Everything5Pounds.com – Review

I’ve bought from this website a few times but not done a proper review before so thought I’d review my latest order. Overall I’ve always been happy with my items and they are of great quality. The items they get in are by a wide range of brands and would always cost a lot more than £5 new. I’ve only had a few minor issues in the past.

Website: http://www.everything5pounds.com/en/

Past issues:

  • I ordered some shoes that were not true to size.
  • I bought a bag with wheels on that wasn’t the best design and the handle was so short it could only really be used by a child.
  • A knitted bolero was trimmed with delicate tulle fabric that was really frayed, looked a mess.
  • They once sent me the wrong item but it was really easy to send back and get the correct item sent.
  • A few items have arrived out of a bag and have had a few marks on them.


I placed the order late on the 24th December. The items were all £5 each and postage cost £5.15 by Royal Mail 1st Class Standard. The delivery cost depends on how many items you are ordering and how heavy they are. The items arrived on the 30th December which considering it’s the Christmas period was quicker than I expected. I paid £25.15 in total, if you split the cost between the 4 items then it works out that I paid roughly £6.29 per item including postage.



The items are sent by Royal Mail tracked so you get a text and email when it’s on the way. When the packet arrived the first thing I noticed was how over filled it looked. I had to open it very carefully as I couldn’t find the sealed end and it was tightly packed. Once I got it open I noticed the mint skirt was not in a bag and was very tightly squashed in the end. The other items were all in a bag though.

Mint Scuba A-Line Skirt

Stock photo from website:


The mint skirt wasn’t in a bag and was squashed tightly at the end of the packet. On inspection it has quite a few tiny marks all over (I counted at least 10) including a few that look like biro, it’s also very creased in places. It was the last one in that size though so I’m not going to bother sending it back. The skirt itself is lovely though and is actually by asos. It’s made from think scuba fabric in a pretty pale mint green and it even has pockets! The waist is elasticated, not zip fastening as they stated on the website but it’s exactly as I expected and is lovely and full. It’s a definite bargain.

 Funnel Ruffled Neck Blouses

Stock photos from website:

Simple plain blouses are great for wearing under a JSK and these are a lot cheaper than the ones I’ve found on ebay and in Primark so I bought two, one black and one white. I liked the fact they have a slightly higher collar and long sleeves. I quite like thin slightly sheer blouses as they fit easily under a JSK without being bulky and are also useful in warmer weather. They are nicer than I expected though they are very sheer so you would have to wear them under or over something. Although they seem a bit big on me, when I move around it seems to pull across the back, I think it must be due to how the sleeves are sewn in but I’m not sure. It’s not a huge issue but I’m glad I went for the larger size as I may easily burst a seam otherwise. The fabric is nice, it’s very thin and light. I don’t like the ribbon around the neckline though it’s very cheap looking. They are nicer in person than I thought they would be. The white blouse does have a tiny mark on the sleeve though and there are a few loose threads sticking out of seams. The brand is Flam Mode who I’ve never heard of.

Lace Trim Leopard Print Faux Fur Jacket

Stock photo from website:


You don’t find many faux fur items at £5 in general, never mind an actual jacket at that price! I thought it would work well for a Visual Kei/rock/punk style. It’s a bit weird which is why I liked it. It’s so much nicer in person than it looks in the picture. The fur is really soft, it’s wonderful quality and is all lined nicely inside. The trim is lace and thin suede type fabric and it actually fastens with a snap fastener, not a magnetic one as stated on the website. You fasten the PVC strip over the metal loop to fasten it but there’s also a hidden metal hook and eye too. I love it, I think it’s awesome. It’s shaped up at the front and longer at the back. The brand is Just Addict which again I haven’t heard of.


Worn Photos:

I wore the blouse over a cami top, you can see how see-through it is.


Happy New Year!

Hello You Lovely People,
I just wanted to say a  HUGE Thank You to everyone who reads and supports my blog. It really means a lot and I hope you find the things I post interesting and helpful. My aims for the New Year are to bring you more reviews, style how to’s, cute stuff, inspiration, news and fun. I really want to spread positivity, creativeness and happiness, it’s the whole reason I do my blog. I hope you all have a lovely New Year’s Eve and that the New Year is a wonderful one for all of you! ❤

happy new year

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to wish all you lovely people a very Happy Christmas & festive period. For those of you that don’t celebrate Christmas I hope you have a wonderful holiday/time whatever it is you do or don’t celebrate! Lots of love to you all! xx

teddy christmas

Turns out it’s not just cats that like to play in the Christmas tree….

alpaca in a tree

Dylan has a case of tinselitis:


Looks like they’ve spotted the candycane:



Christmas – Outfit Shot

I went to a festive/Christmas meet with my local comm a couple of days ago. I wore my Christmas dress from Magic Tea Party – it’s a very dark green, not black like it looks in the photos.

Outfit Details:
Dangle Star Clip: Chocomint
Star Bow Clip: Peacockalorum
Wig: Bodyline
Deer Necklace: Bodyline (but I put it on ribbon so as not to mark the velvet)
Blouse: offbrand/unbranded
JSK: Magic Tea Party – Christmas Twilight (bought from Glitzy Wonderland)
Heart Bag: Aliexpress

Katz Little Factory – Review

Whilst doing various searches for Christmas presents I came across the most beautiful and unusual butterfly headpiece by Katz Little Factory. I liked their facebook page to keep up to date with things and discovered they were doing 40% off selected items for black Friday.
Etsy Store: Katz Little Factory

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to purchase some things and see what they were like in real life as they look amazing and 40% off is a great deal. I opted for a pair of Cyber Flower Hair Clips with gold centres and a black and green Cyber Baby Bug Caterpillar.

