Sugar & Vice Wolf Necklace – Review

Sugar & Vice are a jewellery company based here in the UK.

They mostly produce quirky and cool laser cut acrylic jewellery but have a few wooden pieces and apparel items too. They (Sarah and Matt) design, make and run the business by themselves, are self taught and rely on their business for income. At the beginning of the year Sugar & Vice suffered a fire in their laser cutting machine which left them with no income as they couldn’t produce any jewellery and a new one is extremely expensive. As a result they ran an emergency indiegogo funding campaign in order to buy a new machine which loads of people (including me) backed and that’s what led to my purchase. I know how hard it is to be an artist and to make a small business work which is part of the reason I tend to buy from these smaller companies and do so many reviews. Anyway, I pledged £10 to receive a giftcard for a 125% value of the pledge (£12.50) that I could then spend on their website when I wanted. This is the item I chose.

Stock Photo:

I eventually decided to buy a wolf necklace as I love wolves but don’t have anything with them on and finding nice wolf necklaces is really hard. (I think the fact that Game of Thrones is back on may also have helped sway me slightly in that direction too). Anyway, the website is really easy to use I just added it to my cart, put the gift card code that I got sent from the pledge in the gift card code box and checked out using paypal. The necklace was £15 and postage was £3.25 for the UK so it came to £18.25 in total. My gift card only covered £12.50 so the rest was paid via my paypal. It all went through smoothly and I had no issues at all. I received a confirmation email of my order straight away, the following day I received another email stating my item had been shipped and then it arrived 3 days after. So it took roughly 4 days between ordering and receiving the item.

Look how cute the packing is, fancy shiny packet:

DSCN3057 DSCN3058 DSCN3062 DSCN3063 DSCN3067

Inside the packet was the item in a box, the invoice, a business card and a cute piece of rock all wrapped in bubble wrap for extra protection. The necklace was inside a plastic bag in the box to keep it safe.

DSCN3081 DSCN3072 DSCN3071 DSCN3070

The wolf uses grey marbled acrylic which makes each one slightly unique. Unfortunately the way mine shades makes it look like he has a scar across his face, it’s not too noticeable in certain lights though. Plus he’s still cute. I was thinking of naming him after one of the Stark’s Dire Wolves or scar because of the marble effect but instead I’m going to call him Shadow! The intricate details are lovely, he has a cute shaped nose, furry looking ears and the eyes are carefully inserted with white acrylic and black centres. Also due to the way the acrylic is layered it not only makes it stronger but gives him a 3D effect too. He’s really lovely. I’ve taken some closer photos to show off the nice details.

DSCN3085 DSCN3087 DSCN3092 DSCN3073

He is finished on a chunky silver coloured chain, you can chose from 3 chain lengths but I went with the shorter option. The necklace fastens with a lobster claw clasp and is finished with a clear acrylic Sugar & Vice branded tab. I’m extremely happy with my purchase, it certainly exceeds my expectations, is beautifully made and nicely packaged. I would definitely buy from them again.


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