Be happy, feel empowered, love yourself and have fun!

I came across this blog post today and I felt I had to share it as it sums up how I feel and this kind of thinking is the main reason I do my blog, please read it.
Blog post is here:

My personal message to my readers: I want my blog to inspire and encourage you to be who you are and do what you love. Don’t listen to all the negativity like you’re too old, tall, fat, thin, not attractive enough etc to wear that. I know it’s hard to standout and that it takes courage, but why be unhappy and not fully live your life for the benefit of strangers? You have just as much right to exist and be happy as anyone else does, don’t let them put you down. I have no idea where this ‘rule book’ came from about which types of people can wear what, what’s attractive and which styles you can’t wear once you hit certain ages etc. I certainly don’t follow it. It annoys me that as a society we seem to police people in this way, do we really want to all be uniformed and like clones? I know I don’t want that! It’s sad that people are made to feel this way and that they are left full of regrets when they get older. I have loads of regrets already about not doing things sooner and not embracing the styles and fashion I love but I’m trying really hard to get past it. I worry that I dress too young and that I’m not attractive so I shouldn’t wear certain styles or bother to make an effort with my appearance… but then I think who are they to make me feel this way? I’m worth more than my outside shell and more importantly I deserve to feel good about myself and so do you. Stick with what you enjoy and what makes you feel good, try to ignore these voices. If you don’t feel safe wearing certain things out then why not dress up for safer events, around close friends or just at home – it’s good to express yourself and feel good about yourself. Do things for you and make yourself happy, life is too short not to!

Most of this can be applied beyond fashion as well!


3 thoughts on “Be happy, feel empowered, love yourself and have fun!

  1. Love this! I feel just the same. Sometimes people will say ”you’re so brave to wear that!” but to me that can sound a little silly.. I know what I like and I know that I feel great wearing it: bright colours, bold prints, foreign fashion styles.. To me, expressing what my interests and hobbies are shouldn’t be considered ‘brave’.

    • I totally agree, how nice it would be if people felt the freedom to express themselves instead of worrying so much about how other people will react. I’m glad you wear what you love and feel great doing it! Hopefully we can inspire other people to feel the same 🙂

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