Glitzy Wonderland – Infanta ‘Sleeping Bear’ Lucky Bag Review

So, a few weeks ago I spotted a deal that I just couldn’t resist. Glitzy Wonderland were offering 3 Infanta lucky bags and the first one, option A, was for Sleeping Bears. I’d been really tempted to buy this print for ages because it’s so cute and I love it on the dark blue. I’d pretty much decided that it was maybe a bit too sweet for me and I’d go for more Gothic designs instead when this offer popped up and I had to go for it. The lucky bag included either the Sleeping Bear OP, JSK or suspender skirt, a blouse and matching hair accessory all for $49 (£35). You could select your size and colour of dress but not which styles you wanted. They all sold out in like 2-3 hours


I ordered it on the 27th April, it shipped on the9 th of May and it arrived yesterday the 12th May. So it only took around 2 weeks.

I really wanted the JSK, the OP would have been nice too but has more limited styling and I didn’t want the suspender skirt. So, which do you think I got? Let’s see.

Here’s the parcel, it was a lot smaller and lighter than I expected but I guess it’s because it’s light chiffon fabric.



Hair Clips:

I received the hairclips, they retail at USD $24 (approx £17) on Glitzy. They are quite bulky and heavy, you would probably have to wear them on wigs unless you have really thick natural hair. Also unless you put them on twin tails or clip them at the bottom of a hairbow I don’t know how you could wear them due to the bulky design. They are super cute though and nicely made!


The blouse I received is the Moon’s Elegy blouse in ivory. It retails at USD $59 (approx £40) on Glitzy. It’s really pretty, the sleeves are very long and it fits nicely. The fabric is very sheer though so you would have to wear something under it or always wear it under a dress. It doesn’t seem like the most breathable fabric but I’ve only briefly tried it on so I could be wrong. It’s certainly nice and soft though and it’s well made but it’s quite delicate and fine fabric so may get pulls in it easily. That’s always the issue with chiffon type fabrics though. My only issue is that there are a few tiny marks here and there, these could be markings from the making process but I’m not sure. There’s also a small dirty mark on the front but it didn’t show up in photographs. I guess that’s the issue with light colours.

Example of marks on blouse collar, there are quite a few all over:


So, what did I get…..Oh look, it’s the suspender skirt. Typical. It retails at USD $79 (approx £55) on Glitzy. It has cute heart buttons, clip on bear brooch, small pocket, side zip and sewn in stiff pleated fabric to create some volume. The pocket is within the chiffon so you could only put something very small and light in it but it was an unexpected feature. It’s very short, there’s no way I could risk adding even a light petticoat. I think I would have to wear an underskirt to feel comfortable with the length. As I chose the dark blue I was worried that the white lines created during printing would be obvious but you can hardly see them so that’s good. The brooch left a mark on the fabric that almost looks rust coloured yet the pin is clean and silver so I don’t understand what caused it. Luckily the lace covers it though. It’s super pretty and would be great for summer, I’m still not sure that suspender skirts are very me though.

Tried On:

I decided to try them to check they fit and to see how I felt about the suspender skirt. I just wore a simple white strap stop under the blouse. Due to the location of the frill on the blouse it totally disguised the top edge of it. The blouse fabric doesn’t have much stretch/give in it so if you are close on the maximum measurements I’d go up a size. It has back lacing so you can always make it smaller. Also, I know the blouse really doesn’t work with the suspender skirt. It’s a shame it didn’t come with a more suitable blouse so you could have put them together but at the same time the blouse works great with the rest of my wardrobe.

Overall I’m really happy with my purchase, it was a huge bargain! Also Glitzy Wonderland did a great service and got it to me really fast so I recommend them too.


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