Hyper Japan – A Little Bit More

The event itself was really good (like always) and it was very varied this year, they had something to appeal to everyone attending. I especially loved the fact it had a special section dedicated purely to fashion! You also get to see some amazing Cosplays at Hyper Japan, even if you aren’t massively in to Cosplay I’m sure you will appreciate the work gone in to them. It also seems a good place for meeting likeminded people, a lot meet ups are arranged online but then people are also just really friendly. There was even a Cosplay and lolita area this time so you could hang out there and meet new people. One of the reasons I love Hyper Japan is because of how diverse it is, it manages to cater well to enthusiasts of traditional and modern Japan. Also as well as offering you a range of stalls selling a range of goods, food, Japanese snacks and sweets, there are also ones dealing with Japanese culture, taking trips to Japan and even learning the language. Most people might find that just going for one of the days is enough, I personally like to absorb as much Japanese culture as I possibly can which is why I attend all three. For example being able to see Japanese bands and performers play here is extremely rare so I like to take in the performances each day as its unlikely I will get to see them again. It’s also as close as I can get to Japan for now until I save enough to visit.

Tips: Always bring water with you as it was very hot this year in the queue plus it’s a long day and can get warm inside, especially when amongst the crowds of people. It seems some fake collectable figures and things were being sold there so I’d be careful to check what you buy. Also make sure to have money as there’s lovely food, sweet treats, clothes, artwork, toys etc that you will find it hard not to want to buy and the queue for the cash machine can be very long. There’s never enough seating around the main stage but you can usually find a seat at the Fringe stage, especially in between performances – this is something to consider if you can’t stand for long periods of time or take young children with you. Always ask Cosplayers and fashion wearers if you can take their photo, don’t just take it, they usually say yes but it’s polite to ask.

You collect so many flyers, business cards and leaflets:

I got given this cute carrier bag by one stall to put them all in.


General leaflets:

Kawaii fashion:



Hyper Japan are putting together a photobook of awesome Cosplays and fashion from this year’s event which you will be able to buy online. I’m looking forward to finding out more about this and seeing the finished version:




From the MoshiMoshi Nippon booth:


Awesome artists:


Here are some cute freebies I got (places offer them if you sign up to mailing lists/fill out questionnaires etc). The little note book features a different design on every page, I think they are advertising different places in Japan? The sushi is an eraser, then there’s a cute lolita sticker and a temporary tattoo, lol.

IMG_0235 IMG_0240 IMG_0238 IMG_0236 IMG_0241

I hope you manage to visit Hyper Japan at some point, it’s really good fun. They are holding a Christmas event this year too which will be like a smaller version of the usual Hyper Japan event but with more stalls as the idea is its more like a market. Keep an eye on their website for more info.



Lolita Fashion Video

I came across this really nice video online about lolita fashion and why the fashion appeals. I don’t know as I’d agree with it 100% but I thought I would share it anyway as everyone has a  slightly different take plus it’s full of pretty dresses and stunning co-ords. It also features the lovely Misako Aoki who is the Lolita Fashion Kawaii Ambassador.


Spreading some Deerstalker Pictures Love

Deerstalker Pictures released a new video the other day and it’s amazing so I just had to share it with you. Deerstalker produce some really lovely and funny videos and the new one is no exception. It’s Mean Girls done lolita style!

The one before that was awesome too. I’d love an Ouji! though I would treat him much nicer than some of the girls in this video do.

They also cover events and cosplay but I just adore their silly lolita videos.