Genderless Kei

Here’s an interesting article about a new style trend that’s growing in Japan. It’s called Genderless Kei and is about looking androgynous and questioning society’s idea of gender rules and beauty.



Hello Kitty Cafe comes to London

A Hello Kitty cafe will be opening up in Soho, London this summer. It will open on June 1st and close again at the end of August so make sure you don’t miss it! It’s being run by Cutter & Squidge. I can’t wait to see more photos and information. I wonder what the food will look like.

(Picture credit belongs to Sanrio)


More Info Here:


Cutter & Squidge –




Unicorn Homeware!

I’ve found a whole load of beautiful Unicorn items that you didn’t even know you needed. All from Tesco or Asda! I’m so happy Unicorns are in at the moment.

Salt & Pepper pots from Tesco:

salt pepper


‘I don’t believe in humans’ Mug from Tesco:



 Unicorn Double Duvet from Tesco (available in single & king too):

bed blue


Wallpaper from Tesco (also available in lilac):



Lunch box from Tesco:



Cushion from Tesco:



‘Dreams are better than Reality’ cushion from Tesco:

dream cushion


Night Light from Tesco:



Wall Art from Asda:

wall art,default,pd.html?cgid=D28M33G1C3


Curtains from Asda:



Single Duvet from Asda:

asda duvet,default,pd.html


King Size Duvet from Asda:

duvet 2,default,pd.html?cgid=D26M04G04C02S03