My Visit to the Vulcan Steampunk Spectacular

A couple of weeks ago I attended a local Steampunk event called the Vulcan Steampunk Spectacular. It was the first one to be held and was organised by the White Rose Yorkshire Steampunks. The location for the event was very special as it took place at the Robin Hood airport in the Vulcan’s hangar and it was free, you just paid a donation. During the day they had around 50 stall holders selling a range of Steampunk goods, a raffle to raise money for the up keep of the Vulcan, tea duelling, craft workshops, parasol duelling, classic/retro/custom cars, a steampunked caravan and the Las Niñas de las Flores dance troupe. They then held a ball and burlesque show in the evening which was ticketed but I could only attend the daytime event.

Unfortunately the weather in the morning was terrible with quite a bit of rain so not a lot of classic/show cars turned up but plenty of people did. Luckily it brightened up in the afternoon and the event was mostly inside anyway so could go on despite the weather. There were a lot of stalls and they were reasonably priced and had a good selection of items. The Vulcan was in the centre so you could walk around that too and then they had a large stage at the front of the hangar. It was a really good event and had a wonderful atmosphere.


Parasol Duelling:
I hadn’t seen parasol duelling before but it works a bit like rock, paper scissors but with a parasol. You hold it in a different position to represent either rock, paper or scissors. It seemed a bit tricky to hide what you intended to choose from your opponent though which led to these two continually ending up with a draw. I much prefer tea duelling, this doesn’t have the same drama.

Las Niñas de las Flores Dance Troupe:

Las Niñas de las Flores Dance Troupe performing at the Vulcan Steampunk Spectacular. I accidently caught the zoom button so it lost the focus and went blurry. Sorry about that! You can get a feel for what they were doing though.

I decided to dress fairly simple due to the mixed weather so opted for something shorter rather than full length. I’d had the skirt in my wardrobe for a while but not worn it so it seemed a good excuse to wear it, unfortunately I don’t wear brown often so my wardrobe options were a bit lacking. I don’t think it’s too bad for a last minute throw together though. I also stuck with the general lolita silhouette but mixed in a lot of non-lolita elements to create a look that would be very different from what most of the attendees would be wearing.

Outfit rundown:
Hat – Bodyline
Wig – Bodyline
Blouse – Per Una
Skirt – Bodyline
Boots – Koi Couture
Accessories – Claire’s, Fantastic Grim
Bag – ebay
Cane – bought from a stall there (can’t remember which)




5 thoughts on “My Visit to the Vulcan Steampunk Spectacular

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  2. Hi Cassy
    Thanks for sharing your trip to the Vulcan Steampunk Spectacular.
    I wrote the Parasol Duelling rules 🙂
    The way a duel usually works is that the “Doctor”, umpire, counts and then calls “Hold!” at the end of the count. It is at that point that the duelists must have their figures in place. That goes a long way to prevent draws.
    Here is another demo that I did at an event in Calgary Alberta Canada that shows it.

    • Hello, Thanks so much for explaining the rules. I suspect it was all very new and confusing so perhaps that’s what created the issues with continual draws. They just seemed to keep mirroring what the other was doing. A larger duel was held at the Asylum Steampunk Festival last month but sadly I didn’t get to see it so I’m not sure if that worked out better. Thanks for the link!

    • Aww thank you! 🙂 I was probably tired plus taking nice photos is really hard. I’m not good at posing and I don’t always like photos of me smiling so I think I end up looking awkward or maybe just fed up because nothings working haha.

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