Hyper Japan – Saturday July 2016

Last weekend I went down to London for Hyper Japan. I had originally intended going for all 3 days but as the event got closer I just wasn’t feeling the line-up so decided to go for the dual ticket for just the Saturday. I had already booked my train and hotel in advance though so I decided to have a relaxing Friday afternoon looking in shops and then visit Camden on Sunday.

Friday Outfit:

Even though I wasn’t going to HJ I still wanted to wear something cute. I kept the outfit simple though due to travelling and it being a warm day. I really love this Killstar dress, the choice of motifs in the print are so random but the colours are lovely and it has cute ponies!


Saturday Outfit:

I decided to wear my newer Chibi Bunny dress as I hadn’t worn it yet. I also thought it would be a bit cooler than wearing full lolita though to be honest I was still way too hot! I went for a bunny theme to match the cute bunnies on the dress. I also decorated my bunny bag to add make sure she looked super kawaii too!

Bunny Ears: just standard cheap ones that I added some bows too
Gold Star Clips: ebay
White Hair Bow Clip: Home Bargains
Pink Bows: Etsy, probably Little Mizz Kitty
Wig: Dreamy Store
Bolero: Random offbrand
Dress: Chibi Bunny
Necklace: Handmade by me
Fluffy Star: Little Mizz Kitty, etsy
Accessories: wristcuffs are some I altered from Claire’s, bunny ring Claire’s, bow ring probably Little Mizz Kitty and pink and white bead bracelet was handmade by me.
Socks: Primark
Bag: Bear Factory rabbit that I turned in to a bag.

Saturday I went to Hyper Japan. I didn’t get there quite as early as I wanted so I’d missed the couple of events that I was going to check out in the morning. I spent most of the first half of the day going around the stalls, shopping and collecting freebies and leaflets.

Tofu Cute had a super kawaii photo area with toy grabber machine and bed full of plushies.

I then had lunch from one of the Japanese food stands, I can’t remember exactly what I had but it was really nice, and went to watch the fashion show. The fashion show featured items from Dreamy Bows including by Listen Flavor, Cutesy Kink and models own fashion styles.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yucha of Less than Love came on at the end of the fashion show and performed a couple of songs. It was then time for the break and everyone has to leave before those with a Dual ticket or a Saturday second part ticket could go back in.

The second half kicked off with J-Rock/Metal band Esprit D’Air performing on the main stage. I didn’t know too much about them but they were good, just not quite my thing.

The COSParade then followed, I always love seeing the skill and effort that Cosplayers put in to their costumes. Cosplay used to be a huge part of Hyper Japan and a few competitions used to be held there but this year it was really lacking.

I then visited a couple of stalls again to pick up a few more bits before taking a seat for Broken Doll. My feet were hurting so much by this point, I should have taken some flat shoes with me as well. I really like Broken Doll, I saw them last year too. Their music is very upbeat and they tried really hard to motivate the crowd with limited sucess. They are worth seeing though if you ever get the chance!


The last performance of the day was Lightning “Break Up Tour 2016”. I listened to a couple of his songs but again it wasn’t quite my thing so I headed off early.

I like Hyper Japan as an event and it had felt over the past few years that it was growing and getting bigger and better. This year felt like it had taken quite a few large steps back. The acts and guests were relatively unknown, they had a few gaps on their stage timetable, the second stage had totally gone this year. Not much in the way of traditional Japanese culture was present. The acts were not as varied as usual either. They did have a lot more crafts you could do but they were an extra cost and you had to book a slot in advance. It also felt like there were less stalls. If it looks like it will be the same next year I would just go down for the day and avoid spending out loads more for accommodation. I just feel a bit disappointed with the event this time and didn’t enjoy it like I usually do.

Sunday Outfit:

On Sunday I headed to Camden Town to go around the shops and market. It was a very warm day and I was travelling back later on so again I kept my outfit simple.
Bone hairclips: unbranded, dont know
T-shirt: Newbreed Girl
Accessories: Little Mizz Kitty, pink and purple bead bracelet made by me


My Visit to the Vulcan Steampunk Spectacular

A couple of weeks ago I attended a local Steampunk event called the Vulcan Steampunk Spectacular. It was the first one to be held and was organised by the White Rose Yorkshire Steampunks. The location for the event was very special as it took place at the Robin Hood airport in the Vulcan’s hangar and it was free, you just paid a donation. During the day they had around 50 stall holders selling a range of Steampunk goods, a raffle to raise money for the up keep of the Vulcan, tea duelling, craft workshops, parasol duelling, classic/retro/custom cars, a steampunked caravan and the Las Niñas de las Flores dance troupe. They then held a ball and burlesque show in the evening which was ticketed but I could only attend the daytime event.

