Drix Productions, Mugs – Review

Now that Christmas is out of the way and everyone has opened their presents I can share my review of the wonderful artist ‘Drix Productions’. When searching for Christmas gifts I came across their etsy shop which was filled with wonderfully cute designs that I knew my friends would love. I checked out their facebook too so I could see what other designs they may have and eventually settled on ordering some mugs. They do stickers, mugs, badges, prints, keyrings, jewellery, etc.
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Drixproductions
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drix.pro/?fref=ts
The designs I liked weren’t featured on their etsy but I knew they had recently been exhibiting at a convention so I contacted them via facebook to see what mugs they had left. It turned out that they own a special machine so can print whichever design I wanted straight away, how cool is that? As a result they could make me the mugs to order within a day! I placed my order via their facebook page and paid with paypal. They were very fast at responding to messages and extremely helpful and friendly. I even got a slight discount as I was ordering 4 mugs and they sent me photos of the finished mugs to check I was happy before sending them to me. The mugs are £6.50 each (though I got a slight discount on mine) and postage was £3.90 for second class recorded. They posted them a couple of days after I paid and I had them within a week.

They arrived inside a plastic packet, the address label had a cute unicorn sticker on it! Inside the mugs were all in strong individual boxes. I was so worried about unpacking them in case they might have gotten damaged (Royal Mail aren’t always super careful with packages) and the parcel did make a strange jingling sound. It turned out the sound was due to a keyring inside a mug though, no damage anywhere, yay! Each mug was inside a plastic bag in a bubble wrap packet to keep it safe in the box. The boxes are also really strong.


*My photos don’t do them justice, sadly the light in winter is not great so my photos are a bit dull. I always prefer to use natural light though as it shows things more true to colour*

Alpaca ~

Narwhal ~

Raptor ~

Alien ~

Included in each mug was a care information sheet with tips to keep your mug looking great for longer.  In one of the mugs was a cute note, free keyring, holographic unicorn card and extra business cards. I particularly like the note paper they used ❤

I’d asked for 4 business cards so I could include them in the mugs and my friends would know who they were by, I think they actually gave me 5. The mugs themselves look so professional. The colours are really bright and strong and the designs are crisp. The picture has a sheen to it as well, they are amazing quality. Plus, how cute are the actual drawings! so talented! I’m really happy with my mugs, the seller is awesome in every way, the customer service was great, the mugs are wonderful and they arrived so fast. The only thing that makes me sad is that I don’t have a mug of my own, I should have bought 5. I highly recommend them!


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