Magic Tea Party, Sweet Bear JSK – Review

I ordered the dress from Glitzy Wonderland and it was a perfect transaction like last time so I’m just going to do a review of the dress. If you are interested in my review of Glitzy Wonderland you can read that post here.

The Taobao lolita brand Magic Tea Party tend to get quite mixed reviews and unfortunately mine is no different.

Stock Photo:


The dress I ordered is called ‘Sweet Bear JSK’ by Magic Tea Party. When I saw the stock photos online I thought it looked really pretty and I liked the fact that it’s a sweet print but not super young and cutesy. It also features teddy bears and who doesn’t love bears! I opted for it in the green rather than pink as I just preferred the colour.

DSCN0408 DSCN0407

The JSK comes with a patterned detachable bow, small green pin on bows and waist-ties. I don’t like the look of the patterned bow pinned on the dress, it’s just so busy and it doesn’t really add anything so I may use it as a head bow instead. The small bows are made from pale green ribbon which don’t quite match the green of the dress and also they are really uneven.

DSCN2361 DSCN2363 DSCN2362 DSCN2368 DSCN2367

The first thing I noticed when I laid the dress out flat is just how wide and shapeless the bust part is. There’s not really any shaping to it at all other than that it gets slightly narrower towards the waist and curves down a bit for under the arms. Also the dress has no shirring on the back, it just has some ribbon corset lacing at the top and fastens with a hidden side zip.

DSCN2341 DSCN2340 DSCN2339 DSCN2346 DSCN2349 DSCN2353 DSCN2350 DSCN2352

I’m pretty sure the dress is made from lightweight cotton, but there are no labels with material or care instructions anywhere so I can’t confirm that. The fabric is quite thin so would be better for summer, it is fully lined inside though with what I think is also thin cotton. It creases quite badly, as is clear from the photos, but hopefully these will iron out easily. I really like the colour of the dress and the print is crisp though I’m not keep on the airbrush type style or the broken slightly uneven outlines. To be fair though from a distance you don’t really see this but when studied close up it does look a bit untidy.

DSCN2343 DSCN2355 DSCN2356 DSCN2333

I like the wavy scalloped edge around the bottom and top of the dress, it’s very neatly done and just adds a pretty extra detail. The ribbon corset lacing goes through actual fabric loops that are sewn into the dress, they seem pretty sturdy which should mean you can lace it quite tightly. The lace heart trim is slightly off-white whereas the large polka dots are pure white but personally I think this is better as it makes it softer. Pure white would probably have been a bit too strong of a contrast. There are quite a few loose threads here and there which look untidy, also the pleats at the bottom aren’t equal and the frills on the straps don’t match up properly. One has been sewn on slightly higher up than the other on the front, the back matches more closely though. I also dislike the buttons used for the waist-ties, personally I think they look cheap and tacky but that might just be my opinion.

DSCN2345 DSCN2354 DSCN2357 DSCN2344 DSCN2360

The dress is currently on offer at $79 USD on Glitzy which is approx £51 (and it’s free shipping). I’m not sure I would say it’s worth £51, it’s ok but it’s not much better than Bodyline quality and you can get nice dresses from there at around £35. I do think the print and overall design is nicer than Bodyline’s though. I checked the price of the dress in their actual Taobao store and its approx £34 which is exactly the sort of price I think it’s worth. If you ordered it from there you would still have fees for a shopping service and shipping though plus may get customs charges too so always bare that in mind when ordering. Personally I still quite like the dress and it doesn’t look as shapeless when it’s worn (I will try and add worn pics soon to show the fit and will update this post).


One thought on “Magic Tea Party, Sweet Bear JSK – Review

  1. Hello! I was wondering if you could tell me about how you find Magic Tea Party dresses fit you. 🙂 I have a bust of 88 cm and a natural waist of 69, so it seems like a L would suffice (92/76), but the XL I tried (96/80) wasn’t THAT huge on me. The waist hits my ribs, where I am more like 74 cm. So I am afraid to go down to an L but parts of the XL fit unflatteringly…

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