Little Booteek – Review

Little Booteek are a UK based company selling Gothic and Alternative clothing, shoes and accessories. I’ve bought from them before a few times as their prices tend to be good and they also have a lot of offers on. You can find my previous posts in the reviews section.



Recently they started stocking bat shoe wings, I LOVE shoe wings and bats so I really wanted some. Just by chance I spotted a very special facebook post by them offering you the chance to win a pair but more exciting than that you could get them for free! You just had to pay postage. They often have offers on certain items that you can claim for free and just pay postage on. It was one free pair per order and I was so excited I placed 3 orders. I bought a few other items too as I felt guilty just buying the wings even though it was totally fine to do that. The wings retail on their site at  £7.99, these were free but postage was £3.99 so it was like getting them half price. They come in a choice of pretty colours and there are glitter ones too!!

Other items I bought: pink unicorn ring £1.99, skull spoon £1.99, paw gloves £2.99 and Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirt £4.99. Postage was £3.99 on each order.

The items only took a couple of days to come and were all packed in strong card boxes. Unfortunately the unicorn ring was out of stock but they had refunded the money straight back to my paypal.



Here are the items:


Bat Wings:


I really love the bat wings! The bat wings are made from a thin piece of foam with metallic fabric sewn on either side. The glitter ones only have glitter on one side which makes sense so it doesn’t rub on the shoe. They are fairly flexible and soft enough that they shouldn’t rub or damage your shoes. I’m not sure they are worth £7.99 really but they are a novelty item and all the shoe wings I’ve found tend to be that or more so they aren’t overpriced just seems a lot for something to decorate your shoes.

Paw Gloves:

The paw gloves are quite cheaply made. They don’t fit your hand well and lose a lot of fleece bits but they are quite warm and have a lining. £2.99 isn’t too bad but there may be better gloves to buy in that price range.

Skull Spoon:


I’m not sure how well the spoon would wear with regular use but it feels better than I expected it too. It’s quite thick and heavy, I don’t know if the silver coating may chip or tarnish but I bought it for decorative uses so for that it should be fine. It’s totally worth £1.99 though, look how cool it looks!



The t-shirt is quite small for a L, it is also fairly short in the body. I don’t think it’s the best quality and I doubt it will wear and wash well but I could be wrong. The website states it should be about £15 RRP which it’s definately not worth, they are selling it at £4.99 which isn’t bad but I’ve had better things for around the same price.

Sum Up:
Overall I can’t fault Little Booteek. They sent the items really fast and they were all well packed and as described. The wings were an amazing deal and the other items I chose were all cheap and so I knew it was a bit of a gamble as to what the quality would be like. I wouldn’t recommend the t-shirt or gloves personally but other people may be quite happy with them, it’s down to personal preference. I will definitely be buying from them again in the future.



Curiology – Review

Hello gorgeous blog readers, I hope you are all well. Today I want to introduce you to a small business based here in the UK called Curiology.


They create beautiful gothic and alternative jewellery in a wide range of original designs. Their Halloween collection in particular featured some amazing pieces and I’d been very tempted to buy but for various reasons I resisted. Anyway last week they launched some special ‘Lucky Dip’ packs that contained 3 random pre-packed necklaces for £15. I missed the first batch but when I saw they were doing more I couldn’t resist this time so I treated myself to one. They do a wonderful skeleton unicorn design and I was really hoping to find one in my pack, I wanted that one more than anything.

Anyway the packs went live at 8pm and I was online and all set up to buy, lucky I was because they sold out within the hour. I received a confirmation email about my purchase and then 3days later it arrived. The jewellery was packed in a strong box and sent signed for too which is good.


Inside was a business card and the jewellery was in a pretty paper bag and well wrapped up  in tissue paper.  Each necklace was also in a clear bag to protect them. So, what did I get I wonder…

These are the 3 necklaces that I received:

I received a lunar moon necklace, a black glittery dragon wing necklace and the item I really wanted a skeleton unicorn. The pendants are fairly small but I’m used to buying larger more statement pieces so I think I just thought they would be bigger. For reference the wing is approx 3cm x 5cm, the unicorn is 5cm x 3.5cm and the moon is 6cm x 6cm. They are really nice though, the chains are great quality and the designs are wonderful. I think they are made from laser cut acrylic – I can’t check because the website is down for now. I would definitely buy from them again, the items arrived very fast and were well packed. They are also well made and feature original designs.

