Casual Outfit for a picnic

Today I went to a picnic with my local com ladies, I wanted to wear something super simple but summery feeling.

DSCN4072 DSCN4073

Hair Accessory – Bodyline
JSK – Bodyline L045 (it has a cherry print)
Bolero – New Look
Accessories – Claire’s Accessories
Ankle Socks – Primark
Shoes – Bodyline
Bag – Unbranded


Hyper Japan is Soooon!!

Hyper Japan Website:

If you love traditional or popular Japanese culture then you will love Hyper Japan. For many of us the Hyper Japan convention is as close as we can get to visiting Japan and this year it’s going to be even bigger and better. It’s moved to the O2 arena and I’m really excited to see how the change of location will affect the convention. In particular I’m looking forward to seeing all the cute fashionistas, the fashion shows and buying a whole load of cute stuff but they have managed to get some top music artists to come to the UK as well. There’s even a special Japan music night featuring VAMPS coinciding with it too. I really hope this is a sign of things to come and the convention will continue to grow and attract all sorts of Japanese artists, traders, acts and businesses. It’s really exciting.
Hyper Japan doesn’t just cover Anime, Manga and Cosplay like a lot of conventions, it really is about Japan on a whole. It features contemporary and traditional Japanese art, music, fashion, film, martial arts, food and goods. It really is the place to go if you have any interest in Japan. There are even stands there dedicated to helping you plan your trip or advice on where you can learn the language. I went through the Hyper Japan website and tried to highlight some of the main things happening, it’s so big this year that it took a really long time and I’m sure I’ve missed things. They still have more to announce!! Anyway, here is a rough guide of what’s happening, I hope you find it helpful 🙂
Food & Drink –
If Japanese food is your thing then you should check out the EAT-JAPAN area which will have a range of stalls selling drinks, food, deserts, alcoholic beverages, sweets etc.
There’s also the separately ticketed area called the Sake Experience which is Europe’s largest public tasting event for sake, there you can learn more about Sake and sample a variety of Japanese Sake’s.
Sake Experience:
Music –
Hyper Japan tries to offer variety so they have booked a range of artists for this year’s event. There’s the more traditional with Hibiki Ichikawa and Akari Mochizuki. J-Pop with Heisei Kotohime, Less than Love and Tokyo Girls’ Style and idol groups Honey Spice and If Visual Kei & J-Rock is more your thing then you should check out ONE NOT’E, LOST ASH and VANIRU. Gothic lolita’s Die Milch bring a modern twist to classic music and TOMOCA adds some Wa-Pop. There’s even a touch of R&B with ILU GRACE. Then if that’s still not enough there’s singer May J. who not only is the main host of NHK Worlds J-MELO, has sold thousands of CD’s, is multilingual and has performed all over the world she also sang the end credits version of “Let It Go” in the Japanese release of Frozen! Then, if songs from Anime are more your thing, they have singer Eir Aoi performing who has had an impressive number of songs featured in anime openings and endings. Exciting! It’s also just been announced that YOSHIKI and TOSHI of X JAPAN are going to be doing a special un-plugged performance which is HUGE. X JAPAN are pretty much the pioneers of Visual Kei and are the biggest rock band in Japan!!

JAPAN NIGHT is a separate event, you can get a discount on tickets if you are attending Hyper Japan. This year HYPER JAPAN will be teaming up with JAPAN NIGHT, a J-rock event which showcases Japanese artists at venues around the world! VAMPS are the headlining act.
Gaming –
Hyper Japan will have a large gaming area where Nintendo will be showcasing their newest titles as well as having a range of classic favourites available to play. There will also be card gaming available and in the HYPER Maid Café not only will you be able to have a selection of sweet treats and ice cream but there will be a host of retro videogames and boardgames to play. Other activities in the cafe will include things like origami, drawing, singing and dancing along with the maids.
Anime & Manga –
Not only can you meet and chat with other fans but there will be a range of exhibitors selling merchandise and the latest publications as well as events taking place. They also have the Japan Anima(tor)’s Exhibition which will be showing a range of short films that will showcase new talent and which artists to expect great things from down the road. There will also be a range of seminars taking place with top industry professionals discussing ‘Things you’ve always wanted to know about anime’, ‘How is the music used in anime and games produced?’ and ‘Let’s sing anime songs together!’. There’s even a replica of the Colossal Titan’s head from Attack on Titan. Japan Authors’ gallery KAORI aims to spread word of some outstanding manga writers, novelists and artists whose works could be seen as representative of Japanese culture. They’ll be showcasing a top selection of wonderfully talented people at their HYPER JAPAN Festival booth.
Cosplay –
Cosplaying is always welcomed at Hyper Japan and this year along side the usual COSParade there will be a photo booth to document your costume and Cosplayer Tables where guest cosplayers will be on hand to give tips, advice and hold informal discussions.
Culture –
In the culture area you will find traditional clothing, including the kimono, accessories, home wares and other Japanese goods for sale. Travel companies giving you advice and information about visiting Japan and language schools to help you find a place in the UK to learn Japanese.
Hyper Kawaii –
My favourite area! This area is where you will be able to shop for everything cute from clothing, accessories, jewellery, home wares, plush toys and more. The HYPER J-Style Collection will be holding fashion shows featuring Japanese clothing brands and showcasing street fashion trends worn by Japanese fashionistas here.
Other –
Dance troupe Takarabune will be performing. Katanaya-Ichi are a sword fighting troupe who will be showcasing their skills. Mukoangie are a comedy duo act who will be sure to entertain and Japanese company ITK will be back to showcase their newest version of the Handroid. Takamasa Sakurai, a leading expert on Japanese anime, fashion and music as methods of cultural exchange, will be giving a special presentation on the global success of Japanese idols – you should look up some of the articles he has written online, very interesting and insightful. I’m really glad that he will be attending this year.

