Outfit Shot – Hyper Japan July 2015

Carrying on with the unicorn theme. My friend eventually put up the photos she took at Hyper Japan last July 2015. This is what I wore on the Friday of the event. You can actually see my natural hair in this photo and I’m wearing a lot of pink! (Both are very unusual for me). Also – look how much of a chipmunk face I have! This is my friend Mel, she went for a mermaid theme and she always has pretty mermaid hair!

Dress: Hell Bunny, Cupcakes & Unicorn Print
Shrug: Offbrand
Bag: Choies
Shoes: Bodyline

As it was so long ago I can’t remember what accessories I have on.


2 thoughts on “Outfit Shot – Hyper Japan July 2015

  1. You’re so pretty, especially dressed in Lolita! If you go again this year, I would hope to see you around as I am going all 3 days again. 🙂

    • Awww that’s so sweet of you to say ❤ I'm going again this year, hopefully all 3 days too. If you spot me please come say hi 🙂

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