Little Mizz Kitty, Lucky Pack – Review

Since getting in to Japanese street fashions a few years ago there was one etsy store that I used to regularly buy from, Little Mizz Kitty. I’ve done a few reviews on here too.
I bought from her at conventions a couple of times as well and she always seemed really nice. Her items are always nicely made and are great prices. Sadly I found out recently that she is going to be closing her store. As a result she has been creating lots of lucky packs to get rid of stock so I bought a creepy cute one and I got a cute pink starry bat bracelet too. The lucky pack cost £10, bat bracelet was £2.50 and postage was 85p (I spent £13.35 in total).


Lucky Pack Contents:

Bat Bracelet:


Lucky Pack – The only thing that annoyed me about the lucky pack is that you could specify not to have certain items. I was going to list earrings, as I don’t have pierced ears, but didn’t as the listing stated rings and earrings wouldn’t be included. I got earrings anyway, so I’m going to see if I can turn them in to something else. The lucky pack is supposed to have items worth £20 in it so I decided to do a breakdown of prices based on the items currently for sale in her store. These are rough pricing estimates as some of the exact items are not currently for sale in her store. Earrings £3, Keyring/Bag Charm £4, Skull Necklace £3, Bat Necklace £4, Fuzzy Star £6. Based on these approx prices I make it £20 so it seems pretty accurate and is a definite saving!! Overall I’m really happy with the items I got and given the price I paid it’s a huge bargain – keep checking her page to grab some bargains of your own!

Bat Bracelet – I already owned the lilac version so decided to get the pink one too. It’s super cute but very small so if you don’t have tiny wrists you will probably find it too tight.

Postage – The items were dispatched the day after I bought them and it only cost me 85p which is awesome. As you can see from the photo the items were nicely packed too in cute tiny bags. Mizz Kitty provides a great service and excellent prices, I will be very sad when her store closes.


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