Winter Masked Ball – Outfit Shot

I went to a Christmas Dinner & Masked Ball event on Saturday night held by the local Steampunk Society. I decided to go for a winter theme so added white and silver to my outfit to help break up the black. My mask is handmade using various materials, the base is a pre-made paper pulp one that I found in The Works for 99p and then added papier-mache too. It didn’t turn out 100% like I wanted but overall I’m quite happy. I’ve decided it’s a snow/ice spirit.

Outfit Details:

I found the dress at a local charity vintage fair, it cost me £25. Personally I think that’s a bargain. The cape I’d had for a while, I bought it second hand off ebay, and was actually trying to sell it. Glad I didn’t. Wig is from Geisha Wigs – they are no longer going though. The headdress was offbrand and I tied glitter snowflake Christmas decorations to it because I ran out of time. Necklace is The Crypt of Curiosities. Bat bracelet is Alchemy Gothic. Fur cuffs are handmade from a fur headband from Primark. Black lace fingerless gloves were from Accessorize.

The Cogkneys and Julia Scott of Alice’s Night Circus performed on the evening.


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