Katz Little Factory – Review

Whilst doing various searches for Christmas presents I came across the most beautiful and unusual butterfly headpiece by Katz Little Factory. I liked their facebook page to keep up to date with things and discovered they were doing 40% off selected items for black Friday.
Etsy Store: Katz Little Factory

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to purchase some things and see what they were like in real life as they look amazing and 40% off is a great deal. I opted for a pair of Cyber Flower Hair Clips with gold centres and a black and green Cyber Baby Bug Caterpillar.

Stock Photos (picture credit goes to Katz Little Factory):

I placed my order on the 25th November and they arrived on the 16th December so it took about 3 weeks from ordering for them to arrive. They took longer to come than I expected, I don’t know if that’s because she made them to order or if she was just busy from the sale.

They came in a strong box, inside was lots of bubble wrap to protect them and a business card.

They are really nicely made. The finish is to a really high standard, you can’t see any construction work and only the smallest amount of glue around the clip. They really are beautiful.

The flowers feature shaped shiny PVC petals with a more matt star shaped piece in the centre, black studs and then a splash of colour right in the middle. They are quite small, 5cm diameter like stated in the listing, so are great for a subtle look. They are also really light. The bottom is finished off with a circle of felt to make it all look neat and attaches to your hair with a sturdy metal hair clip.


The bug is as green as in the stock picture – it was a dull day so my camera did a bad job. My photos don’t do the items justice. The segments are all shaped to a point and connect with black eyelets. The bug is crafted from shiny PVC material. It’s sat on a green PVC base which is neatly stitched around the edge, the shape reminds me of a leaf. I think the base has stiff card in it too as it feels quite strong and it’s shaped slightly so it will sit against the curve of your head. The feelers are made from guitar strings. He seems to be sturdy and well constructed and again the base is covered in felt and has a metal hair clip attached. Look at his cute little face, I can’t wait to wear him somewhere soon!

I’m extremely happy with my purchases, they are of high quality and the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail is really high. It’s obvious she takes a lot of pride and care in the items she produces. It’s also nice to see something more unusual being produced, I can’t say as I’ve seen anyone doing a similar thing. I will definitely buy from her again, I’m after something much larger next time, probably one of the gorgeous butterflies or a bat moth. She also takes custom orders and it seems most items can be produced in a wide range of colours. Make sure you check out her work – it’s amazing!!



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