Claire’s – Stealing is not ok!

Hello lovely readers, I hope you are well. Today’s post is not a happy one but I became aware of an issue today that I feel I need to share with you.

Claire’s Accessories have recently released a unicorn necklace that is pretty much a complete copy of one produced by a small UK business called Glitterbomb. I’ve bought jewellery from Glitterbomb quite a few times because it’s well made, cute, original and supports an independent artist over a large commercial business. It’s very sad that large companies regularly steal work of small artists and designers to use for themselves. They are large enough to either pay indie designers to use their work or to employ decent designers who don’t steal. They also have a responsibility before producing/buying items to make sure it’s not stolen work.

Claire’s Accessories Necklace:


Glitterbomb’s Necklace:


Claire’s have been in trouble for this before when they stole a necklace design from small jewellery business Tatty Devine. It’s not ok!!

One of many articles about it:


Please do not buy this necklace from Claire’s, share this information and support small designers and artists.

Buy from here:


Curiology – Review

Hello gorgeous blog readers, I hope you are all well. Today I want to introduce you to a small business based here in the UK called Curiology.


They create beautiful gothic and alternative jewellery in a wide range of original designs. Their Halloween collection in particular featured some amazing pieces and I’d been very tempted to buy but for various reasons I resisted. Anyway last week they launched some special ‘Lucky Dip’ packs that contained 3 random pre-packed necklaces for £15. I missed the first batch but when I saw they were doing more I couldn’t resist this time so I treated myself to one. They do a wonderful skeleton unicorn design and I was really hoping to find one in my pack, I wanted that one more than anything.

Anyway the packs went live at 8pm and I was online and all set up to buy, lucky I was because they sold out within the hour. I received a confirmation email about my purchase and then 3days later it arrived. The jewellery was packed in a strong box and sent signed for too which is good.


Inside was a business card and the jewellery was in a pretty paper bag and well wrapped up  in tissue paper.  Each necklace was also in a clear bag to protect them. So, what did I get I wonder…

These are the 3 necklaces that I received:

I received a lunar moon necklace, a black glittery dragon wing necklace and the item I really wanted a skeleton unicorn. The pendants are fairly small but I’m used to buying larger more statement pieces so I think I just thought they would be bigger. For reference the wing is approx 3cm x 5cm, the unicorn is 5cm x 3.5cm and the moon is 6cm x 6cm. They are really nice though, the chains are great quality and the designs are wonderful. I think they are made from laser cut acrylic – I can’t check because the website is down for now. I would definitely buy from them again, the items arrived very fast and were well packed. They are also well made and feature original designs.

Curiology have shut their shop until March 2017, though they are launching some special pieces for valentines day, check out their facebook (see link above) for up to date info.



ILD Winter 2016 – Outfit Shot

I joined the lovely Leeds comm on a boat to celebrate last years winter International Lolita Day back in December. We had afternoon tea on a canal boat,  took part in the cruelest version of secret santa ever and held a raffle where I won a beret! It was really fun.


Outfit Rundown:
Bat crown – Pendulous Threads
Wig: Bodyline
Blouse: Infanta
JSK: Magic Tea Party ‘Castle Under The Moon’
Bag: punlitashop on ebay
Tights: Blossom (bought on ebay)
Shoes: Amazon (can’t remember which store)
Accessories: offbrand and Alchemy Gothic

Cute beret I won in the raffle:

Secret Santa Gift:
For the secret santa if we wanted to take part we had to buy and wrap a lolita suitable gift worth £5. On the day the gifts were all put togther and then each person taking part was given a raffle ticket. The person with the lowest number started first. They chose a gift, opened it and showed what it was then went to sit down. The person with the next raffle ticket number could then either steal that gift or open a new one. The next person could then choose to steal a previously opened gift or open a new one and so on. If your gift was stolen you then went and opened a new one until everyone taking part had a gift. It was so cruel! One girl had her present stolen 3 times, really not in the Christmas spirit. It was fun overall, but it’s sad if you get something you really like and someone takes it 😦

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone and Happy 2017 to you all! I know it’s a bit late but work has been crazy busy so I haven’t had chance to get on here. I’m not setting any New Year resolutions for myself, have any of you decided to make any changes? I just intend to carry on as I have been, try and make more fashion meet-ups, do things that make me happy and hopefully post on here more often.

I have a review and ILD outfit shot to share very soon, I just need to upload the photos 🙂