Etsy, Snixy Swoons – Review

As it will soon be Halloween I’ve been searching all over for lovely themed items. During my search on etsy I came across the seller Snixy Swoons who had all sorts of cute items, including some sale bargains. Although these are not really Halloween themed I couldn’t resist them, especially when they were just £1!!


The necklaces were £1 each in the sale and shipping was £3. The items shipped a couple of days after I ordered them and they arrived very well packed in a box. Also, cute mermaid sticker!

On top of that the packaging was very cute and carefully done. I always like sellers who take a lot of care in the presentation of items. It makes you feel special and like they really care about and value customers. The items were even bubble wrapped for extra protection. The necklaces are well made and nicely presented on card, I’m really happy with my purchases and have already worn the dinosaur. The kitty is actually going to be a gift for a friend. I was really surprised that they went to so much effort for £1 sales items and I would definately buy from them again.

Go check out their etsy, they still have sales on!


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