Summer is coming…Part Two

The high street shops are getting in lots of colourful and pretty pastel items ready for spring and summer, perfect for Fairy Kei and other cute Japanese street styles. Here is the second part of my post highlighting some.

Jeans from in pretty pastel shades (images belong to Peacocks):

Pale lilac purple jeans:
Pale pink jeans:
Pale yellow jeans:


Mint jeans:
Mint denim shorts:

Items from (images belong to Matalan):
Pale jeans, available in mint, lilac, white:
Lemon slice clutch bag:
Other notable items – plenty of plain pastel coloured tops and a few ballet shoes.

Items from (images belong to Topshop):
Fluffy purple bag:
topshop bag

Fluffy blue bag:
topshop bag2

Mini yellow satchel bag:
topshop sat
Pale blue satchel bag:
topshop sat2
Pompom hairband:
topshop pompom

Other items of interest: lots of cute socks, unicorn cookie cutters, pastel ballet shoes and fancy flower crowns.

Items from H&M (images belong to H&M):
H&M have had all sorts of super cute items in, sadly some have already sold out. It was all from the Divided section, may be worth checking your local store to see what’s there.

Little twin stars t-shirt:
Anime print top:
Anime print leggings:
‘Kawaii Cutie’ Jumper:
Animal face jumper:
Minnie Mouse jumper:
Negative Love Heart print jumper:
‘Tokyo Love’ print jumper:

Other items from H&M: checkout the kids section in your local H&M for cute bows and accessories in pretty colours as well as mini crowns.


Summer is coming… Part One

Hello Everyone, hope you are well.
So spring is on the way…. well it should be, though it’s hard to tell from the weather currently. The high street shops are getting in lots of colourful and pretty pastel items though all ready for when the weather does eventually pick up. This means lots of lovely items suitable for Fairy Kei, Decora and other cute Japanese street styles so I thought I would do a post highlighting some of these items.

Items from (all images belong to

Short mesh tutu skirt, mint, pink:

Boohoo tutu

Box pleat skater skirt, mint:

boohoo pleat

Pleated skirt, lilac, mint:

boohoo box

Woven pleated mini skirt, lilac, mint, yellow:

boohoo tennis

Skinny jeans, mint:

boohoo skinny

Polka dot skinny jeans, blush pink, mint:

boohoo dot jeans

Heart print leggings in red and black:

boohoo hearts

Heart shaped bag, pink, red, cream:

boohoo heart bag1

Heart bag, yellow:

boohoo heart bag2

Other notable Boohoo items: they also have quite a few jumpers, plain tops and longer mid-calf length skirts in pastel shades too, just search lilac, mint, baby pink or blush to see the full selection of items.

Items from Primark:
Primark has a few pretty pastel items in like shoes, plain tops and sunglasses. You can see a few of the items available here in this youtube video by Rachel Pinku. Obviously things vary store to store and unfortunately you can’t buy from them online.

Outfit Shot – Cute Monster?

I went to Em-Con last weekend and decided to keep my outfit fairly casual and simple. I went with a colour choice of pink and black and my theme loosely was monsters (due to my t-shirt and jacket hood featuring a Cyclops monster). It doesn’t really fit a set Japanese Street style, I’d say it has a mixture of dark Oshare Kei, creepy cute and general Harajuku style mixed in.

me cropDSCN2498

Horns – bought on a stall at hyper Japan but you can find them all over the place
Wig – coserstudio on ebay
Hooded top – Cupcake cult
T-Shirt – Cupcake cult
Skirt – H&M (I picked it up secondhand, no idea when it was originally sold there)
Leggings – Primark
Shoes – Vans
Accessories – Various high-street stores