Little Mizz Kitty etsy shop – Review (No 2)

Etsy Shop Home:

I have another review of Little Mizz Kitty products. I regularly buy from Mizz Kitty in person at events and from her etsy store. I think her products are good value for money, super cute, nicely made and she seems to take a lot of care with the crafting and packaging of her items. I saw her recently at the Austen & the Abbey event where I purchased a cute mint coloured rocking horse ring from her. She put a business card in the bag which had a discount code on it for free shipping. On her facebook she announced she was uploading a whole load of sale items to clear out some old stock so I couldn’t resist buying a few bits. I bought a cute purple fuzzy star £3, gloomy bear necklace £1.50 and a skelanimals necklace £1.50. I ordered through etsy on the 17th July and they arrived on the 19th July.

IMG_7272 IMG_7273 IMG_7274

They came in a standard bubble envelope packet, the 2 necklaces were in a small clear bag inside and the star was in a pretty pink printed bag. They were exactly as I expected them to be and look just like the stock photo. Nicely made, everything seems very well put together and like it should wear well plus its really cute. I’m extremely happy with the items and the fast postage. Will definitely buy from her again.

IMG_7276 IMG_7275IMG_7280 IMG_7281

Quality of items  5 / 5
Match to description 5 / 5
Shipping Time 5/5


Geisha Wigs – Review (buying out of stock wigs)

So, I have yet another wig review for you. I know I already have lots of wigs but you can never have too many right?

Like with all the other wigs I reviewed I literally just take it out the packet, give it a gentle shake and pretty much just stick it on my head. The only styling I do is to try and smooth the fringe out the way so I can see. I don’t like to do anymore than that for the reviews as it gives a truer image of the actual wig as you receive it – with some styling you can probably get it to look much nicer and more natural like in the worn stock photo images. I’m sorry about the lighting in these photos, it was a lovely sunny day but the sun was too high in the sky to shine in to the hall properly.

Anyway, in May Geisha Wigs had a sale on and had some new wig styles so I decided to treat myself to a couple of new wigs. They run a scheme where if you buy 6 wigs you get the 7 free and I had 5 so far so I ordered two new wigs (taking me to 7 in total) and requested my free one. I bought Abyss and Fire and ordered Caramel as the free one (I chose the cheapest as the free one as it seemed fairer). Postage for one wig is £4.50 (it has gone up since my other reviews as all wigs are now sent signed for). If you buy two wigs at the same time though then postage is £7.50 so that’s a slight postage discount.

I placed my order on the 23rd May and this time decided to order out of stock wigs (all the others I bought had always been in stock). I checked the FAQ page and its says it can take up to 28 days for your wig to arrive which was fine as I didn’t need it for a specific event. I got an email confirmation of my order and then waited. Eventually on the 22 June (20working days later) Fire arrived and then on 3 July (28 working days later) Abyss arrived. The business cards had an apology note on it for how long it had taken for my wigs to arrive and gave me a £10 discount too so I can’t really complain. I’m still waiting for the free one though, I contacted them on the day Abyss arrived and was told that free wigs take longer to come. Not too much of an issue as I haven’t parted with any money but at the same time its an offer they promote and its partly the reason I bought the extra wig when I did. It will soon be 40 days since I ordered it, I’m still hoping it arrives *fingers crossed*.

I bought the wigs together , Fire £20, Abyss £22, Postage £4.50 minus £6.30 for the sale discount to pay a total of £40.20. This is a lot of money but I placed my order for the free one too so I thought that £40.20 for technically 3 wigs didn’t seem such a bad price. Right, on to the wigs. The first thing I noticed when they arrived was how small and thin the actual packet was. This made me worry about how thick the hair on the wig would be.

Fire Stock Photos:

63587_194501200693275_1661570351_n 308006_515897808461282_386436892_n__366x550_ 522674_225407490935979_1704794948_n

The first wig I will look at is fire, it’s a very dark red and is pretty much how I expected it to look from the stock photos. The actual wig base cap is slightly different inside to my others but it doesn’t affect anything just makes it a bit harder to put on as its not shaped the same as the others. Makes it harder to decide where the front is when putting it on but its not a big issue. The fibre is coarser and less soft than on most of my wigs but that’s not really an issue, probably just means it’s a bit stronger/thicker. I had a problem sorting the fringe to start with, it just didn’t want to cooperate with me, I couldn’t manage to separate it where I needed in order to be able to see but again that can be sorted. When its on the hair sits quite closely around your head which looks very un-natural but I think with a bit of styling/combing this is easy to correct. Its not very thick but you don’t really see the wig top through it though I have fine hair, if you have thick hair it may cause an issue. The fact its thin also means it doesn’t have much volume to it either so will need some styling. I really wish it was a bit thicker and fuller but as I intend wearing this particular wig under a hat its not a massive issue. Normal price £20 plus £4.50 postage.

