Flora Wedding, Petticoat – Review

I needed a black petticoat quickly so after searching ebay for UK based sellers I narrowed it down to the store Flora Wedding. Buying petticoats online is a bit of a nightmare as the descriptions can be really vague and most stock photos don’t show enough detail. A few years ago I bought a petticoat online and it was made of really stiff scratchy net – it created a nice poof but would have been really uncomfortable to wear and ruined your tights/bloomers/skin. Needless to say I didn’t keep it.

I was after a soft chiffon type petticoat, rather than net or mesh, and so opted for this one ~
Stock Photo:


Item link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/161216315857?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&var=460269750744&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

Ebay shop: Flora Wedding

It has a proper elasticised waistband and is stated to be made from soft mesh organdy. They only had it in a size xs-m which is stated as fitting a UK 6-12 and stretching from 60cm/23.5” to 95cm/37.5″ and being 45cm/18” long. Ordinarily I would have bought the larger size as I hate things being tight in my waist but given that I needed it soon and it was stretchy I risked it.


The order arrived within a couple of days. It was packed in a standard plastic posting packet (see above). The petticoat was in a vacuumed sealed bag, it helps keep it compact for posting but I was worried it would be really creased. On opening the bag and giving the petticoat a quick shake it poofed up and didn’t seem too creased which is good. It had also been packed inside out to protect the outer layer of organdy.


The skirt has an inside lining with a layer of gathered mesh organdy over the top. The fabric is very soft and is sewn in a 3 tier effect with an over sewn edge to stop any fraying. As it’s a single layer though it’s not going to be able to support heavy fabric.

DSCN6501 DSCN6505 DSCN6506 DSCN6503 DSCN6504 DSCN6502

The petticoat label says the skirt is made from 100% polyester. The waist un-stretched measures around 61cm/24” and will go to a maximum of 88cm/35” though it’s not really wearable at that size. Personally I think around 76cm/30” is the maximum it will go to for comfort. The length is 45cm/18” as stated and is best for a UK size 6-12 as stated so the information in the listing is pretty accurate. The lining is fairly narrow/tight though due to the stitching going across the middle of it. Its just about 99cm/39” measured flat, so if you have large-ish hips/bum or want to wear it over bloomers it will bunch up and be too tight. It’s probably best if you have 37”/38” hips at the most.
The petticoat cost £10.99 plus £2.99 shipping, so £13.98 in total. I think it makes a great starter petticoat and is good quality for the money. If your dress/skirt is made from a very light/thin cotton or other light fabric I think it will work great but it’s not going to support heavier fabrics very well.

Worn Pics:

DSCN6512alt DSCN6511alt DSCN6509alt DSCN6507alt

Here you can see it worn under my new Bodyline dress. This dress isn’t the lightest fabric but it’s certainly not that heavy and as you can see it doesn’t give it much of a poof at all.

As described: 5/5
Speed of delivery: 5/5
Value for money: 4/5
Poof: 2/5


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