Mini Update

Hello Everyone, I hope you are well.
I’m sorry I haven’t posted much lately, sometimes life just throws a whole load of stuff at you in one go. So, here’s a little update. I know I haven’t posted the second part of my Aliexpress review yet – this is because I’ve since ordered more stuff so I’m going to post about it a little differently. I will edit the other post and then do new posts concerning different shops, products and general buying tips/issues. I think it will make it easier to explain things better if I do it that way and hopefully won’t lead to posts that are way too image heavy. The main issue currently is the long wait for stuff to arrive due to the Chinese New Year. There’s still quite a few reviews to finish typing and I’m hopefully going to get to some meets & events soon over spring/summer so will have reviews and outfit shots too. Plus I’m always on the lookout for bargains and cute fashions to share with you and I really need to do more fashion introduction posts too so hopefully I will be posting more over the next few months. Depending on how busy life is I may even get chance to do some DIY tutorials for you, if not then I will find lots of great ones to share instead. Let’s make it an extra cute spring & summer!


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