Starsqueak Lolita Chibi Design

My new user icon on here was designed by the lovely Laura Tattersfield. I contacted her over facebook to see if she would design a cute lolita chibi for me to use here on my blog. I’m supposed to be using her as part of a header on here to make it all look nice but I haven’t got around to it yet as I just don’t seem to have enough free time currently. Anyway I had seen her artwork before at the rainbow meet (she had designed something that was given as a birthday gift to a couple of the girls) and on the tea party club flyers at Frock On. Laura is super talented and she’s lovely to deal with. Her prices are also great value. Nothing was too much to do and I didn’t like a couple of things about the original drawing but she happily tweaked it and was always very professional. I highly recommend her if you ever need something cute designing. Here’s a small copyrighted version of the chibi, it will have to do until I get my header sorted. I gave her a very rough idea of what I wanted doing and she used her artistic flare and skill to come up with this. Isn’t she cute? she is also slightly cat themed to go with my blog and created in similar colours to those I used on the main page. I’m really happy with the final image and the overall service. Thanks so much Laura!!

Laura’s Art Page:

Also just to make it clear I paid her for this design, as a normal customer, she didn’t do it as a favour in return for this write up or anything like that.


Join the Revolution

My friend shared a link to this above blog post on facebook and after reading it I thought I would share it here too as it’s exactly the reason I decided to do my blog. I think its awful that people make each other feel this way especially over something so superficial and I’m glad she has decided to continue to be who she is and wear what she wants. I’m still not brave enough to do that and I never did a month of wearing more bold fashion like I said I would (this is my New Year’s resolution though) but I am doing and wearing things now that I would never have done even just a few years ago. I think it’s important that people get to be who they are and are allowed to express themselves, after all you only live once so this is your only opportunity to do it. Therefore I would like to encourage you all to join the ‘weirdo revolution’ too though I think ‘Unique Individuals’ is maybe a nicer term as I’m all for calling myself a weirdo but when others use it as a hate word then it’s not so nice… So, if you have ever wanted to wear something bold, try a different fashion, dye your hair a bright colour then I suggest you go for it, you don’t need to answer to anyone else as it’s not for them. If you aren’t brave enough to wear it out then keep it to the comfort of your room or wear a more toned version out but please be yourself, don’t let anyone take that away from you or make you miss out just because they have narrow views. I don’t want to get old and be filled with regrets or I wish I had done this or that when I was younger and I don’t want anyone else to feel that way either. Life goes by incredibly fast so grasp it now and I will aim to do the same.

On a similar note I would also like to make you aware of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation as they do really good work trying to promote the acceptance of others. Sophie was a young girl who was attacked and died simply because she was a Goth. This is totally unacceptable behaviour within our society which is why I value their work so much plus their motto S.O.P.H.I.E – Stamp out prejudice, hatred and intolerance everywhere, can be applied to so many other factors beyond fashion and appearance.

Stay strong, keep safe, be happy and live as you are!

Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone and a Massive Merry Christmas to you all!!

I apologise for how quiet my blog has been lately but work has been crazy. I’ve spent nearly all of December at work so far which has made it really hard to find time to post. The good news is that things should calm down a bit after Christmas which will leave me more free time. So, what do I have planned for you next? Well how about loads of well overdue reviews. I bought a bunch of stuff from Bodyline which I shall post about (cutsews, a jacket, jsk, wig), some cute necklaces from ebay, a dress from Rococo Daze, a dress from Ergi, a bonnet from Stocking Shock – these were mostly bought ages ago and I just haven’t posted about it yet. There’s also a post about petticoats that I want to do which will show just how much of a difference they make to a dress/skirt, I own them in different styles and materials so I thought it would be interesting to show how much they vary. I will also do a short post about what I did for International Lolita Day and reveal the lovely Chibi artwork that I had designed for me. These are all just for starters, there are also more style introductions I want to do, events and meets I will be going to and stuff that I will end up buying so it’s going to be a busy year next year here on my blog.

Hope you all have a wonderful time!! Thanks so much for all the support, views, likes, follows and comments that I’ve had so far, I hope you will continue to view my blog in the future too. Big Christmassy hugs to you all!

A day of March Madness

Recently it was decided to put together a lolita calendar that would represent the different communities around the UK and raise money for the next big lolita fashion event in Aug/Sept time. 12 communities came forward and each was assigned a month at random. Leeds were given March so the theme they came up with was Mad March Hares. They wanted to create a mad hatter type style tea party so it was decided that the location would be the Interlude tea room in Shipley. I decided to make some brown fake fur rabbit ears as the theme was hares and then I wore my Alice in Wonderland skirt as I was struggling to find anything else to wear that fitted the theme. I also made a small felt rabbit/hare that I was going to make a waistcoat and bowtie for too but I ran out of time so I took him as he was.
I’m sorry these pics aren’t great, my phone camera is not the best:

IMAG2138 IMAG2150 IMAG2156

The whole day was chaos we rearranged the whole cafe and could barely all fit in shot, there were accessories and props everywhere and the photographer found it difficult to arrange people so they didn’t have bunny ears obstructing their face but it was loads of fun too. The Leeds picture was even chosen as the front cover for the calendar! Personally I preferred the second picture choice to the one that got chosen but I think we certainly captured the theme of March Madness!

Outfit Shot:
DSC08381 DSC08382

Tea Room:

Calendar Link:;jsessionid=179DEC9E37A24CF374545196E703ED4E

Street Fashion Europe

Hello everyone, I’m sorry for not posting much lately but I’m working more than full time hours currently in the run up to Christmas and don’t have time for ,well, anything at all really. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that the website for Street Fashion Europe is now live. SFE is collaboration between different lolita communities across Europe, the aim is to bring us all closer together but also to hold an annual event that will take place in a different country each year. Their first event is happening here in London next April. Tickets have almost all sold out! I’m really looking forward to it, I know it will be a wonderful event.