Happy Halloween!



Chibi Bunny ‘Halloween Night’ Skater Dress – Review

Tis the season to be spooky so I thought I’d do a Halloween themed post for you today. Chibi Bunny do some really awesome designs so when I saw the Halloween Night print dress I knew I had to have it. I just love the colours and it has everything on it you could possibly want for Halloween – witches, pumpkins, black cats, skeletons and ghosts. It’s such a gorgeous shade of purple too.



Their shop operates through storenvy and is really easy to buy from. Their clothing comes in a massive range of sizes from XS – 3XL, though sizes 2XL and 3XL cost a bit more. Each product description gives a full rundown on the design, materials, detailed sizing information and shipping info. The dress I bought is made from stretchy polyester and spandex material, buy the size that is closest to your measurements. If it’s too big it will be baggy and hang off you and if too small the print will stretch too much and distort the design and colour.
You need a storenvy account to order, once set up you can buy from a whole range of sellers really easily and track your orders through it. I paid using paypal but I think they have other payment options. I placed my order on the 25th of September as I wanted to allow plenty of time for it to get here for Halloween. The dress cost $25.50 plus $5 for standard untracked shipping which worked out at £20.69 in total through paypal. I received an email via storenvy to confirm my order and let me know the payment had processed. Then on October 1st I received an email letting me know that my order had shipped and it arrived on the 12th of October so from ordering it to it arriving here in the UK it took around 2 weeks which is really good.

DSCN6794 DSCN6795

I apologise about the photos, there haven’t been too many sunny days around so the pictures are a bit gloomy. Also although the dress looks really creased a lot drop out from it just being hung up, it’s great fabric for not creasing too badly.

DSCN6806 DSCN6807 DSCN6808 DSCN6809 DSCN6810 DSCN6811 DSCN6812 DSCN6813 DSCN6814

It looks just like the stock photo, the print is crisp and clear and the colours are really bold. It’s true to size as stated on the website so is a good fit. It’s not a bad length on me, I was worried the dress would be super short but it’s not bad, especially if worn with leggings. With a petticoat under it becomes quite short which is why I intend wearing it over a longer length petticoat and with thick leggings for Halloween. Plus it’s fairly cold here now and like I stated the fabric isn’t very thick. There are a few loose threads and places where the overlocker machine has left extra stitching but its all on the inside so you can’t see it and it doesn’t affect the dress in any way. The nature of the material means you can easily put accidental pulls in the fabric so you need to take some care when wearing it and also it needs carefully washing in cold water or the print can fade. I’m really happy though and it’s actually a lot cheaper buying from Chibi Bunny than a lot of other indie J-fashion brands. I assume because they are based in Hong Kong so don’t have some of the other costs that other brands further away do. Anyway I feel it’s well worth the price paid and the design is wonderful, I can’t wait to see what they create next.

Outfit Shot – Out Of This World Festival, Sheffield

Halloween is so close now (exciting) here’s my first Halloween themed look. I went to Sheffield on Sunday to meet up with a few lolitas and check out the ‘Out of this World’ festival. It was basically a free and mostly outdoor convention with lots of fun fair rides, cosplayers, a few stalls, famous cars, people doing street magic, etc. They had themed areas of fantasy, sci-fi, horror and magic. I decided to wear my ‘Dark Magic’ JSK by Infanta as it fitted the theme well. It was a casual meet hence my simple co-ord, also I threw it together super last minute because I wanted to wear this dress.

12187799_10153576813172752_7479352181229574601_n 12108823_10153576813782752_6828546234680748281_n

Headbow: Infanta
Wig: Bodyline
Blouse: Bodyline
JSK: Infanta
Wristcuffs: Bodyline
Tights & Socks: Primark
Shoes: Random make from Wynsors
Rings: Claire’s & handmade (though not by me)

The orange necklace was not part of my outfit, it was a purchase on the day that I forgot I was wearing when I took the pics…it’s a cute Halloween pumpkin ducky!


Happy Spooktober! Make-up Inspiration.

Hello Everyone, hope you are all well!
I don’t know about you but I LOVE Halloween so I thought as it’s October and Halloween is getting closer I would share some cute and creepy make-up tutorials that I’ve found online.

This first one is by PrincessMei on youtube. She has created an awesome creepy gothic doll makeup tutorial. This look would also work well in general with gothic lolita though may need to be toned down a bit. It’s so pretty. It forms part of her Monster Girl series so you should totally check out her other videos for more Halloween makeup inspiration.

This video from Kawaii Pateen featuring Mai Aisaki shows how to do makeup that is half creepy and half cute. It’s great for if you don’t want to be too creepy or scary. Keep an eye on Kawaii Pateen’s videos as apparently they have lots more Halloween ideas still to come.

This tutorial from Bebexo shows you how to transform in to a cute bear or cat using your hair as ears and simple minimal make up. Great for if you don’t have the time or money for an elborate costume.

This makeup tutorial by FreshBlush shows you how to be a pretty glittery zombie but with added scare factor. I really like this one, it’s so pretty and yet creepy. Some of these techniques can easily be applied to create a bride of frakenstein look too.

Lingywashere shows you how to transform in to a beautiful shimmering mermaid in this tutorial video. This could easily be adapted to work for an alien look too.

I hope these tutorials have helped to inspire you with your Halloween costumes and outfits. Have a spooky fun time!

Cakes With Faces – Review

When I was at Hyper Japan in July I spotted the coolest t-shirt, I didn’t have enough money left to buy it so I ordered it later online from them instead.

Website: http://www.cakeswithfaces.co.uk/
Stock photo:


Unfortunately the t-shirt design had been super popular and had sold out but the next batch were being printed and were due in. Apparently it stated this on the website, I didn’t spot it when ordering so I must not have read everything, but Amy emailed me to confirm the order and state this so I knew what was going on and that there would be a little delay. The email said new ones were being printed and my order should be ready to go by the end of the following week. 4 days after I placed my order I received another email from Amy updating me that my t-shirt was on the way and it actually arrived the following day.

DSCN4783 DSCN4787 DSCN4788 DSCN4789 DSCN4790 DSCN4791 DSCN4792 DSCN4793 DSCN4794 DSCN4795 DSCN4796 DSCN4797

It arrived in a pretty purple packet, inside everything was all wrapped up nicely in lilac tissue paper. Inside the tissue was the t-shirt, a phone charm I also purchased, a loyalty card, advertising leaflet and cute postcard. The phone charm was also wrapped in tissue and the postcard had a cute personalised message written on the back and cute alpaca drawing. I purchased the standard t-shirt, rather than the ladies slim fit as I preferred the style.
The Alpacalypse t-shirt cost £16, the Snow Lamb charm was £2 and postage was £2.50 so I paid £20.50 in total.
I loved the personal touches like taking the time to email me to ensure I was updated and knew of the delay, the little note on the postcard and the care taken in packaging everything. It’s all really nicely presented.The t-shirt is awesome, I love the design and the colour. It’s the typical plastic type screen print that loads of companies use (and band t-shirts) so it will probably crack a little over time. It seems professionally done though so hopefully it won’t crack for ages and hopefully when it does it will just be fine lines. The fabric is really nice and soft, it’s super comfy to wear. I’m extremely happy with my purchase and will definitely buy from them again. Also, it only took 5 days to arrive even with the delay. The charm is also really nice and super cute. It’s made from a thick plastic with the design printed on the front. If you like unusual cute and quirky designs then you really need to check them out.