Feeling blue!

Hey Everyone,
Today I should have been part of a rainbow at a local meet (everyone has to dress in a different colour) but due to various reasons I couldn’t go. I had been given the colour sax blue. I decided I may as well share my planned outfit with you though anyway as I’d got it all laid out ready.


So, all these items are from Bodyline and are all called sax blue yet, as you can see from the photo, none of them are the same shade! The shoes I intended wearing are a totally different shade of blue too. Who knew blue was as hard to match as pinks and reds!

Bow on head: Bodyline (it’s the skirt bow)
Bolero: New Look
Blouse: Bodyline L364 (and it is actually blue, just very pale)
Necklace: Camellia’s Closet
Skirt: Bodyline (older piece)
Dog Bag: Bodyline (older piece)
Accessories: handmade and random off brand


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