ILD Winter 2016 – Outfit Shot

I joined the lovely Leeds comm on a boat to celebrate last years winter International Lolita Day back in December. We had afternoon tea on a canal boat,  took part in the cruelest version of secret santa ever and held a raffle where I won a beret! It was really fun.


Outfit Rundown:
Bat crown – Pendulous Threads
Wig: Bodyline
Blouse: Infanta
JSK: Magic Tea Party ‘Castle Under The Moon’
Bag: punlitashop on ebay
Tights: Blossom (bought on ebay)
Shoes: Amazon (can’t remember which store)
Accessories: offbrand and Alchemy Gothic

Cute beret I won in the raffle:

Secret Santa Gift:
For the secret santa if we wanted to take part we had to buy and wrap a lolita suitable gift worth £5. On the day the gifts were all put togther and then each person taking part was given a raffle ticket. The person with the lowest number started first. They chose a gift, opened it and showed what it was then went to sit down. The person with the next raffle ticket number could then either steal that gift or open a new one. The next person could then choose to steal a previously opened gift or open a new one and so on. If your gift was stolen you then went and opened a new one until everyone taking part had a gift. It was so cruel! One girl had her present stolen 3 times, really not in the Christmas spirit. It was fun overall, but it’s sad if you get something you really like and someone takes it 😦


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