Little Booteek – Review

Little Booteek are a UK based company selling Gothic and Alternative clothing, shoes and accessories. I’ve bought from them before a few times as their prices tend to be good and they also have a lot of offers on. You can find my previous posts in the reviews section.



Recently they started stocking bat shoe wings, I LOVE shoe wings and bats so I really wanted some. Just by chance I spotted a very special facebook post by them offering you the chance to win a pair but more exciting than that you could get them for free! You just had to pay postage. They often have offers on certain items that you can claim for free and just pay postage on. It was one free pair per order and I was so excited I placed 3 orders. I bought a few other items too as I felt guilty just buying the wings even though it was totally fine to do that. The wings retail on their site at  £7.99, these were free but postage was £3.99 so it was like getting them half price. They come in a choice of pretty colours and there are glitter ones too!!

Other items I bought: pink unicorn ring £1.99, skull spoon £1.99, paw gloves £2.99 and Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirt £4.99. Postage was £3.99 on each order.

The items only took a couple of days to come and were all packed in strong card boxes. Unfortunately the unicorn ring was out of stock but they had refunded the money straight back to my paypal.



Here are the items:


Bat Wings:


I really love the bat wings! The bat wings are made from a thin piece of foam with metallic fabric sewn on either side. The glitter ones only have glitter on one side which makes sense so it doesn’t rub on the shoe. They are fairly flexible and soft enough that they shouldn’t rub or damage your shoes. I’m not sure they are worth £7.99 really but they are a novelty item and all the shoe wings I’ve found tend to be that or more so they aren’t overpriced just seems a lot for something to decorate your shoes.

Paw Gloves:

The paw gloves are quite cheaply made. They don’t fit your hand well and lose a lot of fleece bits but they are quite warm and have a lining. £2.99 isn’t too bad but there may be better gloves to buy in that price range.

Skull Spoon:


I’m not sure how well the spoon would wear with regular use but it feels better than I expected it too. It’s quite thick and heavy, I don’t know if the silver coating may chip or tarnish but I bought it for decorative uses so for that it should be fine. It’s totally worth £1.99 though, look how cool it looks!



The t-shirt is quite small for a L, it is also fairly short in the body. I don’t think it’s the best quality and I doubt it will wear and wash well but I could be wrong. The website states it should be about £15 RRP which it’s definately not worth, they are selling it at £4.99 which isn’t bad but I’ve had better things for around the same price.

Sum Up:
Overall I can’t fault Little Booteek. They sent the items really fast and they were all well packed and as described. The wings were an amazing deal and the other items I chose were all cheap and so I knew it was a bit of a gamble as to what the quality would be like. I wouldn’t recommend the t-shirt or gloves personally but other people may be quite happy with them, it’s down to personal preference. I will definitely be buying from them again in the future.



Claire’s – Stealing is not ok!

Hello lovely readers, I hope you are well. Today’s post is not a happy one but I became aware of an issue today that I feel I need to share with you.

Claire’s Accessories have recently released a unicorn necklace that is pretty much a complete copy of one produced by a small UK business called Glitterbomb. I’ve bought jewellery from Glitterbomb quite a few times because it’s well made, cute, original and supports an independent artist over a large commercial business. It’s very sad that large companies regularly steal work of small artists and designers to use for themselves. They are large enough to either pay indie designers to use their work or to employ decent designers who don’t steal. They also have a responsibility before producing/buying items to make sure it’s not stolen work.

Claire’s Accessories Necklace:


Glitterbomb’s Necklace:


Claire’s have been in trouble for this before when they stole a necklace design from small jewellery business Tatty Devine. It’s not ok!!

One of many articles about it:


Please do not buy this necklace from Claire’s, share this information and support small designers and artists.

Buy from here:

Curiology – Review

Hello gorgeous blog readers, I hope you are all well. Today I want to introduce you to a small business based here in the UK called Curiology.


They create beautiful gothic and alternative jewellery in a wide range of original designs. Their Halloween collection in particular featured some amazing pieces and I’d been very tempted to buy but for various reasons I resisted. Anyway last week they launched some special ‘Lucky Dip’ packs that contained 3 random pre-packed necklaces for £15. I missed the first batch but when I saw they were doing more I couldn’t resist this time so I treated myself to one. They do a wonderful skeleton unicorn design and I was really hoping to find one in my pack, I wanted that one more than anything.

