Elfster Gift Exchange

Hello Everyone! So sorry for the lack of posts recently. I was sick for around 6 weeks and now work is busy. This is a really late post as it’s to do with Halloween BUT I like to think of this period as The Nightmare Before Christmas period so it’s still relevant, right? Also, for some of us, it’s pretty much Halloween every day so it counts!

I took part in a gift exchange for Halloween. It was set up by a friend using the website Elfster. She posted on facebook to see which of her Halloween loving friends wanted to take part and then set it up. It was super easy to use and lots of fun to do. My person didn’t fill in a wish list or give much info away but I knew they liked cats so I created a witchy/black cat themed gift box for them. I wanted to make them smile so I tried to put in a lot of effort on the presentation as well as the gifts. I hope they liked it!

This is their gift – I had some Halloween themed wrapping paper so covered a box and then tried to wrap the gifts in pretty paper or coloured tissue paper to look fancy. I added a few random small items in as well as the main gifts I bought. The main gifts featured cat artwork by Lisa Parker on a mug and notebook.


This was the gift I received:

I got fancy chocolates, bat lights and a set of cookie cutters. They drew cute things on the packet and I think either printed or drew bats on the brown paper too. The cat shaped chocolates are too cute I don’t want to eat them!

The whole thing was lots of fun and I’d definitely take part in one again. These things always carry a certain amount of risk as you need to trust that the people taking part will actually send the item. As this was a small thing involving friends I felt safer taking part and it all worked out! If you fancy doing one then Elfster works great.

Elfster Website: https://www.elfster.com