Curiology have shut their shop until March 2017, though they are launching some special pieces for valentines day, check out their facebook (see link above) for up to date info.



Etsy, Snixy Swoons – Review

As it will soon be Halloween I’ve been searching all over for lovely themed items. During my search on etsy I came across the seller Snixy Swoons who had all sorts of cute items, including some sale bargains. Although these are not really Halloween themed I couldn’t resist them, especially when they were just £1!!


The necklaces were £1 each in the sale and shipping was £3. The items shipped a couple of days after I ordered them and they arrived very well packed in a box. Also, cute mermaid sticker!

On top of that the packaging was very cute and carefully done. I always like sellers who take a lot of care in the presentation of items. It makes you feel special and like they really care about and value customers. The items were even bubble wrapped for extra protection. The necklaces are well made and nicely presented on card, I’m really happy with my purchases and have already worn the dinosaur. The kitty is actually going to be a gift for a friend. I was really surprised that they went to so much effort for £1 sales items and I would definately buy from them again.

Go check out their etsy, they still have sales on!

Happy Octoberween!

Tis the season to be SPOOKY!

As today marks the 1st of October and Halloween is fast approaching I thought I would share this recent purchase with you. I love Halloween and everything Gothic so I always get a little carried away around this time of year. When Drix Productions (who I bought some items from last year) released this adorable bat design for Halloween this year (I LOVE bats) I just couldn’t resist. I decided to purchase him as a keyring (you can also get stickers) but I also bought the Halloween mug too because it was so cute! I messaged Drix Productions via their page on facebook about what I wanted to buy, paid via paypal and they posted the following day. The mug came in a strong box and was protected with bubble wrap. Inside was also this cute narwhal sticker and a few Halloween confetti pieces. Excellent service and the items are all finished to a high standard and well packaged. They use a special printer to add designs themselves to mugs – so clever! I’m really happy with my purchase and can’t wait to enjoy lots of hot drinks in it over the Autumn period.


Drix Productions: Facebook Page
Drix Productions: Etsy



Oh look – more unicorns!! I promise this is my last unicorn themed post for a while. I just wanted to plug a little independent business because the lady running it is doing a great job. The shop is based in Cleethorpes and sells vintage & rockabilly items. I’ve visited it a couple of times but there’s also a website. The lady that runs it is super helpful and friendly, she often has a sale rail in store with some great bargains but also her retail prices tend to be lower than most other stores. She also makes some circle skirts in fun fabric and can even do commissions. It’s the personal service and great customer service that makes me rate her store so high. I placed an order through the website when I spotted these handmade unicorn skirts come up on her facebook page. They were £22 plus £3.95 postage.


I bought it on a Friday and it arrived the following Monday. It arrived in a standard postage packet and came by signed for delivery.


Look at how it was wrapped inside, it’s like a present! Plus how lovely is the mermaid paper ❤ It also had a cute pink handmade price label on it with cut-out heart.

Rainbows and cute unicorns!

The fabric is gathered on to an elastic waistband, it’s not super stretchy so might be worth going up a size if you don’t like it too tight in your waist. The construction is pretty simple but it’s finished nicely and is really full and comes to about mid-calf. There’s a lot of fabric in it. Can’t wait to wear it.

Glitzy Wonderland – Infanta ‘Sleeping Bear’ Lucky Bag Review

So, a few weeks ago I spotted a deal that I just couldn’t resist. Glitzy Wonderland were offering 3 Infanta lucky bags and the first one, option A, was for Sleeping Bears. I’d been really tempted to buy this print for ages because it’s so cute and I love it on the dark blue. I’d pretty much decided that it was maybe a bit too sweet for me and I’d go for more Gothic designs instead when this offer popped up and I had to go for it. The lucky bag included either the Sleeping Bear OP, JSK or suspender skirt, a blouse and matching hair accessory all for $49 (£35). You could select your size and colour of dress but not which styles you wanted. They all sold out in like 2-3 hours


I ordered it on the 27th April, it shipped on the9 th of May and it arrived yesterday the 12th May. So it only took around 2 weeks.

