Fancy Tea-party

Last Saturday I attended a fancy afternoon tea party for a friends birthday. There were just under 40 of us! It was amazing, everyone looked so pretty and there was so much cake. The theme was Hime (Princess) lolita fashion and ouji/kodona fashion for the guys

We went to Henry’s tea room in Lincoln where we had sandwiches, crisps, unlimited tea and a whole load of cakes. Look at how pretty it is:


Happy smiling faces:


Outfit rundown:

Pirate ship fascinator: Handmade by made
Wig: Coserstudio on ebay
Blouse: Souffle Song
JSK: Metamorphose ‘Voyage in Memory’
Tights: ebay
Shoes & Accessories: offbrand

Slightly clearer photo of the fascinator which I made to go with the dress as there’s a fancy ship in the print.


Bonus fancy shoes pic:




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