Stock Photos (picture credit goes to Katz Little Factory):

I placed my order on the 25th November and they arrived on the 16th December so it took about 3 weeks from ordering for them to arrive. They took longer to come than I expected, I don’t know if that’s because she made them to order or if she was just busy from the sale.

They came in a strong box, inside was lots of bubble wrap to protect them and a business card.

They are really nicely made. The finish is to a really high standard, you can’t see any construction work and only the smallest amount of glue around the clip. They really are beautiful.

The flowers feature shaped shiny PVC petals with a more matt star shaped piece in the centre, black studs and then a splash of colour right in the middle. They are quite small, 5cm diameter like stated in the listing, so are great for a subtle look. They are also really light. The bottom is finished off with a circle of felt to make it all look neat and attaches to your hair with a sturdy metal hair clip.


The bug is as green as in the stock picture – it was a dull day so my camera did a bad job. My photos don’t do the items justice. The segments are all shaped to a point and connect with black eyelets. The bug is crafted from shiny PVC material. It’s sat on a green PVC base which is neatly stitched around the edge, the shape reminds me of a leaf. I think the base has stiff card in it too as it feels quite strong and it’s shaped slightly so it will sit against the curve of your head. The feelers are made from guitar strings. He seems to be sturdy and well constructed and again the base is covered in felt and has a metal hair clip attached. Look at his cute little face, I can’t wait to wear him somewhere soon!

I’m extremely happy with my purchases, they are of high quality and the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail is really high. It’s obvious she takes a lot of pride and care in the items she produces. It’s also nice to see something more unusual being produced, I can’t say as I’ve seen anyone doing a similar thing. I will definitely buy from her again, I’m after something much larger next time, probably one of the gorgeous butterflies or a bat moth. She also takes custom orders and it seems most items can be produced in a wide range of colours. Make sure you check out her work – it’s amazing!!


Winter Masked Ball – Outfit Shot

I went to a Christmas Dinner & Masked Ball event on Saturday night held by the local Steampunk Society. I decided to go for a winter theme so added white and silver to my outfit to help break up the black. My mask is handmade using various materials, the base is a pre-made paper pulp one that I found in The Works for 99p and then added papier-mache too. It didn’t turn out 100% like I wanted but overall I’m quite happy. I’ve decided it’s a snow/ice spirit.

Outfit Details:

I found the dress at a local charity vintage fair, it cost me £25. Personally I think that’s a bargain. The cape I’d had for a while, I bought it second hand off ebay, and was actually trying to sell it. Glad I didn’t. Wig is from Geisha Wigs – they are no longer going though. The headdress was offbrand and I tied glitter snowflake Christmas decorations to it because I ran out of time. Necklace is The Crypt of Curiosities. Bat bracelet is Alchemy Gothic. Fur cuffs are handmade from a fur headband from Primark. Black lace fingerless gloves were from Accessorize.

The Cogkneys and Julia Scott of Alice’s Night Circus performed on the evening.

Peacockalorum – Review

Check out these beautiful bows I bought from Peacockalorum. They are also in quite Christmassy colours so it’s the perfect time to post a review for them.



I bought a Christmas themed dress for an upcoming meet but have nothing to wear on my head so I checked out Peacockalorum to see if they had anything suitable. I’ve bought from there a few times as their items are well made and at great prices. The dress is dark green velvet with gold embroidery, I loved the design of the Cirque Bow Headdress so I enquired if she could create it in green. She sent me photos of the two greens available and I opted for the darker one. I had also worn a red and black jsk recently to a meet up and had to use the dress bow on my head as I didn’t own anything suitable so when I spotted the Toybox Bow I bought that too.

We communicated via facebook, I asked for the Cirque Bow without the chain, charms and bow in dark green with the gold trim. She had to order the fabric in but didn’t think it should take too long. She was also out of the particular lace used on the Toybox Box pictured but had other suitable lace. The Cirque Bow is £10, Toybox Bow is £8 and she said postage was £4 but quoted me £23 in total. I don’t know if it’s because she had to order fabric in specially or if postage is a bit more because I ordered 2 bows.

I started the discussion on Tuesday 24th November, the details were finalised and it was paid for on Wednesday 25th November. She thought the fabric should arrive by Monday 30th November but didn’t specify how long it would take her to then make the bow so I wasn’t really sure when to expect it.

On the 3rd of December my hairbows arrived! It was much faster than I was expecting and was in time for me to wear it at the Sheffield Christmas meet – see my previous post for photos.

Cirque Bow Headdress :

The first thing I noticed was that the bow had the chain, star charms and gold bow – even though I asked for it without. I’m actually quite glad she added them though as the stars are cute and they work really well with the embroidery on the Christmas dress that I intend wearing it with. It also works perfectly with my Swan Ballet JSK as well. The bow stands up well on your head, it doesn’t slide about on the headband or flop. It is very big so is definitely a statement headbow. My only issue with it is that the chain hangs a bit strange and ends up sat on your head off centre.

Toybox Box :

The Toybox Bow looks pretty much like the stock photo so I’m not sure what’s different about the lace. If she hadn’t mentioned it I would never have noticed it was different. This is also a very large statement headbow, it sits nicely upright on your head. I love the pointed lace, it’s really gothic and more old-school in design.

I’m really happy with my items and the service I received. It only took about a week from me placing the custom order to them arriving, they look exactly as I expected, are finished to a high standard and come on metal hair bands. Plus they were a great price. I highly recommend Peacockalorum. I’ve ordered from there a few times now and will do again.