot bow ring. All of her items have been crafted to a high standard and finished off nicely. Posted items have always been packed up well and in super cute bags.

On Thursday afternoon I purchased a couple of items from her etsy and they arrived this morning (Saturday). She has been running a promotion for April where if you buy an item you get a free mini hair bow. The items came in a standard small padded envelope. The total paid for the items including postage was £6.85 They were then inside cute little bags, one was hello kitty & the other had hearts on. The finish on the shimmery pink bows is really nice, I love the colours & the fabric. The pastel star bracelet is quite small, it fits me ok but it doesn’t have a lot of stretch when trying to get it on over your hand. Its fine once it’s on my wrist though. If you don’t have small wrists you may want to order a slightly bigger size. The free bow is super cute and was free so I can’t really complain about it. I do worry the edge of the ribbon will fray quite badly over time as its fraying a bit now & the gem stone isn’t quite central but like I said – it was free & and its cute! The packets actual price to post was 69p so not a massive mark up on the postage especially as there are fees to pay through etsy too. I’m happy with my items, I would give her  5/5.

2 little Shimmery Pink Starry Hair Bow – £4
Pastel Star Bracelet fairy kei – £2
Small pink bow – Free
Postage – 85p

IMG_6467 IMG_6474


Fairy Kei : How to get the look

Although there are lots of established brands and shops selling Fairy Kei specific items in Japan there aren’t too many in the rest of the world. Luckily it’s a look that you can easily create from just visiting in your local shops. Fairy Kei uses a whole mix of items, it doesn’t have any set rules about the actual clothing so I suggest you shop mostly by colour. Look for pretty pastel shades, anything a bit floaty, delicate, cute and girly helps to add to the softness of the look too. You can combine vintage items very easily in to Fairy Kei so check vintage stalls/shops, look online at ebay, try high-street stores for tops, socks & accessories. Like most of the Japanese fashions there isn’t usually much skin on show so bear that in mind when looking for items.

Top to Toe

Colours: pastels like pale pinks, lilacs, mint green, powder blue, delicate pale yellows, white or off-white, creams, etc

Headwear: there are no style specific types of headwear so anything that is cute and works with your outfit/colour scheme is fine. You can add a wig too if you prefer.

Face/Make-up: Generally make-up is kept fairly natural and minimal, its not a style where massive false lashes or contacts are generally worn. I would suggest using pretty pastel shades to keep with the sweet delicate theme.

Outerwear: often fleecy jackets, cardigans and shrugs/boleros are used. They can be oversized rather than fitted to create a softer silhouette. I have also seen very sheer shrugs used that I believe are vintage bed/night wear jackets. I found a super pretty one at my local vintage shop and it was on sale and so only cost £4 (pic below).  These items should be really easy to get hold of try ebay, charity shops, car boots, markets, high-street stores – especially Primark as they are nice and cheap.

IMAG0799 IMAG0802

Top: t-shirts with 80’s cartoons like Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony, Care Bears printed on or just something cute really. You could customise t-shirts by sewing or painting designs on or adding bows etc. Check charity shops, car boots, high-street stores for cute t-shirts or plain ones that you can add designs too. Oversized jumpers can also been worn. Primark are currently doing a range of character t-shirts like MLP and have cheap plain tops too. You can also find character t-shirts on ebay, amazon and


Dresses/Playsuits/Salopette:  Sweet Lolita dresses can work in Fairy Kei, I’ve seen babydolls worn with bloomers and cute printed playsuits all worn in this style. Anything that’s cute or in the right colours can be worn really. Again check the same places as stated above.

Bottom: Skirts/Shorts. Cute short puffy tutus/petticoats are common in Fairy Kei. As are floaty chiffon or lace skirts. These can be found easily online from places like ebay or bodyline do lots of pretty ones. Cute frilly bloomers or pastel shorts work too and can also be worn under petticoats and tutus that are see-through or just quite short. You could also buy plain shorts and add cute designs or lace. Primark have lots of shorts in at the moment, may be worth a look there. I have seen pastel coloured skinny jeans worn too but not as often.

il_570xN.447004434_b0oj pan013-2

Legs: Tights, socks, leggings and sometimes leg warmers too. With pretty designs on if you can get them or otherwise the legwear is usually layered so maybe leggings, knee high socks and then legwarmers or cute shorter socks. Primark have some lovely pastel coloured ankle socks in at the moment. Again check the places already mentioned.