Fire Worn:

IMG_7111 IMG_7116 IMG_7117 IMG_7124 IMG_7130 IMG_7132

Abyss Stock Photos:

935752_449167178497495_1169660248_n__333x500_ Abyss__304x500_

Apparently my Abyss wig was later arriving due to a manufacturing fault with one of the ones that was ordered in. Abyss is made from a super soft fibre, its lovely to the touch. As I haven’t worn it yet I don’t know if this means it will tangle or frizz more but when I’ve worn it a few times I will be able to add this information. It is white like in the worn stock photo, looks a bit yellow in the other stock photo. It looks and feels lovely but is very thin. You easily see the wig cap base through it, especially at the front where the fringe is which I’m hoping with a bit of re-styling can be adjusted so it isn’t as obvious. I do really like this wig though as I’ve always wanted white hair since seeing Storm in x-men when I was young. I really do wish it was a bit thicker and fuller though, being able to clearly see the wig base cap is not good. Normal price £19 plus £4.50 postage I actually paid £22 so either its come down since or that was an error that I didn’t notice until now.

Abyss Worn:

IMG_7084 IMG_7087 IMG_7091 IMG_7094 IMG_7096 IMG_7099 IMG_7102

I was only charged £4.50 postage when I bought the 2 wigs so I saved a bit on the postage but I also paid more for Abyss when I bought it so I don’t think the 20% off sale was really such a good deal. I only really did it to get my free wig which still hasn’t come. Plus you never know when your wigs will actually arrive, 28 working days is a long time and its only a guide. On the plus side she did give me £10 off on my next purchase and reply really quick to my email but gave me a vague response about the missing free wig.

I have decided to add a scoring system to my review this time, scores are out of 5 (1 being bad, 5 being great).

Easy to order 5 / 5
Quality of wigs  3.5 / 5
Match to stock photos 5 / 5
Shipping Time 4 / 5
Customer Service 4.5 / 5

Quick Blog Update

Hello Everyone,

I have now added the photos to my previous post on the Austen & the Abbey event – it was my internet security causing the issues with uploading photos. I also edited the post very slightly, mainly the sum up section, due to some new information I came across.

This coming weekend is Hyper Japan in London. I’m attending all 3 days so I will update you on that when I get back and add photos etc. I’m hoping it will be a good weekend.

I’ve also pretty much got the Geisha Wigs & Bodyline wigs reviews sorted now so I will post that hopefully today or tomorrow.

Hope you are all having a great week.

My day at Austen and the Abbey

Apologises for the delay in writing this, the hot weather has been giving me headaches so I’ve been hiding away from sunlight and computer screens a fair bit. Speaking of hot weather the Austen & the Abbey event was boiling! It was uncomfortably hot, I even decided against wearing a wig in the end but lots of other Lolitas were dressed head to toe in their finest outfits and looked lovely. I bought the sneak in special ticket for the Saturday which allowed me entry on the Saturday only (it was a 2 day event) between 11am and 5:30pm. I had decided to take a few items to sell on the bring & buy stall, a good idea in theory but when its hot and they are heavy all you want to do is dump them somewhere. Typically when I arrived no-one was on the desk to sort my ticket so I had to wait a while, then I couldn’t seem to find the bring & buy stall, I asked a member of staff and they said it was located in a building in the middle of the park….ok. So off I set with my friend in the boiling heat to find it but there didn’t seem to be anything anywhere. We bumped in to another Lolita who was also looking for it and had been told the same thing so we wondered around together a bit more before deciding to just head back to the main bit and ask for better directions. We bumped in to another couple wondering in the park on the way back, they were also looking for this mysterious bring & buy stall. After trying to look the info up on their phone and ringing a friend we gave up and headed back to the venue, this time though when entering I noticed a lot of commotion to the side just as you went through the door towards the hall. There’s the bring & buy stall! Why did we get sent to the park? Crazy. Anyway, it was a lot smaller than I expected and was located sort of in a doorway so it was extremely hard to get more than 2 lolitas in the space at once especially with petticoats also as it was hot all the doors were open so confused people kept peering in and sometimes just wondered in. There also weren’t enough hangers so items were piled all over the place and to begin with there was an issue with the float too so you could only purchase stuff if you had the correct change. I don’t know where exactly the changing rooms were either but it wasn’t the ‘Department Store Experience’ it was quoted to be. Anyway that was sorted so off we went to look at all the lovely stalls.