I really wanted the JSK, the OP would have been nice too but has more limited styling and I didn’t want the suspender skirt. So, which do you think I got? Let’s see.

Here’s the parcel, it was a lot smaller and lighter than I expected but I guess it’s because it’s light chiffon fabric.



Hair Clips:

I received the hairclips, they retail at USD $24 (approx £17) on Glitzy. They are quite bulky and heavy, you would probably have to wear them on wigs unless you have really thick natural hair. Also unless you put them on twin tails or clip them at the bottom of a hairbow I don’t know how you could wear them due to the bulky design. They are super cute though and nicely made!


The blouse I received is the Moon’s Elegy blouse in ivory. It retails at USD $59 (approx £40) on Glitzy. It’s really pretty, the sleeves are very long and it fits nicely. The fabric is very sheer though so you would have to wear something under it or always wear it under a dress. It doesn’t seem like the most breathable fabric but I’ve only briefly tried it on so I could be wrong. It’s certainly nice and soft though and it’s well made but it’s quite delicate and fine fabric so may get pulls in it easily. That’s always the issue with chiffon type fabrics though. My only issue is that there are a few tiny marks here and there, these could be markings from the making process but I’m not sure. There’s also a small dirty mark on the front but it didn’t show up in photographs. I guess that’s the issue with light colours.

Example of marks on blouse collar, there are quite a few all over:


So, what did I get…..Oh look, it’s the suspender skirt. Typical. It retails at USD $79 (approx £55) on Glitzy. It has cute heart buttons, clip on bear brooch, small pocket, side zip and sewn in stiff pleated fabric to create some volume. The pocket is within the chiffon so you could only put something very small and light in it but it was an unexpected feature. It’s very short, there’s no way I could risk adding even a light petticoat. I think I would have to wear an underskirt to feel comfortable with the length. As I chose the dark blue I was worried that the white lines created during printing would be obvious but you can hardly see them so that’s good. The brooch left a mark on the fabric that almost looks rust coloured yet the pin is clean and silver so I don’t understand what caused it. Luckily the lace covers it though. It’s super pretty and would be great for summer, I’m still not sure that suspender skirts are very me though.

Tried On:

I decided to try them to check they fit and to see how I felt about the suspender skirt. I just wore a simple white strap stop under the blouse. Due to the location of the frill on the blouse it totally disguised the top edge of it. The blouse fabric doesn’t have much stretch/give in it so if you are close on the maximum measurements I’d go up a size. It has back lacing so you can always make it smaller. Also, I know the blouse really doesn’t work with the suspender skirt. It’s a shame it didn’t come with a more suitable blouse so you could have put them together but at the same time the blouse works great with the rest of my wardrobe.

Overall I’m really happy with my purchase, it was a huge bargain! Also Glitzy Wonderland did a great service and got it to me really fast so I recommend them too.

Buying from Aliexpress – Review, Part 1

Last year I found a top on Aliexpress that I loved so I decided to order it. The order went through fine and the item got marked as dispatched so I waited eagerly for it to arrive. I then received an email a good few days later stating the item was out of stock and I needed to open a case to get my money back. It took a while but I did get my refund, the transaction put me off wanting to use Aliexpress again. However, at the start of November last year I found out about the Chinese singles day sales (its a bit like Black Friday) where most items would be discounted and you could even play games to earn money off vouchers. The sales take place over on Taobao too.

Singles’ Day Info:’_Day

I decided to try Aliexpress again as other people had ordered items without any issue so I guess I was just unlucky with my first purchase. There are lots of tips online about how to spot good sellers from bad and about understanding feedback scores. I tried reading some of these but found it confusing so in the end if the seller had been going for at least a year and had mostly good feedback I decided to risk it. Or in one case they were selling the item cheapest so I gambled.
I placed my order in two parts as I ended up coming back later in the day and finding more stuff that I wanted. You add the items you want to your cart where it totals the amount and it separates it by seller. You can then check out and pay for it all in one go. One thing to note is that you have to pay by card, there’s no paypal option, also I made the mistake of not changing the currency and checked out in USD incurring a conversion fee on my card. It wasn’t a high amount but I could have avoided it by altering the currency. So, on to the items.
*My first purchase was for this adorable sheep hand warmer from the seller TQ Plush Toys Factory.

