Fashion Style Introduction – Shiro-Nuri

As I’ve already done a couple of posts touching on Shiro-Nuri I thought it made sense to pick it as the first fashion style to cover.

Shiro-Nuri (white painted skin) is one of many Japanese subcultures. A crucial element of this style is to have a white painted face, similar to that of a Geisha’s, but then the actual makeup and clothing varies widely depending on the tastes of the individual. Minori, who is a famous Shiro-Nuri artist and model in Japan takes a lot of influence from nature and traditional Japanese culture and generally wears pale light floaty fabrics and more vintage fashion rather than other Shironuri’s who prefer a more gothic or grotesque look.

How to get the look:

I suggest starting by looking at lots of Shironuri images online and doing further research on the style first. Then a good idea would be to decide what direction you wish to take and where your main inspiration will come from. For example do you wish to mix vintage styles, have a more monster/Halloween theme, do gothic, be more doll like – thinking about this will help you decide on your makeup theme and also with where to start shopping for clothing.

Invest in a decent white foundation and start experimenting with makeup, again there are lots of tutorials online so maybe watch those for inspiration too.

Shopping – you may decide that you don’t need to do much shopping as you can just incorporate the Shironuri makeup in to your current style. Otherwise look on sites like ebay, check out high-street stores to see what they have, maybe visit vintage stores, try online sales groups on facebook, local carboots, charity shops etc – you never know what you just might find. Or you could even try making your own items or customising things you own or find. Maybe invest in some fancy eyelashes or wigs.
As there’s no set style when it comes to clothing it gives you a lot of freedom and can be done on a budget.

For further information I suggest checking out this blog:


Photo of Minori taken from


Kawaii TV – On This Weekend

I’m sure lots of you already know about this awesome programme but for those that don’t then I would like to introduce Kawaii International. If you have an interest in any of the Japanese street fashions then this is the show for you. They describe themselves as “Kawaii.i brings you the latest in Tokyo’s fashion and Anime/Manga trends from Japan”. It’s a super cute show that airs on NHK World which can be watched online or via satellite TV all over the world. They actually did some filming here in the UK at the Hyper Japan Christmas convention too. Not only do they cover all sorts of styles but they cover where to shop in Japan, latest trends, hair/makeup/beauty tips, do makeovers, chat to shop girls and models, the list is endless! Also its on this weekend March 29/30 so make sure to check it out this weekend!

Visit NHK World here to check how to watch in your country and to find out when it will be on:

This is the NHK page for Kawaii International:

They also have a facebook page which posts all sorts of information including reminding when the next show will air:

Minori’s World

Today I would like to share this lovely video with you, it also follows on nicely from my last post and again is by Tokyo Fashion News. This video is of the lovely Japanese shironuri artist Minori. This video really shows the combination of fashion and art working together to become one. She’s like a living piece of art and her photos & outfits are truly beautiful. She also has reasons for everything that she wears, it has a purpose and a balance which seems to be very important in Japan. In a lot of the street snaps when the person describes their theme or the purpose of their outfit you can get an idea of just how well thought out it is – I never plan my outfits like that, I think it’s a nice way of doing it. Maybe that’s something I should try more, perhaps when the weather is a bit nicer I could do more spring themed outfits based on the colours of spring or something, that’s if we finally get some spring weather anyway. This video just really inspires me and makes me want to play around with makeup, hair and clothes  more, to do something more creative and put more thought in to my outfits.

Shironuri in Harajuku

Here is a great example of just how ‘out the box’ Japan is when it comes to fashion. Now I know that these images relate more to a costume themed event rather than straight fashion but just look at all the styles and all the work and thought that went in to some of these outfits. Its just awesome! I would love to see a group of young people here dressed in something similar just going out around London and having fun. Wouldn’t it brighten up your day?

Also the Tokyo Fashion website is great in general for bringing you fashion snaps straight from the streets in Japan. Its great for seeing real outfit shots of what the youth in Japan are actually wearing and for spotting the new trends. Make sure to check it out, they post new stuff regularly! They have a facebook too so its even easier to keep up to date!


Why Today…

I have started this blog today for a couple of reasons.

1). I have a tumblr but what I have realised is that I like to blog. I like to have lots of words and a few images within the same post and tumblr just isn’t really the place for that. Its much better for sharing images or tiny bits of info/news etc. So that’s why I’m using this blog.

2). As covered in my previous post I commented on how everyone looks the same and its not always easy to break the mould. I have low self confidence and sometimes struggle to face the world as it is so going out in a bold fashion style is a massive thing to do. The trouble is I see these people online who do go out in what they want and I own all this stuff that just sits in my wardrobe because I’m scared to go out in it. I’ve had enough, I want to embrace these styles before I get too old and actually live my life and not have regrets. As part of my New Year’s Resolution I decided I wanted to dress more like me and wear stuff that I don’t usually and which just sits in the wardrobe….currently this hasn’t gone well. Therefore after coming across an inspirational blog by the lovely Andrew O’Neil I decided to pick a month and make an effort to be brave and wear something new and different and make more of an effort. April is this month – how it will go I really have no idea but I guess we will find out!


What do I aim to achieve with this blog:

Partly this blog is for me, I want to be who I am and not hide away because I’m too scared, I want to live my life and hopefully inspire others to do the same. Life is too short for all this stupid petty stuff like hating on each other for tiny things like how they dress, this needs to change and hopefully if enough people embrace being different and go against society then some things may change….hopefully.

What I will actually post:
I’m looking at Japan as a start so here I will blog the various different street styles, where to get more information on these styles, tips, what you can find on the high street that can work, places to shop, things you can make, etc in the hope that more people join me in the UK fashion take over!

Also you will be glad to hear that this is my last post for today, so good bye for now and stay fashion strong!

What is my blog about….

I’m sure you would like to know what my blog will be about and more about why I have decided to start it.

I’m hugely influenced by Japanese popular culture and especially their fashion. The Japanese youth are so creative, brave, colourful, experimental, playful and cute with their fashion, they think outside the box and I just find it really inspirational! They have all these different fashion trends that originate in various parts of Tokyo and are clearly defined by certain elements, I don’t think any other country has this.

I’m so bored with fashion here in the UK, it’s hard to find anything different and we don’t seem to have any clear defined fashion styles anymore. Another worrying trend I’ve found is that a lot of more alternative fashions seem to be disappearing, I don’t know if this is a safety issue, but I hardly see any alternative people about lately. People don’t seem to make an effort anymore either when going out to events, to see bands, for dinner… its all getting really boring! I walk around town and see nothing exciting, everyone seems to be becoming clones and it makes me sad. I want to see more individual expression, people having fun with fashion and enjoying life, if a greater range of styles existed on the streets and it was no-longer unusual to see someone dressed differently I think people would feel safer too. Plus think how lovely the world would look with people making an effort and breaking the mould.

One problem is that the high street stores all stock the ‘in trend’ so every shop you go in tends to have pretty much the same stuff which not only makes it almost impossible sometimes to find things when they aren’t on trend but means all our youth start to look the same. Its almost like a lot of people here are zombies and don’t think for themselves so they just follow what is dictated to them by society and whatever  the high street tells them.