Anyway the packs went live at 8pm and I was online and all set up to buy, lucky I was because they sold out within the hour. I received a confirmation email about my purchase and then 3days later it arrived. The jewellery was packed in a strong box and sent signed for too which is good.


Inside was a business card and the jewellery was in a pretty paper bag and well wrapped up  in tissue paper.  Each necklace was also in a clear bag to protect them. So, what did I get I wonder…

These are the 3 necklaces that I received:

I received a lunar moon necklace, a black glittery dragon wing necklace and the item I really wanted a skeleton unicorn. The pendants are fairly small but I’m used to buying larger more statement pieces so I think I just thought they would be bigger. For reference the wing is approx 3cm x 5cm, the unicorn is 5cm x 3.5cm and the moon is 6cm x 6cm. They are really nice though, the chains are great quality and the designs are wonderful. I think they are made from laser cut acrylic – I can’t check because the website is down for now. I would definitely buy from them again, the items arrived very fast and were well packed. They are also well made and feature original designs.

Curiology have shut their shop until March 2017, though they are launching some special pieces for valentines day, check out their facebook (see link above) for up to date info.



Etsy, Snixy Swoons – Review

As it will soon be Halloween I’ve been searching all over for lovely themed items. During my search on etsy I came across the seller Snixy Swoons who had all sorts of cute items, including some sale bargains. Although these are not really Halloween themed I couldn’t resist them, especially when they were just £1!!


The necklaces were £1 each in the sale and shipping was £3. The items shipped a couple of days after I ordered them and they arrived very well packed in a box. Also, cute mermaid sticker!

On top of that the packaging was very cute and carefully done. I always like sellers who take a lot of care in the presentation of items. It makes you feel special and like they really care about and value customers. The items were even bubble wrapped for extra protection. The necklaces are well made and nicely presented on card, I’m really happy with my purchases and have already worn the dinosaur. The kitty is actually going to be a gift for a friend. I was really surprised that they went to so much effort for £1 sales items and I would definately buy from them again.

Go check out their etsy, they still have sales on!

Lolita Fashion Bargains – 50% off sale

Hey cute fashion fans. You know how I’m always on the lookout for bargains? Well I’ve found some awesome ones on ebay. Kawaii-UK has a 50% off sale on 3 of their indie branded lolita dresses. This is a huge saving. As the store is based in the UK there will be no nasty customs and it’s free shipping! (obviously if you are outside the UK this won’t apply).

Infanta – Alice Story JSK in blue. On sale at £32.50


Buy Here!


Classical Puppets – Steam Band Mini JSK. On sale at £25


Buy Here!


Infanta – Strawberry Sundae OP. On sale at £32.50


Buy Here!

Unicorn Homeware!

I’ve found a whole load of beautiful Unicorn items that you didn’t even know you needed. All from Tesco or Asda! I’m so happy Unicorns are in at the moment.

Salt & Pepper pots from Tesco:

salt pepper


‘I don’t believe in humans’ Mug from Tesco:



 Unicorn Double Duvet from Tesco (available in single & king too):

bed blue


Wallpaper from Tesco (also available in lilac):



Lunch box from Tesco:



Cushion from Tesco:



‘Dreams are better than Reality’ cushion from Tesco:

dream cushion


Night Light from Tesco:



Wall Art from Asda:

wall art,default,pd.html?cgid=D28M33G1C3


Curtains from Asda:



Single Duvet from Asda:

asda duvet,default,pd.html


King Size Duvet from Asda:

duvet 2,default,pd.html?cgid=D26M04G04C02S03



Cute Bargain Find

I was in town picking up a few random crafting bits and happened across these cute bows in Home Bargains. They were only 69p for a pair! You can never have too many bow accessories right, so I got 3. They also had some of those really tiny bow clips too in pastel shades but I have so much ribbon I’m just going to make my own of those. I also can’t remember how much they were, sorry! Anyway, just goes to show that cute pretty things can be found in the last place you’d expect so it’s always worth having a good look around.