Hello, I know it’s well past Halloween now but I realised I never shared any photos of my Halloween outfit. For Halloween this year I went to Burton Constable, they hold ghost tours around the house and grounds for Halloween. Although dressing up is encouraged not many people did and I didn’t want to wear a costume as such so I just Halloween themed my outfit slightly instead. The event was fun, they told silly ghost stories and had people jump out at you. It always sells out each year well in advance and is well organised, it’s clear all the staff put in a lot of work. They had Halloween themed foods in the café too, I had the pumpkin soup as I’d never tried it before, it was lovely. They also had all sorts of yummy Halloween decorated biscuits and cakes which sadly I forgot to photograph before I ate!

Outfit Shots:

Headdress – handmade by me
Bat Clip – handmade by me
Wig – Geisha Wigs ‘Abyss’
Top – Lolita Rose (bought 2nd hand off ebay)
Bolero – I forgot the brand
Skirt – Collectif (it has a cameo print)

The black splodge on my face is a small bat that I drew on with liquid eye liner, just in case you wondered 🙂



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