Listen Flavor Lucky Bags in the UK

Hello wonderful blog readers, something exciting happened yesterday that I need to share with you. Are you familiar with lucky packs/bags that lots of Japanese shops sell in the New Year? They are called Fukubukuro and are full of mystery items.
Here is a little bit more info:

Most of the main shops and brands put one together and you can make a huge saving, though obviously there is always the risk you won’t like the contents or they won’t fit. Plus as the item is coming from Japan you will have shipping and customs on top. It can also take a really long time to arrive. So, here’s the exciting bit, Harajuku based cute/creepy/pastel/punk brand Listen Flavor are stocked here in the UK by Dreamy Bows and they have Lucky Bags! Plus it’s free shipping within the UK (more to Europe) BUT there will be NO CUSTOMS fee. (Outside of Europe there will be though). I think this is awesome news and I hope that Dreamy Bows continue to grow and stock more brands then maybe we can get other lucky packs too.

The lucky bag is available here:
It costs £64.99, shipping is free in the UK and you typically get two t-shirts, a long sleeved sweater top and a hooded top. T-shirts usually retail at £25, other tops are around £30 and hoodies are £40 so it’s an amazing deal. Also you get a cool zip fastening tote bag and one of the items is this super cute “Wonder Four” cats long sleeved top.

I ordered one already as soon as they went on sale and I’m so excited for it to arrive. I shall review it when it gets here.

You can check out Listen Flavor items here on their official facebook page:


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