ebay shop mon-chaton-uk – Review

For a very long time I have resisted the urge to buy a cute fluffy alpaca plush or any of the other related products. Unfortunately I spend a lot of time on ebay and when I came across Mon-Chaton selling so many cute alpacas and at great prices I ended up giving in. I resisted buying a plush toy though as I really don’t need one and don’t have the space so I opted for something much smaller.

ebay Shop: mon-chaton-uk

Stock Photo:


I chose an adorable yellow Alpacasso alpaca mini pouch. I figured it has a use so technically it serves a purpose and has a practical function which therefore makes more sense to buy it….right? Yeah ok, maybe not. The pouch is 8cm tall and you can’t really fit anything in it BUT I can add him to my bag, use for coins (though he’d get dirty so I probably won’t), use as a pendant on a necklace or turn him in to some other form of accessory. I may even find him useful to keep something in, though I don’t know what. He’s so cute though!

DSCN3191 DSCN3192

He cost £2.99 plus £1.60 postage (so £4.59 in total). He arrived in a standard envelope, inside he was in a little sealed bag and came with a little thank you note. They dispatched it the day after I bought it and it took a couple of days to arrive. He was exactly as described and was packaged carefully. He has a cute little bow tie, is a pretty pale yellow and features a star zip pull. He’s lovely and soft but very small.

DSCN3193 DSCN3194 DSCN3195 DSCN3196 DSCN3197

Now you know everything I said at the top about not needing an alpaca plush toy and not having space etc….well I would like you to meet my new fluffy friend Dylan! (I named him after the alpaca that I got to walk recently).


Now in my defence he’s actually a birthday present so I didn’t buy him and he will be taken away until my birthday. I only opened him to check he was fine and the correct one was sent etc. He was also bought from Mon chaton and again came quickly. He’s not quite as tall as stated in the listing though, he’s at least an inch shorter than the 15” he was stated as being and that’s with me straightening his ears out as much as possible. Another slight issue is that he was just squashed in a packet so he arrived a bit squished looking, I’ve tried to straighten his nose but his eyes still look a little off. I also don’t know why the star isn’t in the middle of the bowtie? He was £12.99 plus £3.50 postage (£16.49 in total). He’s cute though and has such a happy face.

DSCN3318 DSCN3325 DSCN3324 DSCN3326 DSCN3322

Kawaii-UK ebay shop & Magic Tea Party OP – Review

Hello Everyone,
It’s nice and sunny here today in the UK (yes we do sometimes get sunshine) I hope it’s sunny where you are and that you are having a wonderful day. There’s a reason I brought up summer and sunshine, it’s partly because it was the summer ILD recently and it is summer but also because the dress I’m doing this post about is perfect for summery warm days.
For ILD (International Lolita Day) I wanted to wear something light, summery and floral, I felt it fitted with it being summer and going for afternoon tea. Anyway, my initial outfit plans all fell through and it left me with a bit of a predicament as I was rapidly running out of time. However after a quick search on ebay looking for anything that may help me put together a decent co-ord I stumbled across an ebay shop in the UK selling the perfect dress. I had roughly a week before the meet and here was a beautiful floral op dress in a delicate pale blue. I ordered it and hoped it would arrive by mid-week so I could double check it fit ok and test out my co-ord and to my surprise it actually arrived the following day!