Here’s a general video of the event that someone filmed and put on youtube:

The main hall in the Royal Pump Rooms had been set out to have a small stage area in the centre and then the stall holders were spread out around the rest of the room. A rough timetable of events was put up online beforehand but nothing actually ran to time on the day and a few advertised events didn’t happen. I know they had a few issues that apparently were out of their control, quite what they were I’m not sure but nothing was really explained and announcements were very late coming. I know some items got stuck in customs too so that spoiled a few things.

The first event of the day happened at around 2pm and was a performance by Coco from Die Milch. She has a really lovely voice and is an excellent piano player. She’s such a lovely living doll. Here are some photos I took and there’s some footage of Coco performing on youtube:

IMG_6924 IMG_6928

This was then followed by the Community Fashion Show, this allowed individuals to show off their own J-fashion outfits, as well as including older lolitas, brolitas and brand as well as off brand outfits. Here are a few of the outfits:

IMG_6931 IMG_6935 IMG_6937 IMG_6940 IMG_6945 IMG_6948 IMG_6955 IMG_6959 IMG_6963 IMG_6967

*Apologises for some of the photos, trying to get the right angle to avoid getting people in the audience heads in shot etc was difficult plus the models never really paused so my camera struggled to take the photos quick enough*

 The next fashion show to take place was ‘Dwellers from the Forest’ a Mori-Girl fashion show. I haven’t seen a Mori girl fashion show before, in fact I think it was the first of its kind in the UK.

IMG_6970 IMG_6973 IMG_6977 IMG_6981 IMG_6984 IMG_6986 IMG_6989 IMG_6992 IMG_6995

This was then followed by a long delay before we had a talk on the Regency period. The talk was really interesting, sadly I can’t remember all that was discussed so hopefully someone else will do a write up or something. I think when this talk finished it was already about 5:30pm which is when the daytime event should have ended and yet we still had the brand fashion shows to go. We were then asked to go wait outside while the brand shows had a quick run through. We were then treated to a fashion show by Fairy Wish who do very lovely romantic clothing and then Atelier Pierrot who are much more Gothic (I love their clothing).

Fairy Wish:

IMG_6998 IMG_7003 IMG_7006 IMG_7011 IMG_7018

Atelier Pierrot:

IMG_7025 IMG_7029 IMG_7033 IMG_7037 IMG_7040 IMG_7043 IMG_7047 IMG_7053

The brand fashion shows were great, it was worth waiting for. People were already arriving for the banquette and ball when the fashion show finished at about 7:20pm! No break for any of the staff as it was then straight in to the evening activities, it also meant some people didn’t get chance to go and change but they also didn’t have to leave the venue and find something to do to pass the time either. Unfortunately it was time for me to leave though now.

Quick Sum Up:  Overall considering I only paid £13 for the day I think it was a great event, good value for money and it also turned out to be much longer than I (or anyone else) expected. If I had paid more though I think Imay have been disappointed. I know they all worked extremely hard to make this event happen and that a lot of things that went wrong were out of their control. The location was really lovely, though not the easiest place to get to which could explain why the attendance was small which is a shame. Communication throughout the day was very poor, no-one knew what was supposed to be happening, when they should be at a tea party or in a catwalk show, when the next event would take place so as hardly any announcements were made you just wondered around the same stalls again. It didn’t help that it was so hot either as if it had been cooler you could have walked about more outside. There were supposed to be horse & carriage rides too but I don’t think this happened, I never saw one around. It was really hot so maybe they had to cancel? Overall I had a good time as did my friends, we did some shopping, met new people and ate cake so I think if they hold another event in the future lots of these issues will propbably be avoided. I have heard a few more stories since the event from people that went for the full weekend and attended the evening meal & ball, there were lots of problems and issues with these aspects too and from the sounds of it these people generally seem to be dissapointed. I didn’t go to these so I can’t comment but it does sound like the organisers have a lot of work to do if they intend to hold future events. My main issue was the lack of updates, info and communication – if things aren’t running to plan let people know and apologise, don’t just leave them to wait around.

