Cakes With Faces – Review

When I was at Hyper Japan in July I spotted the coolest t-shirt, I didn’t have enough money left to buy it so I ordered it later online from them instead.

Stock photo:


Unfortunately the t-shirt design had been super popular and had sold out but the next batch were being printed and were due in. Apparently it stated this on the website, I didn’t spot it when ordering so I must not have read everything, but Amy emailed me to confirm the order and state this so I knew what was going on and that there would be a little delay. The email said new ones were being printed and my order should be ready to go by the end of the following week. 4 days after I placed my order I received another email from Amy updating me that my t-shirt was on the way and it actually arrived the following day.

DSCN4783 DSCN4787 DSCN4788 DSCN4789 DSCN4790 DSCN4791 DSCN4792 DSCN4793 DSCN4794 DSCN4795 DSCN4796 DSCN4797

It arrived in a pretty purple packet, inside everything was all wrapped up nicely in lilac tissue paper. Inside the tissue was the t-shirt, a phone charm I also purchased, a loyalty card, advertising leaflet and cute postcard. The phone charm was also wrapped in tissue and the postcard had a cute personalised message written on the back and cute alpaca drawing. I purchased the standard t-shirt, rather than the ladies slim fit as I preferred the style.
The Alpacalypse t-shirt cost £16, the Snow Lamb charm was £2 and postage was £2.50 so I paid £20.50 in total.
I loved the personal touches like taking the time to email me to ensure I was updated and knew of the delay, the little note on the postcard and the care taken in packaging everything. It’s all really nicely presented.The t-shirt is awesome, I love the design and the colour. It’s the typical plastic type screen print that loads of companies use (and band t-shirts) so it will probably crack a little over time. It seems professionally done though so hopefully it won’t crack for ages and hopefully when it does it will just be fine lines. The fabric is really nice and soft, it’s super comfy to wear. I’m extremely happy with my purchase and will definitely buy from them again. Also, it only took 5 days to arrive even with the delay. The charm is also really nice and super cute. It’s made from a thick plastic with the design printed on the front. If you like unusual cute and quirky designs then you really need to check them out.


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