Unfortunately the weather in the morning was terrible with quite a bit of rain so not a lot of classic/show cars turned up but plenty of people did. Luckily it brightened up in the afternoon and the event was mostly inside anyway so could go on despite the weather. There were a lot of stalls and they were reasonably priced and had a good selection of items. The Vulcan was in the centre so you could walk around that too and then they had a large stage at the front of the hangar. It was a really good event and had a wonderful atmosphere.


Parasol Duelling:
I hadn’t seen parasol duelling before but it works a bit like rock, paper scissors but with a parasol. You hold it in a different position to represent either rock, paper or scissors. It seemed a bit tricky to hide what you intended to choose from your opponent though which led to these two continually ending up with a draw. I much prefer tea duelling, this doesn’t have the same drama.

Las Niñas de las Flores Dance Troupe:

Las Niñas de las Flores Dance Troupe performing at the Vulcan Steampunk Spectacular. I accidently caught the zoom button so it lost the focus and went blurry. Sorry about that! You can get a feel for what they were doing though.

I decided to dress fairly simple due to the mixed weather so opted for something shorter rather than full length. I’d had the skirt in my wardrobe for a while but not worn it so it seemed a good excuse to wear it, unfortunately I don’t wear brown often so my wardrobe options were a bit lacking. I don’t think it’s too bad for a last minute throw together though. I also stuck with the general lolita silhouette but mixed in a lot of non-lolita elements to create a look that would be very different from what most of the attendees would be wearing.

Outfit rundown:
Hat – Bodyline
Wig – Bodyline
Blouse – Per Una
Skirt – Bodyline
Boots – Koi Couture
Accessories – Claire’s, Fantastic Grim
Bag – ebay
Cane – bought from a stall there (can’t remember which)



Kawaii Birthday Haul

Hello lovely people, I hope you are all well. I’m very sorry for the lack of posts lately. To begin with my laptop was out of action, then I was very busy at work and I’ve been trying to do some crafting and just other life stuff. Anyway I had a Birthday a few weeks ago and got some really cute things that I’d like to share with you.  I’m really lucky because my brother’s girlfriend is all about everything Japan and Kawaii so I got some awesome gifts! So here’s my Kawaii bday haul:

~Unicorn bedding from Tesco. You may remember I featured this a while ago on a previous post about all the awesome Unicorn items you could find. I actually chose this myself but my parents treated me too it. It makes my room feel so magical!


~Cute jewellery items from H&M. They are from the kids section, it’s always worth checking the kids bit for cute things. My Mum spotted these, I’ve taught her well lol. The deer is painted metal and the mouse is plastic with silver glitter shoes and bow!


~ Cute Primark stuff, I think it’s mostly leisure wear/PJ’s. They came from a larger store in or around Essex somewhere – my local one never had any of this!

Cute Stuffs:

Pic One:
Various sweets and chocolate, there’s more not in this pic, I got so much.
A Snarf Funkopop Figure
A tiny adult colouring book which I may take to work to do on my lunch break.
TsumTsum blind bag which I forgot to take a photo of.
Scented Care Bears blind bag which I also forgot to take a decent photo of. You can get these from Toys R Us from the toy vending machine.
TsumTsum plushies – see below for more info
Panda toothpaste dispenser – see below for more info.
Mini chalk board.

Pic Two:
Lucky Charms Cereal, I loved it as a kid, sad it’s no longer available without paying high prices.
Shwings shoe wings. They lace on to your shoes to give them wings. (They came from Amazon).
Unicorn bedding as shown above.

~ My first TsumTsums – Thumper, who’s a screen cleaner and Alice who has light-up cheeks. When I was trying to open the parcel it kept glowing, I had no idea what to expect was inside. Also I accidently cropped Thumper’s ears off in the photo – oops.


~A panda toothpaste dispenser! Apparently they don’t work great and can be a bit messy so I haven’t actually tried it yet but it’s too cute not to display! Not sure at all where they found this little guy.

~ Unicorn nightlight, not sure where this is from either. He’s white and purple, you can’t tell well from this photo. I should have taken one during the day too. So cute! he has such a pretty face.


I also got this super cute seahorse dress that I will be doing a blog post on very soon! It’s by Grace Ruby designs.


I now have a new phone too as my other one broke so I’d been using a really old one. I’ve been posting loads of random pictures on instagram testing out the camera. As it’s pretty good, unlike my past ones, I will probably be posting on instagram fairly regularly. So if you want to see photos of random cute stuff, purchases, photos from events, outfits etc you can find me here : https://www.instagram.com/cupcakesnunicorns/

I also decided to dress slightly cute yet simple in this jsk from Bodyline, offbrand bolero and adorable necklace by I love Kitsch.