Lolita – How to get the look

What style you chose will affect the colours and accessories that you use in your co-ord (means coordination or coordinate, so called I guess as usually coordinating your whole outfit is what makes it a great Lolita outfit). Keywords for Lolita I would say are cute, young, simple and elegant. Bear these in mind when putting an outfit together. When I use the word young I don’t mean you need to be young but more that you want to appear youthful.

Hellolace has a good list of the various Lolita styles. Obviously the guide I’ve written only applies to the main styles, some sub-styles have slightly different rules.

Top to Toe

Headwear : headwear varies depending on the style you are going for but items that can be used include bows (large and small), fascinators, simple hairbands with bows, flowers or pearls on, fuzzy shapes, cute hairclips, boater hats, berets, bonnets – the list is endless really.

Hair : Hair is important. Lolita is all about the full outfit being polished and coordinated. Having a lovely outfit but un-styled hair spoils the whole look. If you are lucky enough to have hair that’s nice and smooth, full and easy to style then you could do fancy classic up-dos, cute pigtails, sleek and straight or gentle waves in your hair. If you have trouble hair (like me) then it’s really worth investing in a nice wig. It speeds up the whole getting ready process, keeps the style, stands up to weather and can be worn a good few times.

Face/makeup : Lolita generally is about applying a little makeup but nothing over the top. The aim usually is to make you look young, cute and sometimes  a bit doll like. This usually involves aiming to make your eyes look big so fake lashes are popular while keeping your face smooth and just adding a slight tint to your lips. Gothic Lolita allows for slightly heavier makeup but again simple usually looks better as otherwise you can detract from your outfit.

Outerwear : In cold weather you will need a cute coat or jacket, when choosing a coat make sure it is full enough to get your petticoat under. It can be hard to find suitable coats on the highstreet so maybe invest in a Lolita specific coat that will go with the majority of your outfits. For example I have two coats, one is black so will go with gothic co-ords or any that are mostly black and the other is blue and white so that will work well with my sweet co-ords. Bear in mind your footwear too, if you have an all black coat and pink boots it will look weird so balance with a pink bag/accessories. All depends on the contests of your wardrobe really, pick a coat to work with it. Mittens, gloves, scarf’s, earmuffs – all the usual stuff really, match them to your coat (or shoes if needed) and again keep it simple, as it’s all about getting the right balance. Then small capes, shrugs, boleros and cardigans are popular for in warmer weather.

Tops : blouses and cutsews. A cutsew simply put is a cute t-shirt but not just a normal t-shirt. I have added a few photos of cutsews so you can see what I mean. Blouses come in a verity of colours and styles. It can be hard to find suitable highstreet ones as often they don’t button/fasten high enough up. They are both worn either with a skirt or under a JSK (jumper skirt) obviously if it’s to wear under a JSK you don’t want anything that’s too ruffly as it will create bumps under the dress, also it’s a shame to hide fancy details.

ap_cutsew_recitalribbon ap_cutsew_wrappingribbonprint baby_pullover_cherrylaceroundcollar

Dress : You can either get an OP (one piece dress, means it has sleeves) or a JSK (jumper skirt, doesn’t have sleeves so is worn either with something under it or a cardi/shrug over to cover your arms). Again these come in all sorts of cuts, prints and colours. They should be full enough that you can get a petticoat under it properly and be knee length. There are a few dresses that are produced to be a bit longer than knee length too, usually by classic Lolita brands.

aatp_op_stmephisto baby_op_frappe vicm_op_rosegardendoll

vicm_jsk_rosebouquetfrill ap_jsk_candytreat aatp_jsk_gatheredchiffon-103P205

Skirt : Again skirts come in a wide range of designs, some are highwaisted/underbust, a lot have waist ties and again they should be knee length and full enough to have a petticoat under.

Underwear : Bloomers, tights and the all important petticoat. Tights can be printed, plain coloured or lace. Bloomers come in a range of styles, some are really short and others are long. Generally the idea is that they are there for modesty not to show off or have sticking out from under the skirt. Probably get them in the same colour as your petticoat or to match your colour scheme but it doesn’t really matter. Petticoats are very important to your outfit, they change the whole silhouette and kick the skirt out which is an essential  part of the Lolita fashion plus if it has a print around the bottom it allows you to see it properly. Petticoats are a big debate, generally Dear Celine and Classical Puppets petticoats are the most commonly recommended. You will possibly need two petticoats, one that’s A-line(fuller at the bottom) for under A-line shaped dresses/skirts and one that’s cupcake/bell shaped (fuller/rounder at the top). The only budget petticoat that I have heard good things about is from an ebay store called Victorian Dress Girl. They make childrens skirts for dance etc but the 11-16 aged one will fit adults with a waist of around 30”.

