Claire’s – Stealing is not ok!

Hello lovely readers, I hope you are well. Today’s post is not a happy one but I became aware of an issue today that I feel I need to share with you.

Claire’s Accessories have recently released a unicorn necklace that is pretty much a complete copy of one produced by a small UK business called Glitterbomb. I’ve bought jewellery from Glitterbomb quite a few times because it’s well made, cute, original and supports an independent artist over a large commercial business. It’s very sad that large companies regularly steal work of small artists and designers to use for themselves. They are large enough to either pay indie designers to use their work or to employ decent designers who don’t steal. They also have a responsibility before producing/buying items to make sure it’s not stolen work.

Claire’s Accessories Necklace:


Glitterbomb’s Necklace:


Claire’s have been in trouble for this before when they stole a necklace design from small jewellery business Tatty Devine. It’s not ok!!

One of many articles about it:


Please do not buy this necklace from Claire’s, share this information and support small designers and artists.

Buy from here:


7 thoughts on “Claire’s – Stealing is not ok!

  1. I saw this in the shop and it was my exact thing I said to my friend, in fact I really loudly exclaimed “OMG THIS A RIP OFF OF GLITTERBOMB!” I messaged her also I wasn’t sure if she was aware, I can’t believe they would so blatantly copy!!!

    • I know, it’s pretty disgraceful! They could possibly have bought them in from some other supplier – rather than designed them themselves but being a large company you still have a responsibility to check it’s not stolen. I don’t think they have even responded to it or offered an apology or anything. They don’t seem to care 😦

      • That’s disgusting, makes me not want to shop from there in case I’m accidentally buying something stolen from someone else’s design!

      • I don’t buy from them all that often tbh but they do sell some cute things but not worth it if I might rip off some artist’s design! I really like Glitterbomb’s stuff, I have the irridescent unicorn earrings and bought my best friend a necklace to match!

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