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For a very long time I have resisted the urge to buy a cute fluffy alpaca plush or any of the other related products. Unfortunately I spend a lot of time on ebay and when I came across Mon-Chaton selling so many cute alpacas and at great prices I ended up giving in. I resisted buying a plush toy though as I really don’t need one and don’t have the space so I opted for something much smaller.

ebay Shop: mon-chaton-uk

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I chose an adorable yellow Alpacasso alpaca mini pouch. I figured it has a use so technically it serves a purpose and has a practical function which therefore makes more sense to buy it….right? Yeah ok, maybe not. The pouch is 8cm tall and you can’t really fit anything in it BUT I can add him to my bag, use for coins (though he’d get dirty so I probably won’t), use as a pendant on a necklace or turn him in to some other form of accessory. I may even find him useful to keep something in, though I don’t know what. He’s so cute though!

DSCN3191 DSCN3192

He cost £2.99 plus £1.60 postage (so £4.59 in total). He arrived in a standard envelope, inside he was in a little sealed bag and came with a little thank you note. They dispatched it the day after I bought it and it took a couple of days to arrive. He was exactly as described and was packaged carefully. He has a cute little bow tie, is a pretty pale yellow and features a star zip pull. He’s lovely and soft but very small.

DSCN3193 DSCN3194 DSCN3195 DSCN3196 DSCN3197

Now you know everything I said at the top about not needing an alpaca plush toy and not having space etc….well I would like you to meet my new fluffy friend Dylan! (I named him after the alpaca that I got to walk recently).


Now in my defence he’s actually a birthday present so I didn’t buy him and he will be taken away until my birthday. I only opened him to check he was fine and the correct one was sent etc. He was also bought from Mon chaton and again came quickly. He’s not quite as tall as stated in the listing though, he’s at least an inch shorter than the 15” he was stated as being and that’s with me straightening his ears out as much as possible. Another slight issue is that he was just squashed in a packet so he arrived a bit squished looking, I’ve tried to straighten his nose but his eyes still look a little off. I also don’t know why the star isn’t in the middle of the bowtie? He was £12.99 plus £3.50 postage (£16.49 in total). He’s cute though and has such a happy face.

DSCN3318 DSCN3325 DSCN3324 DSCN3326 DSCN3322


One thought on “ebay shop mon-chaton-uk – Review

  1. They are both so adorable! I love eBay, the prices are so fair and you can get exactly what you like! Perfect for things like these that you can’t usually find in store 😀 xx

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