Kawaii International – Halloween!

Just wanted to remind you that Kawaii International is on this weekend, this time the episode is all Halloween themed. They will be introducing Halloween costumes from various Japanese fashion brands.

Show info:
This episode of Kawaii International will be about scary fashion! But it’s not just scary…It’s “Scary Kawaii” style, mix of Kowai (scary) and Kawaii (cute)!! We will see super cute costume for Halloween and Scary Kawaii items created by a notable female designer. And what’s more, there will be makeover corner that Amihamu, Akuma-kei (devil style) Scary Kawaii fashion leader, will change British Lolita girl into lovely devil!”

One of the girls getting a Halloween makeover is the lovely Katie who is a UK lolita and often models various Japanese street styles over here. This is her page: https://www.facebook.com/CapsuleBunny

(If you miss any episodes or just want to rewatch them you can find them here: http://bestofnhk.tv/)

The show is viewable worldwide. You can watch the show here in the UK on the NHK World channel online, on BSkyB channel 507, Freesat channel 209 or DTH Frequency 11137.41MHz

It first airs at 16:10 on Saturday 26th October and is then repeated roughly every 4 hours (check the TV schedule page) until the last showing on Sunday 27th October at 12:10.




Mori Girl – How to get the look

Colours include pale shades like white, ivory, cream, beige teamed up with earthy autumn tones like warm reds, orange, brown, dark blue or green, mustard yellow.

Fabrics/textures: tulle, lace, knits, embroidery, wool, linen. Natural fabrics, chunky knits and ethnic type embroidered items.

Items are generally layered and loose fitting.

Wonder Rocket team
Image from: http://www.gohalainn.net

Top to Toe

Headwear: There is no strict rule on headwear but things like earmuffs, lace headbands (vintage/handmade), fur or knit hats or a simple bow are fine.

Hair: soft waves, straight, loose low pigtails or bunches, just keep it simple or have your natural hair.

Face/Makeup: again keep it fairly plain and simple. Mori Girls quite like being their natural skin colour and being fairly pale. A popular choice is to have round rosy cheeks (think vintage dolls) but its a personal choice.

Outerwear: knitted ponchos, boleros, cardigans, shawls, shrugs.

Image from: TokyoFashion.com

Tops: light floaty oversized blouses and shirts, waistcoats, long-sleeved jumpers, simple tops that can be worn under a dress or shirt

Dresses: anything that’s loose fitting or oversized. Can be in light floaty fabric or in more wintery wool/knitted type fabrics. Vintage styles, floral prints. Generally knee length or longer.

Skirts: Long full, flowy skirts. A-lines. Can layer skirts up or try and buy ones that look layered.

Legs: tights or leggings. Plain, knit effect or with floral/nature prints on.

Feet: flat shoes. Things like simple slip-ons, fur/wool lined or trimmed boots, think comfort and simple styles.
Images From: greenfaerietree.com

Where to shop:

Vintage clothing stores and antique places – not only can you find clothing here but they will probably have vintage fabrics, lace and trims as well so you can make or alter stuff.

Charity shops sometimes get vintage stuff in too but you never know what you might find in a charity shop so they are always worth visiting. As are carboots/garage sales.

High street stores often get suitable clothing in as part of the Autumn Winter range so I would check there

Ebay, you can find everything and anything on ebay. They have a vintage clothing section but I’m sure there is loads of suitable stuff on there that you probably get hold of quite cheap.

Style Introduction : Mori Girl Fashion

I don’t wear Mori Girl fashion myself so I can’t really comment in an in depth way about this fashion style but there are a lot of blogs and fashion sites dedicated to the fashion so I will link some at the bottom . I just wanted to cover some basic stuff for anyone who may be interested in the fashion or who didn’t know about it so that they have somewhere to start from

It doesn’t seem to be as popular in Tokyo as it used to be but it’s still popular here as it was included in the Hyper Japan fashion show and at the Austen & the Abbey event this year. Layered fashion is always popular, especially within Europe (which is partly where Japan girls originally got the inspiration from) so it makes sense that there are quite a few Mori Girls around.

Mori means forest in Japanese so Mori Girl fashion is all about being a girl from the forest. Mori girls often wear vintage clothing and accessories mixed in with new. The colours worn tend to be natural tones so lots of white, beige, brown, cream, ivory etc . The Mori Girl look involves lots of layering and using different textures and fabrics like knits, lace and tulle. Most of the clothing tends to be loose, flowy and oversized rather than close fitting to the body. Generally natural fabrics are preferred over synthetic. Its all about keeping things simple and natural so generally Mori Girl makeup is very minimal, they don’t do fancy fake nails or wear wigs or large hair extensions.

Popular clothing items include ponchos, shawls, gold jewellery, A-line skirts, smock dresses, puff sleeved blouses and tights/leggings.

Its quite easy to get hold of clothing here that would work for Mori Girl fashion as there are loads of vintage shops around the UK and due to our varied weather you can always find lots of nice knitted items too. Its also a good climate for wearing Mori Girl fashion.


Lifestyle: Unlike with some of the other Japanese fashions Mori Girls tend to have certain interests and behaviours so it goes beyond just wearing the fashion. They tend to be more on the quiet side both in their fashion and behaviour. None of it is about standing out or attracting attention but more about keeping to themselves and savouring the smaller things in life that a lot of people miss. Its not flashy and showy but more muted, quiet and delicate. They also have interests in antiques, taking photos, spending time alone in cafes, curiosity shops and reading books.

This article in particular is a really interesting read, it outlines the rules that you need to follow in order to join an online Mori Girl community: http://www.japanesestreets.com/reports/1078/62-rules-for-living-in-a-forest




All the photos used are from Tokyo Fashion.com

Tumblr Links

Hello, I’m sure lots of you have Tumblr so I thought I would share some useful Tumblr links, I will add a few more soon.

This is a new Tumblr page and it is dedicated to bringing you lots of UK based ebay finds that would work well for various Japanese fashion styles: http://ebayfindsuk.tumblr.com/

This page brings you all sorts of UK Fairy Kei finds and items located in shops or on etsy: http://ukfairykei.tumblr.com/

This page is all about lolita decor so its filled with pretty room pictures, tutorials, tips etc for making your room pretty: http://fyeahlolitadecor.tumblr.com/

ThreadBanger is full of DIY tutorials and tips for making a whole range of different items. They are more alternative rather than Japanese street fashion but its a great place for finding inspiration and ideas: http://threadbanger.tumblr.com/

This is my tumblr (just in case you were interested), I post random stuff, outfit shots, crafts, finds etc: http://mizzfluffybunny.tumblr.com/