Peacockalorum – Review

Check out these beautiful bows I bought from Peacockalorum. They are also in quite Christmassy colours so it’s the perfect time to post a review for them.

I bought a Christmas themed dress for an upcoming meet but have nothing to wear on my head so I checked out Peacockalorum to see if they had anything suitable. I’ve bought from there a few times as their items are well made and at great prices. The dress is dark green velvet with gold embroidery, I loved the design of the Cirque Bow Headdress so I enquired if she could create it in green. She sent me photos of the two greens available and I opted for the darker one. I had also worn a red and black jsk recently to a meet up and had to use the dress bow on my head as I didn’t own anything suitable so when I spotted the Toybox Bow I bought that too.

We communicated via facebook, I asked for the Cirque Bow without the chain, charms and bow in dark green with the gold trim. She had to order the fabric in but didn’t think it should take too long. She was also out of the particular lace used on the Toybox Box pictured but had other suitable lace. The Cirque Bow is £10, Toybox Bow is £8 and she said postage was £4 but quoted me £23 in total. I don’t know if it’s because she had to order fabric in specially or if postage is a bit more because I ordered 2 bows.

I started the discussion on Tuesday 24th November, the details were finalised and it was paid for on Wednesday 25th November. She thought the fabric should arrive by Monday 30th November but didn’t specify how long it would take her to then make the bow so I wasn’t really sure when to expect it.

On the 3rd of December my hairbows arrived! It was much faster than I was expecting and was in time for me to wear it at the Sheffield Christmas meet – see my previous post for photos.

Cirque Bow Headdress :

The first thing I noticed was that the bow had the chain, star charms and gold bow – even though I asked for it without. I’m actually quite glad she added them though as the stars are cute and they work really well with the embroidery on the Christmas dress that I intend wearing it with. It also works perfectly with my Swan Ballet JSK as well. The bow stands up well on your head, it doesn’t slide about on the headband or flop. It is very big so is definitely a statement headbow. My only issue with it is that the chain hangs a bit strange and ends up sat on your head off centre.

Toybox Box :

The Toybox Bow looks pretty much like the stock photo so I’m not sure what’s different about the lace. If she hadn’t mentioned it I would never have noticed it was different. This is also a very large statement headbow, it sits nicely upright on your head. I love the pointed lace, it’s really gothic and more old-school in design.

I’m really happy with my items and the service I received. It only took about a week from me placing the custom order to them arriving, they look exactly as I expected, are finished to a high standard and come on metal hair bands. Plus they were a great price. I highly recommend Peacockalorum. I’ve ordered from there a few times now and will do again.


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