Feet: If you have nice small feet then you have loads of options for footwear if you have larger feet (UK 7/8/9 etc) then it’s a bit harder – bit isn’t it always! I have seen a whole range of different types of shoes worn with Fairy Kei – ugg style boots, crocs, creepers, boots, trainers, Lolita shoes, dolly shoes, ballet flats etc… Just look for pale colours. You can also buy white canvas shoes and paint them yourself. Bear in mind though that if they are just one solid colour it can unbalance the look of your outfit if you don’t have enough of the same colour higher up. Brands to check out are: Pastry Glam Pie trainers & Reebok Freestyle trainers. Also Primark currently have some cute canvas shoes and baseball style shoes in that come in lots of pale shades.

10498852-pastry-glam-pie-hi-ice milkfed-reebok-freestyle-sneaker-1

Accessories: Anything cute and in the right colours. I’ve seen hair scrunchies worn as bracelets, lots of Hello Kitty or Disney jewellery, pony bead bracelets etc. Accessories can easily be made too just by visiting local craft/haberdashery shops or customise existing things. Its also worth checking out children’s accessories for items you can customise or make in to something else and for cute hair slides etc.

I hope you have found this helpful. As with any fashion its all about trying things out to see what works and doesn’t, start small by buying a few cheaper items and build your wardrobe from there. Most importantly have fun and just play about with things. If you get stuck then try looking at more photos of Fairy Kei fashion for inspiration.

Useful stores to check out:  – skirts, tops, dresses, shoes, socks, tights etc – pannier skirts, shoes, bloomers  – skirts & dresses (UK based) – skirts, dresses, tops  (UK based)    –  cute accessories  (UK based)

Weekend Meet-up in the Sun

Hello Blog Followers,
I haven’t quite got my Fairy Kei shopping post sorted yet but I do have pics from the other weekend. I apologise for drawing over everyone’s face – I edited it partly as I had an awful expression in my photo plus the other girls don’t want their photos posting all over the internet. I called Alice in Wonderland by some lad as I was walking up town, could have been much worse lol.

alice heart edit group heart edit

Kawaii TV this weekend!!

Hello Everyone,
Just a quick reminder, the next episode of Kawaii International is on this weekend.

‘This time Kawaii International gets into the hottest place for Kawaii culture, HARAJUKU, and researches what’s really fascinating about Harajuku!! In addition, there are Harajuku makeover as a special project, an exciting report of Harajuku streets by our viewers, and more. This is the special episode for Harajuku fans! Don’t miss it! (▽≦)

The show is viewable worldwide. You can watch the show here in the UK on the NHK World channel online, on BSkyB channel 507, Freesat channel 209 or DTH Frequency 11137.41MHz

I think it first airs at 16:10pm Saturday 27th April then is repeated every 4 hours throughout the next day.

Style Introduction : Fairy Kei

As the weather is eventually starting to get warmer and everywhere has summer stock in I thought it seemed like a good time to introduce this style. Fairy kei (fairly style), also known as Pop Kei or SPANK! is characterised by its use of pretty pastel colours and 80’s retro themed items and prints. SPANK! is a Japanese fashion brand that pretty much started the Fairy Kei style hence why it’s sometimes called that too. It’s a super cute girly fashion, great for wearing in warmer weather plus its quite easy to get hold of high-street items that will work with the style making it a lot cheaper than some of the other Japanese street fashions. As for the colour palette I like to think of it as ice-cream shades, really delicate pale pastels in all the colours of the rainbow. If you can find items that incorporate more than one or two pastel colours it makes it much easier to add extra colours in to the mix. Usually the outfits are quite layered and involve a mixture of textures, often with cute floaty or puffy tutu skirts.

I recommend this blog for more reading, inspiration and tips:

I will be doing a post on how to get the look for anyone interested in trying it out or learning a bit more about the style.

Strawberry-Planet-Mello-Moco-Tomo-2012-10-037-600x900 Suiya-DecoLa-Hopping-Harajuku-2012-12-15-DSC0977-600x900 TK-2010-06-20-006-003-Harajuku-600x900 TK-2011-02-20-015-001-Harajuku-600x900 tumblr_mld3pmA1r61snkbjao1_500

(All photos are from Tokyo Fashion)

Quick Update…

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to give you a quick update on what I have planned next as its going to take me a couple of days or so before I post it. The next thing I want to post about is an introduction to the style Fairy Kei and then I will do a quick post on how/where to get the look too. It’s a great fashion for warmer summery weather so it seemed a good choice as we do seem to be getting a bit more sun lately. I also have a local Lolita meet planned for this weekend so I may have some pictures to show you too – depending on how it all turns out. ^_^

Outfit for S-Con

I went to a small local convention last weekend, this was my outfit. No-one else wore any Japanese street styles so sadly I can’t share any cute outfit pics with you. There were some good Cosplays though! Those pics can be found on the website here:


Wig – Dreamy Store
Dress (& bow on head) – Bodyline
Bag – Select
Wristcuffs – Claires that I then altered slightly
Rings – Little Mizz Kitty & Bubblegum Candycane (etsy)