Outfit Shot – Alice

We had a small local meet up yesterday. The original plan was to visit an Alice in Wonderland themed tea room but they decided to change their opening times last minute and so were closed! I’d decided to go with an Alice theme originally and as I’d already got everything planned out I decided to stick with it. I’d planned two outfits, one sweet, one black & grey and due to the change of plans and over cast day I went with the darker one.


Outfit Rundown:
Bow – (is the pin on dress bow) Bodyline
Brooch – don’t know, was a gift
White Bow Clip – Home Bargains
Wig – Bodyline
Blouse – Bodyline
JSK – Bodyline
Wristcuffs – Peacockalorum
Necklace – Bodyline
Shoes – Ajvani
Blue Bow Ring – handmade by a friend
Bunny Face Ring – Claire’s
Star Bag – Loris

Here’s our little group, sadly Naomi isn’t in the photo as she’s behind the camera. Photo credit also goes to her.




6 thoughts on “Outfit Shot – Alice

  1. Oh, so lovely. Each more pretty than the next, then back again
    : )
    Looking forward to seeing Naomi sometime. Maybe carry a full-length mirror so the photographer can be seen.

    • Thank you! Are you sure there are none locally? I was surprised to find anyone local to me, it was just by chance we found each other over facebook 🙂

      • No, I live in a newer town were everyone is boring, but lucky for me, I’m moving to California, so there are large Lolita communities there, so I’ll probably find a community near me

      • I know how that feels, but at least the UK is small so it’s easy to get somewhere bigger. It’s not as easy in the US, it’s so big there. That sounds pretty exciting, I hope you find some local to you and get to have meetups 🙂

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