Listen Flavor 2016 Lucky Bag Contents

My last post was about the Listen Flavor lucky bags currently on sale at Dreamy Bows. A couple of days ago mine arrived so I thought I’d share the contents with you.
Pretty pink packet ❤


Inside the packet was this awesome purple tote bag containing the mystery items. The bag fastens with a zip but is made of thin material which won’t be very strong. I’ll probably only use it for carrying light items anyway. The tag was secured through the label at the side so there’s no way anyone could look inside. This lucky pack version seems to have a Rock N Roll/cats vibe to it.

The ‘Wonder Cats’ long sleeved top was already advertised as being inside. It’s a size M but will fit a 8/10/12/14, I don’t think it will fit larger than a small 14 though. The print is super cute and it’s nice fabric which is slightly stretchy. Cats with glam rock makeup, how could you not like it?

I received two t-shirts in my pack. I really like them both. The blue ‘Pounce’ tshirt is a similar fabric to the top above. It’s fairly thick with a bit of stretch, feels nice quality. It’s a size M but would easily fit a UK 12/14 and smaller. This is my favourite item in the pack! It’s super cute, I love the design and the blue is such a gorgeous colour.

The other top with the ladies face on it is much thinner so would be great for summer. It’s also a size M. Due to it being a thinner/lighter fabric it’s not as fitted or clingy and has quite a bit of stretch. I wish it was a slightly nicer colour rather than a peach/beige but I really love the design and fabric. Would easily fit a 12/14 and smaller.

I also received a long-sleeved ‘Thrill Dizzy’ jumper/sweater which is a really nice pastel lilac (my camera is rubbish with purple). It’s an oversized design with really long sleeves. This will easily fit larger than a UK size 14. I personally don’t like the fabric though, it’s really thin and has an unusual texture and feel. I’m not really sure how to describe it. It’s great for summer as it can easily be layered over other clothing without fitting too snug or making you hot. I’m not too keen on the design or the colours used for the logo, also not keen on the Thin Lizzy type reference.

The final item was this hooded top in a mint green. It features more cats but with KISS makeup. It’s an awesome design and I love the colour but it’s made from the same fabric as the jumper above so I’m not too keen on it. It does have a hood and two side pockets though. Again it was a size M but it’s oversized like jumper so will fit slightly larger than a UK 14. If the fabric had been thicker I’d have kept it, even though I’m not much of a KISS or cat fan.

Overall I’m happy with what I got and it’s amazing value. I would risk one again another time.

Pricing summary:

All the items have a tag on which states the Japanese price including tax. I decided to roughly convert these in to GBP so you can see what the saving is like and how good value the lucky bag is.

Pounce T-shirt: 3132 Yen, £19
Cat Lady T-shirt: 4212 Yen, £25
Wonder Cats Top: 5292 Yen, £32
Thrill Dizzy Jumper: 3996 Yen, £24
KISS Cats: 5940 Yen, £35.45

The lucky bag was priced at 7560 yen which is roughly £45 (though it was sold at £64.99 by Dreamy Bows due to import costs etc). The items total 22,527 Yen which is around £135 that’s an amazing saving of £90 (or £70 based on the Dreamy Bows price) so it’s definitely worth it.
*Prices based on current conversions and are approx*


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