CP aline cp bell cupcake

Legs : if you don’t want to wear tights then you can wear either cute frilly ankle socks (not super common and can look too school girl if not careful) or knee high/over the knee socks. Socks come in a range of colours and designs including ones to match brand dresses. In winter/if it’s a really cold day I often wear thin leggings if I’m wearing boots rather than tights or you can wear tights with knee high socks over them.

Feet : Cute shoes or boots usually with a low chunky/block heel (not thin or stiletto heels). For gothic you can get away with a slightly higher platform and heel but generally Lolita shoes have a medium/low heel or are flat. They also are rounded at the front. Popular styles include Mary Janes, Rocking Horses and Tea Parties or more Victorian inspired/styled footwear can work well for Gothic and classic depending on the style.

shoes225-2 $(KGrHqZ,!lYE3Hl0q(oOBO!oEpjigw~~0_12rhs_with_strap_2

Accessories : pearls, bow rings, gothic crosses etc if wearing gothic, wrist cuffs, depends on the style you are going for.

Additional notes: try to colour match as closely as you can, pink is especially difficult to match as there are so many different shades. It does spoil it if your outfit is a delicate pale pink but you have salmon or hot pink shoes etc.

If you want more help and inspiration then check out Hello Lace’s (website link is earlier in post) different Lolita styles guide, and look through the different brands in the wardrobe section to see examples. Research is key.

Sunshine, fairy kei and future plans

Hello Everyone,

Haven’t we had lovely sunny weather here in the UK these last few days! Its too hot for me though, I feel like I’m melting. Anyway I happened to be in town today and went in to Clarie’s where I spotted some pretty pastel coloured items (in a lovely pale purple and bluey green) that could be perfect for Fairy Kei, these included shoe laces, bows, gloves and tutus. The current weather is perfect for pretty pastel shades and fairy kei outfits!

It’s the Austen & the Abbey event this weekend so I will do a post about that hopefully next week, then I have a Bodyline wig review to do and maybe a jsk review too, a Geisha Wigs review (buying out of stock wigs this time) and then I want to do a few more style introduction/how to get the look posts. Then its Hyper Japan towards the end of the month too. Busy busy!

Enjoy the sunshine!

Lolita Regency Themed Spectacular – Austen & the Abbey

I just wanted to do a quick plug for this one off event as its happening soon and they would really like to sell some more tickets. Any Japanese street fashion styles are welcome. This Lolita, Mori and Regency themed fashion extravaganza is happening in Leamington Spa on the 13th & 14th of July. The event is called Austen & the Abbey and a whole load of wonderful things are happening at the event plus a few Japanese brands will be present too. Apparently it is fairly cheap to get to from London via the train and you could even take advantage of the special package deal and stay over in a hotel if you are coming from further away.

The event itself is taking place at Stoneleigh Abbey and the Royal Pump Rooms (such lovely locations) and will have catwalks, a bring and buy stall, brand stalls, talks, a ball, butler café, guest tea parties, horse and carriage rides, guided tours and more.

A sneak in special ticket for the Saturday is only £13.00

Top Japanese Lolita brands Atelier Pierrot, Victorian Maiden, Juliette Et Justine and Fairy Wish will all have clothing present in the catwalk shows and most of the brands will be selling clothing at the event too!

A whole load of UK brands and a few French ones will also be present so there should be something to cater for all budgets.

There will be a bring and buy stall selling 2nd-hand Lolita and Mori clothing & accessories as well as any cute Japanese plushies, gifts or J-fashion magazines that people have to sell.

Special Guests:

Yuko Ashizawa who is the designer/director  for Atelier Pierrot
Alice Kobayashi who is the designer/CEO for Fairy Wish
Coco from Gothic band Die Milch who is also performing at the event
Andrew Davies who is a world famous TV/Film writer

Even better you can attend special tea parties with these guests or a horse and carriage ride with Coco. You can also book to go for a horse and carriage ride yourself or with friends and have some lovely photos taken.

All info and a full list of activities available can be found here:

Facebook Group:

Blog page: