My Weekend at Hyper Japan July 2015

Hello all you lovely blog readers I hope you are all well,

Most of you will know that I went to an event in London recently called Hyper Japan.


This year the event moved location due to the closure of Earls Court to the O2. Now they had so many amazing Japanese performers and guests and all sorts of things were going on that I thought it would be an amazing location and the best HJ so far. Sadly that’s not quite what happened. There were quite a few issues this year but I will address this at the bottom of the post.

I travelled down to London via Virgin East Coast 1st Class. No I’m not rich or super fancy, it was only £10 more than standard for some reason. Due to the time of the train I got to pick from the complimentary breakfast menu. I opted for a bacon roll with a glass of orange juice. I could also have had a croissant but I don’t eat too much in a morning. I also had 2 cups of tea and was given a bottle of chilled water before leaving the train. I could totally get used to that kind of service!

IMAG3366 IMAG3367 IMAG3368 IMAG3370

I forgot to take my camera with me on the Friday but I spent most of the time with my friends shopping anyway so I wouldn’t have had much to share anyway. You had to queue to swap your ticket for a wristband but I didn’t have to queue long and as I bought a 3 day wristband I only had to queue on the Friday. It was nice on Saturday when i arrived to see these queues and I could just walk straight in – bad for them though. It was a super hot day too!

DSCN4170 DSCN4173

I rushed there Saturday morning to see One Note who were on at 9:45am (too early!) but just didn’t make it in time. I arrived just as they were going off stage. So sad. I decided to hang around in building six though and enjoy the bit of air-con that there was and drink some cold water. They made people bin any food and drink they had before entering, which given how hot a day it was and that the bar isn’t cheap, I didn’t agree with it. Luckily i hadn’t been organised enough to take anything with me.

I then watched as they were the next to perform. I didn’t know much about them other than they were a J-Pop/idol group. They were certainly a surprise. Their music was much more powerful and upbeat than I expected. It certaily wasn’t the cute soft pop I was expecting. They work so hard, I don’t know where they got all that energy from but they stayed super bouncy and happy the whole time. Made them hard to photograph! The whole thing was really catchy and I stayed to watch the whole set even though it’s not really my thing. They also had a group of fans dancing along with glow sticks too.

DSCN4177 DSCN4178 DSCN4179 DSCN4186 DSCN4192 DSCN4193 DSCN4194

Honey Spice performed next but I only saw a bit of their performance.

DSCN4204 DSCN4205 DSCN4206DSCN4207

I then caught the end of the Hello Kitty Bento box demonstration, I only really saw the three people having a go at doing one – I’m not sure what else happened.

DSCN4227 DSCN4225 DSCN4224 DSCN4221

Randomly as I was walking through the HJ area looking at stalls I was stopped by a stall holder and asked if I knew who One Note were and if I liked them. I was like yes and he was like ‘Oh good, they are having a photo shoot session now, join the queue’. So I managed to get a photo with One Note again this year but it’s not blurry this time thanks to this wonderful Cosplayer who took the photo for me.
DSCN4218 DSCN4220

On Saturday they split the session in two parts with an hours gap between 3 – 4 pm. I actually had bought tickets to attend a lolita tea party with Coco & Mocha from the Gothic Lolita band Die Milch at 4pm so I missed a bit of HJ. I didn’t take any photos at the tea party but we had a few mini cake slices, biscuits and tea and could talk to and photos with Coco & Mocha. We were also all given a raffle ticket and I won the main prize! It was a bit embarrassing as I had just been talking about how unlucky I am and I never win – oops. This is the skirt I won, it’s by The Snow Field. So pretty! This event was run by the Tea Party Club for lolitas and not by Hyper Japan itself. It also meant that I missed X-Japan sadly.


X-Japan‘s drum kit:

DSCN4372 DSCN4373

Here are some random Hyper Japan photos:

DSCN4201 DSCN4210 DSCN4212 DSCN4213 DSCN4216 DSCN4214 DSCN4370 DSCN4371 DSCN4375 DSCN4376

Beautiful Bonsai trees:

DSCN4386 DSCN4387 DSCN4388 DSCN4389 DSCN4390 DSCN4391 DSCN4392 DSCN4393 DSCN4394

ILU GRACE (a Japanese R&B duo) performing:

DSCN4364 DSCN4365 DSCN4366 DSCN4367 DSCN4368 DSCN4369

I also watched Tomoca (Wa-Pop artist) perform, she had an amazing voice, really beautiful. I’m glad I watched her performance:

DSCN4417 DSCN4418 DSCN4419 DSCN4423 DSCN4424 DSCN4425 DSCN4427 DSCN4431 DSCN4432

I love Visual Kei so I was very excited that LOST ASH were performing at Hyper Japan. I managed to see them on Sat and Sun and they were awesome. I hope they come to the UK again.

DSCN4434 DSCN4437 DSCN4439 DSCN4443 DSCN4444 DSCN4445 DSCN4620 DSCN4624 DSCN4622 DSCN4624 DSCN4629

The gaming/manga & anime section (I didn’t really spend much time in this bit so I’m not quite sure what they had going on)

DSCN4396 DSCN4397 DSCN4398 DSCN4399 DSCN4400 DSCN4401 DSCN4402 DSCN4404 DSCN4406 DSCN4407 DSCN4408 DSCN4409 DSCN4410

Food court area and yummy food:


More general photos:

DSCN4377 DSCN4378 DSCN4379 DSCN4380 DSCN4381 DSCN4382 DSCN4383 DSCN4384

Last, but certainly not least, was the lovely One Note, who I made it in time to see on the Sunday morning.

DSCN4449 DSCN4452 DSCN4454 DSCN4456 DSCN4459 DSCN4462 DSCN4466 DSCN4468 DSCN4469

The Bad:

So, there were a few issues this year with Hyper Japan but it had a lot of positivies too. The way it was split up in parts ruined the atmosphere and due to the O2 being open to the public lots of Cosplayers and J-fashion wearers felt like they were on display. Apparently some staff were openly mocking people and being rude to Cosplayers. They usually have Cosplay competitions at HJ but they held none this year – not sure why. They also struggled to find anywhere to get changed. The signs and directions to find things were really bad, I never found the theatre part as I just couldn’t figure out where it was. It was also really hot as the air-conditioning didn’t seem to be in the main HJ area – not great when wearing wigs and things. The stage and seating area was badly located, there was not enough room, if you didn’t get there early you couldn’t see what was happening at all. There seemed to be less stalls and food options. I feel sorry for anyone with young children or health conditions as there just wasn’t enough seating. Also, you did so much walking back and forth, most of the weekend was spent walking and standing. So tiring.

The Good:

The guests at HJ were the best they have had so far and it was a really varied mix. Using building six as a live house was an excellent idea, it was really nice getting to see the performers on an actual stage. Most guests held meet and greets and these were really well planned. They had 2 members of X-Japan perform a special set – that’s pretty huge! The fashion show was much more varied this year, not to mention huge. Plus it was fun!

I’m not sure where they are holding the event next year but the Christmas one is at Tabacco Dock which actually sounds like a great venue. I think HJ struggled a bit this year due to the closure of Earls Court which is where they used to hold it. It was still good though and well worth going to.


Hyper Japan Fashion Show – Sunday 12th July 2015

I didn’t have as good a seat on Sunday so the photos didn’t come out well and due to the angle that I was sat at lots of people’s heads blocked my photos. Sorry everyone, I tried!

Hyper Japan Fashion Show – Saturday 11th July 2015

Hey Everyone,
I had quite a good seat for the Hyper J-Style Collection Fashion Show so have lots of photos to share with you. The fashion show had a really wide range of styles this year and they even managed to get more guys involved too, yay! The fashion show really helped to showcase the wide range of individuals involved in the J-Fashion scene here and the diverse style options available, I really hope it inspired people. How awesome does everyone look?

Hyper Japan Haul

Hyper Japan attracts a whole range of stall holders from indie sellers and artists who handmake goods in the fringe market to well established businesses and those who import items direct from Japan. A lot of the stall holders this year seemed to be mostly selling kawaii accessories, fashion items and cute plushies – great for me, not so much for my bank account.

Here’s my small haul:

First on the list was Dreamy Bows to snap up some more Listen Flavor items. I still want more but I just can’t afford it. I went for the more edgy/creepy cute designs over the pretty fairy kei items because I have loads of cute tops plus its these types of designs that I love Listen Flavor for. I thought the Ghost Blasters tee was awesome and I find it really amusing.

DSCN4660 DSCN4662 DSCN4663 DSCN4664 DSCN4665

Bear Ice-cream t-shirt was £25, Ghost Blasters was £15

Another purchase on the Friday included these super cute rings from Grinning Cat Emporium. I bought the lilac unicorn because I knew it would work well with both unicorn dresses I wore at the weekend plus UNICORNS! and the bear to go with my bear jsk and because I don’t have many bear accessories. The colours will work with a whole range of items in my wardrobe too plus they are super cute!

The rings were £3 each or 2 for £5.

Kam Creates had all sorts of lovely acrylic jewellery and fun clothing for sale but she also had a bargain box which is where I picked up these items. They were too cheap not to buy! She reduced the £2 box to £1 the following day which is why I paid more for the single flamingo and also why I bought the others. £1 is a crazy price!

DSCN4656 DSCN4657

Pack of 2 small face cloths £1, Lilac flamingo necklace £2, Blue double flamingo necklace £1

My little alpaca family grew. I was good in that I didn’t come back with any large alpaca plush toys but not good enough to resist completely. These two tiny alpaca plush toys are from the Good Night series so have little bedtime outfits on. I bought them from Mon Chaton, which is where I bought Dylan my medium alpaca plush from before – I did a review of him and their ebay shop which you can find in the review section. He did want a new friend, now he has 2. They had really good deals on their alpacas, so cheap!

£3 each or 2 for £5

Sticking with the alpaca theme here is a cute badge from Tofu Cute. They had lots of designs but I had to go with the alpaca one. Tofu Cute sell Japanese sweets and edible treats mostly but they also had Monchhichi toys, Amuse alpaca plush toys and a few other items available, they are the sister brand to Dreamy Bows.

DSCN4668 DSCN4669

Badges were 50p each or 3 for £1.

My last purchase at Hyper Japan was LOST ASH’s album The Real. LOST ASH are a Japanese Visual Kei band, they were really awesome live, the music is quite upbeat but has heavier parts and the singer Daiki tried really hard to engage with the audience. I’m so glad Hyper Japan booked them and really hope they come back to the UK again soon. After their live performance they held a meet and greet session. I hadn’t intended going to the meet and greet originally but it was literally outside the exit, not many people were in the queue at that point and my friend caught up with me and fancied going so it all just fell in place. I’m so glad I did as I managed to get the album signed and a photo with them too.

DSCN4672 DSCN4673

Album £15.

Technically these were free as they are samples but I’m including them in my haul anyway. A company called Yushoi is launching a new range of Japanese snacks called Snapea Rice Sticks which will be available to buy online but also in main stores in the UK. They are really light and crunchy, I’ve tried the Lightly Salted and Soy & Balsamic Vinegar flavours so far. I really liked the Soy & Balsamic Vinegar ones.


Bodyline Sales – go buy the cheap stuff!

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to let you all know that Bodyline has reduced a LOAD of stuff.

The main page shows lots of reductions anyway but click on ‘price down’ towards the bottom to see all the other items. It’s 29 pages long!

There’s cute school and sailor uniforms at as low as 500 Yen (approx £2.70), if you have teeny tiny feet then you can get shoes for 1000 Yen (approx £5.60) a few lolita dresses at 3000 yen (approx £16), accessories are from as little as 100 Yen (approx 60p). It’s CRAZY! If you decide to buy anything remember to check out in YEN and not in GBP as it will save you lots of money. Also bear in mind that orders over £15 may get hit with fees which will include an £8 handling charge if collected by Royal Mail or more if by Parcel Force. If you order express shipping it will be delivered by Parcel Force, if you do free airmail then Royal Mail will be delivering it. If you want a few things you are better either splitting your orders in to lots of around £15 or placing a large order so that the cost is spread over quite a few items.
Happy Shopping!

Hyper Japan July 2015 Co-ords

Hello, I had a super busy weekend at the Hyper Japan festival in London. I will do a post all about it soon and I managed to get some decent photos of the fashion shows for once too that I want to share. Until then here’s what I wore for the Saturday and Sunday.



Saturday I cheated and didn’t wear a blouse, I swapped it for a light bolero instead – it was just too hot, you have no idea! Also, I forgot to get a photo until after the event and it was already going dark so it’s not great quality, sorry.
Headbow: Peacockalorum
Lilac Bow Hair Clip: Handmade
Wig: Bodyline, wig116 in carbeg (caramel beige?)
Lilac bolero: Primark
JSK: Chess Story – Unicorn Castle
Underskirt: Peacockalorum
Socks: Primark
Shoes: Bodyline, shoes192
Wristcuffs: Peacockalorum
Necklace: Glitterbomb
Accessories: New Look, Little Mizz Kitty & Grinning Cat Emporium
Heart Bag: bought off ebay, brand apparently is Choies
Unicorn Tote Bag: Primark

DSC00676 DSC00678



Wig: Bodyline, w053 in lightbrown-2 (though it looks quite ginger)
Pink Bow Hair Clip: Little Mizz Kitty
Blouse: Bodyline, L364
JSK: Magic Tea Party – Sweet Bears, (bought from Glitzy Wonderland)
Necklace: Handmade
Socks: Primark
Shoes: Primark (I had sore feet and so couldn’t wear the pretty pink ones 😦 )
Heart Bag: bought off ebay, brand apparently is Choies
Wristcuffs: Peacockalorum
Accessories: New Look & Grinning Cat Emporium
DSCN4647 DSCN4649

^ I’d spent ages making a matching fascinator but couldn’t actually wear it. Turns out the wig I chose to wear it with had a solid lace top so I couldn’t get the clips in deep enough to keep it stable. Also I think it needs tweaking anyway to get it to sit better. I wanted to share it though because of all the work I’d put in. Hopefully next time I wear the dress it will be wearable!

Dreamy Bows – Review

Dream Bows website:

Facebook Page:

Dreamy Bows are a UK based company that sell fairy kei and sweet lolita items. They are official stockists for Angelic Pretty, Chocomint, KOKOkim, Hime Dreams, Eyemazing lashes and various Sailor Moon products. About a month or so ago they also added the Japanese brand Listen Flavor – which I was really excited about. Listen Flavor items are perfect for Fairy Kei as they are usually in delicate pastels and feature cute prints. They often have a slightly more creepy cute edge to a lot of their designs too which is why I love them as a brand and had to purchase things straight away.
Dreamy Bows website is really easy to use, I checked out and paid with paypal and then received an order confirmation email straight away. A couple of days later I received another email to let me know that my items had been dispatched and it included a Royal Mail tracking code so I could see where my items were.

Stock Photos:

lf_pancakesrule_lavender_main_600 lf_assweetaslove_blue_main_600
(photos belong to Dreamy Bows)

The items arrived in a pretty pink packet, which turned out to be a strong carrier bag. Inside the packet the items were inside a really cute carrier bag.

DSCN4028 DSCN4029 DSCN4030 DSCN4031

The t-shirts were £24.99 each and postage cost me £2.99. I was really happy with the service and how nicely packaged my items were. I wasn’t sure if the t-shirts would definitely fit me or not, I had checked the measurements on Dreamy Bows website but sizes provided by brands don’t always seem to be correct – happily these seemed very accurate and the tops fit great. I will definitely buy from them again.

The t-shirts fit great, I love the colours and design of the print and the fabric is really nice too. Some of their other items are quite pricey, until I see them in person I can’t decide if they are worth the cost, the t-shirts are a good price though for something more unusual and by a popular Japanese brand.

Listen Flavor facebook: