Bodyline Sales – go buy the cheap stuff!

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to let you all know that Bodyline has reduced a LOAD of stuff.

The main page shows lots of reductions anyway but click on ‘price down’ towards the bottom to see all the other items. It’s 29 pages long!

There’s cute school and sailor uniforms at as low as 500 Yen (approx £2.70), if you have teeny tiny feet then you can get shoes for 1000 Yen (approx £5.60) a few lolita dresses at 3000 yen (approx £16), accessories are from as little as 100 Yen (approx 60p). It’s CRAZY! If you decide to buy anything remember to check out in YEN and not in GBP as it will save you lots of money. Also bear in mind that orders over £15 may get hit with fees which will include an £8 handling charge if collected by Royal Mail or more if by Parcel Force. If you order express shipping it will be delivered by Parcel Force, if you do free airmail then Royal Mail will be delivering it. If you want a few things you are better either splitting your orders in to lots of around £15 or placing a large order so that the cost is spread over quite a few items.
Happy Shopping!


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