Kawaii Toys – The Zelfs

If you are anything like me then you will be a sucker for anything that’s cute and pretty. My room is overrun with plushies and various toys but my favourite thing of late are The Zelfs. They come in various designs and all sorts of wonderful colours – my room looks like a rainbow ❤ Also for me they create a nostalgic feeling too as they remind me of trolls. They all have warm positive messages and their names are just as cute as their faces. There’s gothic & creepy cute, animals, fantasy, pretty pastels and even scented designs. They also come in three sizes, mini, medium and large.


The new series hits the shelves in summer and the limited edition one will be a centaur!


2 thoughts on “Kawaii Toys – The Zelfs

    • Oh no, that’s a shame 😦 I’ve noticed in my local Toys R Us that they moved them to a tiny space hidden away in with other stuff. Not many places stock them so I tend to buy a lot online now. I’m hoping their popularity picks up, the new series is super cute so it might!

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