Outfit Shot – Pirate!

I went to a Steampunk event whilst at the Whitby Goth Weekend, it was a rum tasting night and had a pirate theme. It was lots of fun though the first two rum’s burned, was like acid, I wasn’t a fan. The last taster and the cocktail were lovely though. Here I am with Captain Ru M Belli (who is a bear I rescued from a charity shop and created an outfit for).


Hat – customised a felt hat that I had
Wig – Geisha Wigs
Blouse – Bodyline L370
Skirt & Corset set – Bodyline L469
Bag – ebay


General update post…

Hello Lovely People,
I would like to apologise for the quietness on here again. I have lots to share with you though including a review of ChibiBunny, Coser Studio wigs on ebay, buying cheap bags from China and the Whitby Gothic Weekend plus other backdated things. I’m busying planning outfits and crafting for upcoming events which all takes up extra time but I will make an effort to post more.

Here’s a pretty picture of Whitby in the mean time:

whitby pic

Quirky Bags on ebay

I’m forever on ebay searching out bargains and come across all sorts of things so I thought I would share some of the more quirky bags I’ve seen. I mean, you can never have too many bags, right? Please bear in mind that I haven’t bought these so I’m not sure what the quality is like, you are covered by ebay and paypal though if they aren’t as described but please make sure to read listings fully.
(Prices were right at the time of posting, images belong to relevant stores on ebay)

Bags Under £6:

Clock bag (£4.98 including postage)


Fox/Owl bag (£3.67 including postage)


Bunny Ears bag (under £4.50 including postage)


Milk Carton bag  (£5.46 including postage)


Bags Under £15 :

Unicorn bag (£8.12 including postage)


Cute Pony bag (£10.98 including postage)


Winged Backpack (£11.99 including postage)


Lollipop bag (£10.99 including postage)


Cartoon Bunny/Panda bag (£6.70 including postage)


Panda bag (£8.25 including postage)


Cat/Dog Face bag (£9.99 including postage)


Black Bat Wing bag (£13.59 including postage)