Happy Spooktober! Make-up Inspiration.

Hello Everyone, hope you are all well!
I don’t know about you but I LOVE Halloween so I thought as it’s October and Halloween is getting closer I would share some cute and creepy make-up tutorials that I’ve found online.

This first one is by PrincessMei on youtube. She has created an awesome creepy gothic doll makeup tutorial. This look would also work well in general with gothic lolita though may need to be toned down a bit. It’s so pretty. It forms part of her Monster Girl series so you should totally check out her other videos for more Halloween makeup inspiration.

This video from Kawaii Pateen featuring Mai Aisaki shows how to do makeup that is half creepy and half cute. It’s great for if you don’t want to be too creepy or scary. Keep an eye on Kawaii Pateen’s videos as apparently they have lots more Halloween ideas still to come.

This tutorial from Bebexo shows you how to transform in to a cute bear or cat using your hair as ears and simple minimal make up. Great for if you don’t have the time or money for an elborate costume.

This makeup tutorial by FreshBlush shows you how to be a pretty glittery zombie but with added scare factor. I really like this one, it’s so pretty and yet creepy. Some of these techniques can easily be applied to create a bride of frakenstein look too.

Lingywashere shows you how to transform in to a beautiful shimmering mermaid in this tutorial video. This could easily be adapted to work for an alien look too.

I hope these tutorials have helped to inspire you with your Halloween costumes and outfits. Have a spooky fun time!


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