Fabrics and Fancies, ebay Shop – Review

I’m sure lots of you craft from time to time so I just wanted to do a little plug for an ebay shop I bought some trim from.
Ebay shop link: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/fabricsandfancies/
I was in a panic trying to finish my outfits off for the Steampunk event I went to in August and needed to some trim to finish a bolero. I found a store on ebay that had the kind of trim I was after, they were also the cheapest place and it arrived really fast.

The reason I’m doing this mini review though is because of how nicely they packaged it. I always love it when you receive an item and see a lot of care has been taken to presently it nicely – it was a lovely surprise. The trim is wrapped on a card tag, they had then carefully wrapped it in pretty pink tissue and tied it up with string. Cutest little parcel ever and great customer service. I will definitely buy from them again.

DSCN5009 DSCN5011


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