Store Link:

Stock Photo:

Item Photos:


I’d seen one before at Hyper Japan but didn’t buy it and then I’d regretted it ever since so when I found one I had to buy it. Plus it’s so cute, how could you not? You couldn’t select which colour you wanted, it was random. The item cost $8.55 (approx £6) and shipping was free. I don’t have any packaging photos, I seem to have accidently deleted them. It came in a standard grey plastic postage packet but it was clear the item had been stuffed in it as it was so tight. It was packed as tight as was physically possible. It’s only by luck that once opened the sheep bounced back and wasn’t left with any nasty creases on the fabric. The sheepy was inside a clear pastic bag to keep them clean but when I took them out the bag I noticed a large dirty mark on one horn. I don’t understand how this can happen if they are kept in bags, unless the original bag had been torn so they put it in a new one. I don’t know if they knew it was damaged or not when they sent it. Luckily I got the mark mostly off but the fabric looks a bit ruffed up on that patch. I didn’t open a dispute with the shop as the mark mostly came off and given it only cost £6 I didn’t see the point.

Product: It was exactly like I expected and is true to the description. The fur is very soft and it’s nicely made. It’s a bargain at £6-ish. I’d give it 5/5

Shipping: The item arrived on the 1st December, it was the first thing to come. It took 20 days, so I think that’s pretty good and it’s to be expected. 5/5

Packaging: The item was in a bag inside the plastic postage packet. The packet was too tight for the item really, they should have used a larger one. 4/5

Shop: They shipped the item quite fast but the way they packed it shows they don’t overly care. The fact the item was also damaged means I’m unlikely to use them again. 3/5


*My second order was to House of Novelty for a whole load of cute stationary.
Store link:
I placed one order in the morning but found more stuff I wanted later on. The total order included 17 items and cost $25.59 (approx £18) I could easily have spent more, it was so hard to resist. Again the shipping was free. They packed the two orders together and put the items in a strong box, it even had bubble wrap around it. Everything arrived perfect and was all in individual packets. The items were all Christmas gifts for friends so I can’t say what the quality of stuff is like, it all looked great. The face cloths weren’t great quality and the colours are quite pale, I don’t think they would last long but the small towel was nice and soft. I’m not going to add all the stock photos as I bought too much stuff but everything looked exactly like expected.



1st part of order:

Set of 8 Rilakkuma stickers $1.59 (approx £1.12)
Rilakkuma memo folding book $1.23 (approx £0.86)
x2 Hello Kitty sticker sheets $1.16 each, $2.32 (approx £1.63) in total
1 fox masking tape random design $1.41 (approx £0.99)
Alpaca sticker sheet $1.34 (approx £0.94)
Rilakkuma memo notes $0.75 (approx £0.53)
Rilakkuma memo notes $0.75 (approx £0.53)
X2 decorative tapes $1.32 each, $2.64 total (approx £1.85)


2nd part of order:

Rilakkuma sticker sheet $1.27 (approx £0.90)
Sentimental Circus rabbit memo folding book $1.66 (approx £1.16)
Wooden owl pegs $1.59 (approx £1.12)
Pink 26x47cm Hello Kitty face towel $2.39 (approx £1.70)
Rilakkuma playing cards $2.35 (approx £1.65)
Blue 20x20cm Hello Kitty face/hand towel $2.15 (approx £1.52)
Purple 20x20cm Hello Kitty face’hand towel $2.15 (approx £1.52)

Product: Everything was exactly like I expected and true to the description. It’s all super cute and overall I think it’s worth what I spent. I wouldn’t bother with the face cloths again though. 5/5

Shipping: This was the last order to come and didn’t arrive until the 15th of December, it took 34 days to arrive, so just over a month to come roughly. 4/5

Packaging: All the items were carefully packed inside some bubble wrap and put in a small box. The box was fairly strong and certainly protected everything. They also added a little note. 5/5

Shop: I love everything that I bought and it was carefully packed so even though it took a while to come I would buy from them again. 5/5