Kawaii Birthday Haul

Hello lovely people, I hope you are all well. I’m very sorry for the lack of posts lately. To begin with my laptop was out of action, then I was very busy at work and I’ve been trying to do some crafting and just other life stuff. Anyway I had a Birthday a few weeks ago and got some really cute things that I’d like to share with you.  I’m really lucky because my brother’s girlfriend is all about everything Japan and Kawaii so I got some awesome gifts! So here’s my Kawaii bday haul:

~Unicorn bedding from Tesco. You may remember I featured this a while ago on a previous post about all the awesome Unicorn items you could find. I actually chose this myself but my parents treated me too it. It makes my room feel so magical!


~Cute jewellery items from H&M. They are from the kids section, it’s always worth checking the kids bit for cute things. My Mum spotted these, I’ve taught her well lol. The deer is painted metal and the mouse is plastic with silver glitter shoes and bow!


~ Cute Primark stuff, I think it’s mostly leisure wear/PJ’s. They came from a larger store in or around Essex somewhere – my local one never had any of this!

Cute Stuffs:

Pic One:
Various sweets and chocolate, there’s more not in this pic, I got so much.
A Snarf Funkopop Figure
A tiny adult colouring book which I may take to work to do on my lunch break.
TsumTsum blind bag which I forgot to take a photo of.
Scented Care Bears blind bag which I also forgot to take a decent photo of. You can get these from Toys R Us from the toy vending machine.
TsumTsum plushies – see below for more info
Panda toothpaste dispenser – see below for more info.
Mini chalk board.

Pic Two:
Lucky Charms Cereal, I loved it as a kid, sad it’s no longer available without paying high prices.
Shwings shoe wings. They lace on to your shoes to give them wings. (They came from Amazon).
Unicorn bedding as shown above.

~ My first TsumTsums – Thumper, who’s a screen cleaner and Alice who has light-up cheeks. When I was trying to open the parcel it kept glowing, I had no idea what to expect was inside. Also I accidently cropped Thumper’s ears off in the photo – oops.


~A panda toothpaste dispenser! Apparently they don’t work great and can be a bit messy so I haven’t actually tried it yet but it’s too cute not to display! Not sure at all where they found this little guy.

~ Unicorn nightlight, not sure where this is from either. He’s white and purple, you can’t tell well from this photo. I should have taken one during the day too. So cute! he has such a pretty face.


I also got this super cute seahorse dress that I will be doing a blog post on very soon! It’s by Grace Ruby designs.


I now have a new phone too as my other one broke so I’d been using a really old one. I’ve been posting loads of random pictures on instagram testing out the camera. As it’s pretty good, unlike my past ones, I will probably be posting on instagram fairly regularly. So if you want to see photos of random cute stuff, purchases, photos from events, outfits etc you can find me here : https://www.instagram.com/cupcakesnunicorns/

I also decided to dress slightly cute yet simple in this jsk from Bodyline, offbrand bolero and adorable necklace by I love Kitsch.



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