Kawaii-UK ebay shop & Magic Tea Party OP – Review

Hello Everyone,
It’s nice and sunny here today in the UK (yes we do sometimes get sunshine) I hope it’s sunny where you are and that you are having a wonderful day. There’s a reason I brought up summer and sunshine, it’s partly because it was the summer ILD recently and it is summer but also because the dress I’m doing this post about is perfect for summery warm days.
For ILD (International Lolita Day) I wanted to wear something light, summery and floral, I felt it fitted with it being summer and going for afternoon tea. Anyway, my initial outfit plans all fell through and it left me with a bit of a predicament as I was rapidly running out of time. However after a quick search on ebay looking for anything that may help me put together a decent co-ord I stumbled across an ebay shop in the UK selling the perfect dress. I had roughly a week before the meet and here was a beautiful floral op dress in a delicate pale blue. I ordered it and hoped it would arrive by mid-week so I could double check it fit ok and test out my co-ord and to my surprise it actually arrived the following day!

Ebay shop: Kawaii-UK

Stock Photo:
MTP stock
Review of Kawaii-UK : The item was very well packaged and they also sent it first class signed for. I was quite impressed that they sent it in a box as it shows a high level of care and made me feel more valued as a customer. I don’t like it when you buy an expensive item and no care is taken to ensure it arrives to you safely. Inside the box the dress was in a bag and that had tissue paper round it though I’m not quite sure what happened to the tissue unless it tore in transit. I bought the dress really late in the evening and they posted it out the following day. The postage was free and it was exactly as described so it was a perfect service. I would buy from them again. Their prices obviously are a bit more than if you ordered it yourself but it’s already here in the UK so there’s no risk of customs and if you have an issue it can be sorted easier. I paid £55 for the dress and postage was free.

DSCN3200 DSCN3202 DSCN3203

Review of the dress itself : The dress is by Magic Tea Party (I love this brand) and I actually had to buy it a size smaller than I usually buy as it’s all they had. With being fairly tall I usually go for a bigger size to get more length but then the waist and bust is bigger than I need. This size fits me better but is shorter and also the waist band isn’t really in my waist, it sits too high up – I can’t win. It’s not really noticeable though and I added an underskirt to get extra length. So, the fabric is really thin which is great for warm summer weather. It’s more of a greeny blue than it looked in the photo, it’s not a ‘true blue’. The print features large groupings of pink roses. The dress has short gathered sleeves, pintuck and frill detailing on the front, two pin on bows, lace trim and chiffon type frill trim. The dress doesn’t have any shirring but does have lacing ribbon and detachable waist ties.

DSCN3205 DSCN3207 DSCN3208 DSCN3209 DSCN3211 DSCN3214 DSCN3216

Slight nitpicks:
The fabric isn’t as nice as I expected and although it being thin is good for summer I think it would have been better lined. If you wore a dark or strong coloured bra under it for example you would be able to see it, also it creases really easy – see the pictures. The dress has lots of small deep creases in it and they are really hard to get out. The buttons for the waist ties are not sewn on very well and also due to how thin the fabric is I would worry about actually trying to tie them tight in general. I think you may cause damage to the dress – plus there’s the creasing! I also don’t like how the fabric is so bunched up where they have sewn the lace trim, I feel it spoils the effect (see pic below). The final issue is that it’s quite hard to get on and off due to the fabric not having any stretch and the way it’s sewn under the arms to make it more fitted when its on. The extra issue with this is that I’m worried the seam under the arm where the zip is will soon need repairing as it pulls the stitching getting it on and off. They are all small issues and these are just my opinions but I felt it was worth pointing them out in case they would bother other people too. Overall though it’s a great summery dress and it is really pretty.

DSCN3210 DSCN3212


One thought on “Kawaii-UK ebay shop & Magic Tea Party OP – Review

  1. I love Magic Tea Party! 🙂 Thanks for reviewing this dress. I was thinking about getting it, but I prefer sturdier fabrics. In the past, I’ve also had problems with receiving wrinkled dresses from various lolita stores. I have one dress in particular that I want to take to the dry cleaner to see if they could get the creases out. We’ll see how much success they have!

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