Ebay shop: Kawaii-UK

Stock Photo:
MTP stock
Review of Kawaii-UK : The item was very well packaged and they also sent it first class signed for. I was quite impressed that they sent it in a box as it shows a high level of care and made me feel more valued as a customer. I don’t like it when you buy an expensive item and no care is taken to ensure it arrives to you safely. Inside the box the dress was in a bag and that had tissue paper round it though I’m not quite sure what happened to the tissue unless it tore in transit. I bought the dress really late in the evening and they posted it out the following day. The postage was free and it was exactly as described so it was a perfect service. I would buy from them again. Their prices obviously are a bit more than if you ordered it yourself but it’s already here in the UK so there’s no risk of customs and if you have an issue it can be sorted easier. I paid £55 for the dress and postage was free.

DSCN3200 DSCN3202 DSCN3203

Review of the dress itself : The dress is by Magic Tea Party (I love this brand) and I actually had to buy it a size smaller than I usually buy as it’s all they had. With being fairly tall I usually go for a bigger size to get more length but then the waist and bust is bigger than I need. This size fits me better but is shorter and also the waist band isn’t really in my waist, it sits too high up – I can’t win. It’s not really noticeable though and I added an underskirt to get extra length. So, the fabric is really thin which is great for warm summer weather. It’s more of a greeny blue than it looked in the photo, it’s not a ‘true blue’. The print features large groupings of pink roses. The dress has short gathered sleeves, pintuck and frill detailing on the front, two pin on bows, lace trim and chiffon type frill trim. The dress doesn’t have any shirring but does have lacing ribbon and detachable waist ties.

DSCN3205 DSCN3207 DSCN3208 DSCN3209 DSCN3211 DSCN3214 DSCN3216

Slight nitpicks:
The fabric isn’t as nice as I expected and although it being thin is good for summer I think it would have been better lined. If you wore a dark or strong coloured bra under it for example you would be able to see it, also it creases really easy – see the pictures. The dress has lots of small deep creases in it and they are really hard to get out. The buttons for the waist ties are not sewn on very well and also due to how thin the fabric is I would worry about actually trying to tie them tight in general. I think you may cause damage to the dress – plus there’s the creasing! I also don’t like how the fabric is so bunched up where they have sewn the lace trim, I feel it spoils the effect (see pic below). The final issue is that it’s quite hard to get on and off due to the fabric not having any stretch and the way it’s sewn under the arms to make it more fitted when its on. The extra issue with this is that I’m worried the seam under the arm where the zip is will soon need repairing as it pulls the stitching getting it on and off. They are all small issues and these are just my opinions but I felt it was worth pointing them out in case they would bother other people too. Overall though it’s a great summery dress and it is really pretty.

DSCN3210 DSCN3212

Happy International Lolita Day!

Hello Lovelies,
Today is International Lolita Day (ILD).
~International Lolita Day is a biannual event, held on the first Saturday of June, and the first Saturday of December.~
Lots of communities hold special events or meet ups to celebrate the day. Last year I went to a tea party in Leeds, this year it was held by the Hull comm so that’s where I went. We visited Garden Mews Tea Room for afternoon tea which was a lovely setting and had amazing food, sooo much cake! I didn’t take photos though, sorry. They did book a photographer though so as and when the photos are up I will link them. Everyone looked amazing and the food was great. Hana, who organised it, also made sure that everyone received a prize in the raffle, isn’t that lovely?

This is what I won, they all came in cute pink bags too:


An offbrand sparkly crown brooch and beautiful macaron necklace by Camellia’s Closet. Pretty!!

DSCN3457 DSCN3461

Hairbow: Is a dress bow that I put on a headband
Wig: Coserstudio on ebay
OP Dress: Magic Tea Party
Underskirt: Peacockalorum
Socks: Primark
Shoes: Bodyline
Bag: No idea
Pink rose bracelet: Lizzy of the Flowers
Pearl necklace: No idea
White rose ring: No idea

Weird Threads – Lolita Fashion Episode

Hello Lovely Readers,
I came across this cute and insightful documentary so I thought I would share it with you. If you don’t know what lolita fashion is or you want to explain it to friends and family this is a good starting point. It’s also from an outsider to the fashion, part of a series called Weird Threads, which makes it more unusual and the fact it’s based on facts and is tastefully done (rather than the whole ‘weird Japan’ angle) makes it even rarer. Also, all the lolitas look super cute!

I particularly like the fact that community was pointed out as being important within lolita as I do feel, especially overseas, that’s a big part of it. I’m tempted to check out the rest of the series and find out why people wear what they do.